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What Size Trampoline Should I Buy? NEW Trampoline Size Guide

If you’re thinking about buying a new trampoline, whether you're totally new to trampolines, or you’ve owned a few and you’re just looking for some extra tips, our Trampoline Size Guide below should help you to select the correct trampoline size for you.

As a general rule, you should buy a trampoline that will fit in your garden, with 1 to 2 metres clearance around the perimeter of the trampoline. The size that you buy will be dictated by how many kids you expect to use the trampoline, their ages, and the size of your garden.

Trampoline Size Chart - Matching Age & Size



1 Year Old

Mini Trampoline

2 Year Old Mini Trampoline
3 Year Old Mini Trampoline
4 Year Old Mini Trampoline to 6ft Trampoline
5 Year Old 6ft Trampoline to 12ft Trampoline
6 Year Old 6ft Trampoline to 12ft Trampoline
7 Year Old 6ft Trampoline to 12ft Trampoline
8 Year Old 9ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline
9 Year Old 9ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline
10 Year Old 9ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline
11 Year Old 12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
12 Year Old 12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
13 Year Old 12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
14 Year Old 12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
15 Year Old 12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
16 Year Old 12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+



We would stress that the chart above is only a simple guide and other key factors that determine the best size trampoline for your kids in your garden are as follows - 

1. How Big is Your Garden?

Not only how big is your garden, but how big is the space in your garden that you have allocated to the new trampoline. For example, buying a 14ft trampoline is not going to work very well if you only have room for a ten foot model.

2. What Shape Is Your Garden?

Closely connected to the size of your garden is shape of your garden, as while your garden may not easily fit an 11ft round model, it might easily fit an 11x7ft rectangular or an 8x11ft oval model, including the recommended clearance. 

3. Adequate Clearance

Additionally, its important to remember that most trampoline manufacturers recommend allowing 1 to 2 metres clearance around the trampoline to prevent collisions with fences, trees and branches, garden sheds, oil tanks and other not so easily moved objects that you find in most gardens.

4. How Many Children Will Use The Trampoline?

Most manufacturers will recommend one user on the trampoline at a time, and while it is extremely important to adhere to the manufacturers safety guidelines, you also have to be a realistic and consider how many people will typically want to use the trampoline.

For example if you expect your child to use the trampoline most of the time by him or herself, then perhaps you would consider one of the more compact models. 

But if you expect that it is more likely that your child is more likely to use the trampoline with one or two siblings or friends then maybe a larger model is going to be more suitable.

5. How Old Are Your Children?

On the whole older and larger kids will appreciate a larger trampoline, but its also important to have regard to other factors mentioned above.

6. Family size

Everything else being equal the more children that you have the larger a trampoline that you will require as its more likely that they will want to use the trampoline together, and perhaps together and with friends.

14ft trampolines are great for larger families and also will work well when kids have play dates with their friends.

They will also grow with your children and have plenty of room if you expand your family.

7. Budget

In deciding which size of trampoline will be right for you, its also important to consider your budget. While size will affect the cost of the trampoline that you select, it isn't the only factor that will affect trampoline price.

Other factors that will affect price include - 

  • which trampoline brand that you choose,
  • whether you prefer the standard, premium or elite range,
  • what sort of springs and safety enclosure that you want and many others.


What Is The Most Popular Size of Trampoline?

Initially, you might be interested to know which trampoline sizes are the most popular as that information may help you to select the trampoline size most appropriate for you.

As a general rule, parents with younger children will buy a 9ft or 11ft trampoline, while parents with older kids and/ or larger gardens will buy a 12,5ft or 14ft trampoline. A lot depends on garden size budget, and other factors.

It must be said that the range of trampoline sizes, brands, styles and budgets is extremely diverse and there will be variations available to suit all preferences.

We recommend making a checklist of exactly what you need and although observing which models are the most popular can give you some sort of a gauge, you should make your selection based on your own personal factors.

What Trampoline Sizes Are Available?

Round Trampoline Sizes

Round trampolines typically range come in the following sizes:

4,6ft 140 cm
6ft 183cm
6,5ft 200cm
8ft 244cm
8,3ft 253cm
9ft 270cm
10ft 305cm
12ft 366cm
12,5ft 380cm
13ft 396cm
14ft 430cm


Rectangular Trampoline Sizes

Rectangular trampolines are often available in the sizes below: 

5 x 7ft 153 x 214 cm
7 x 10ft 214 x 305 cm
7 x 12ft 214 x 366 cm
8 x 12ft 244 x 366 cm
8 x 14ft 244 x 427 cm
9 x 6ft 280 x 190 cm
9 x 15ft 275 x 458 cm
11 x 7ft 330 x 220 cm
13 x 8ft 410 x 250 cm
16,4 x 9,10ft 500 x 300 cm
10 x 17ft 305 x 519 cm
9 x 12ft 294 x 366 cm
6 x 9ft 198 x 294 cm
12 x 13ft 366 x 414 cm



Oval Trampoline Sizes

Popular oval trampoline sizes are as follows - 

350 x 250 cm 8,2 x 11,6ft
470 x 310 cm 15,5 x 10,2ft
520 x 345 cm 17 x 11,4ft
240 x 340 cm 8 x 11ft
240 x 400 cm 8 x 13ft


Square Trampoline Sizes

Our favorite square trampoline sizes are - 

11 x 11ft 340 x 340 cm
6 x 6ft 198 x 198 cm
9 x 9ft 294 x 294 cm
12 x 12ft 366 x 366 cm

What's the best size trampoline for you?


4-6ft Trampolines young children, small gardens & indoors for kids who love to bounce
6-8ft Trampolines more room and a better bounce as kids are older. Perfect for small gardens & patios.
9ft, 10ft, 11ft suited to medium size gardens with more room for jumping fun.
12,5 to 14ft Ideal size for large gardens and for older kids who want room to bounce, play games and relax
14ft+ mighty bouncy for active kids, large garden essential.

How Much Does Each Trampoline Size Cost?

The size of the trampoline you choose will influence cost, other factors include:

  • trampoline brand,
  • quality rating - springs, padding, jump mat and safety net,
  • model with or without an enclosure,
  • the accessories that you select eg anchors, ladder, cover and basketball hoop,
  • whether you want a regular, inground or flatground model,
  • installation cost - especially with inground models.


Deciding Which Trampoline to Buy For Your Kids Based on Their Age

What trampoline for a 1 to 3 year olds?

Under 3’s- When it comes to the toddlers, you need to ensure they have a safe and sturdy trampoline where they can bounce to their heart’s content. For this age group, it’s appropriate to look at a mini trampoline which is often referred to as a toddler trampoline.

This smaller size trampoline still offers them plenty of room for them to have a bounce but isn’t too overwhelming. It is also less likely for them to incur an injury if they are on a toddler trampoline.

What trampoline for a 4 year old?

4-year-olds- As your child reaches this age bracket, they might be ready to move onto a slightly bigger trampoline. While a mini trampoline will still be sufficient, they might enjoy moving on to a slightly bigger 4.5-6ft trampoline.

This will give them more room to bounce around without coming into harm’s way.



What trampoline for 5 and 6 year olds?

5 and 6-year-olds- If your child is in the age bracket of 5-6, you should consider looking at trampolines that are of 6-10ft trampoline so they are age-appropriate.

If they are nearer to 5 then a 6ft might be more appropriate but for those kids heading for 6, a 10ft to 12ft trampoline will provide them hours of fun.

What trampoline for 7 and 8 year olds?

7 and 8-year-olds- When it comes to children who are around 7-8 years old, we recommend you go for an 8-12ft trampoline for your garden. This size trampoline is not only age appropriate but will give them enough space to bounce safely as well as try the odd trick or two.

What trampoline for Ages 9-10?

9 and 10-year-olds- As the children reach a slightly older age, we would suggest you look at trampolines that are sized between 10-14ft. This size will hold their weight safely and give them plenty of room to bounce around.

What trampoline for Ages 11-13?

 11- 13-year-olds- Reaching their teens, we would recommend you go for a trampoline which is sized between 12-17ft. With plenty of room, this size will ensure they have plenty of room to jump around safely.

What trampoline for 14+ Year Olds?

14 year olds+- After the age of 14, we recommend going for a trampoline which is sized above 14+. These larger sized trampolines are built to hold a larger weight and will have enough space for those who are getting more serious about gymnastics.