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What Size Trampoline Should I Buy - Trampoline Size Guide?

How to Figure What Size Trampoline Will Be Best for Your Kids?

When you decide to get a trampoline, you will find a whole array of choices available to you. From different materials to various styles, there are many exciting offerings from the top brands which will be right for your family. It’s difficult to choose which one is right for you.

One of the top things to consider when you are buying a trampoline is the size.


After all, there are various sizes available that can make it difficult to choose the perfect one for your family. The most average size is the 10 or 11ft trampoline with a height of 2ft, but there is a whole range of sizes available on the market.

Therefore, here is our guide to choosing what size trampoline to buy.



The first thing you need to know when choosing a trampoline for your child is that the age of your kid will guide you to deciding on the size of a trampoline.

After all, certain sizes are only appropriate for older children and there are particular trampolines that are good as starting points for little ones. Here is a look at what is appropriate for certain ages.

Under 3’s- When it comes to the toddlers, you need to ensure they have a safe and sturdy trampoline where they can bounce to their heart’s content. For this age group, it’s appropriate to look at a mini trampoline which is often referred to as a toddler trampoline.

This smaller size trampoline still offers them plenty of room for them to have a bounce but isn’t too overwhelming. It is also less likely for them to incur an injury if they are on a toddler trampoline.


4-year-olds- As your child reaches this age bracket, they might be ready to move onto a slightly bigger trampoline. While a mini trampoline will still be sufficient, they might enjoy moving on to a slightly bigger 4.5-6ft trampoline.

This will give them more room to bounce around without coming into harm’s way.


5 and 6-year-olds- If your child is in the age bracket of 5-6, you should consider looking at trampolines that are of 6-10ft trampoline so they are age-appropriate.

If they are nearer to 5 then a 6ft might be more appropriate but for those kids heading for 6, a 10ft to 12ft trampoline will provide them hours of fun.


7 and 8-year-olds- When it comes to children who are around 7-8 years old, we recommend you go for an 8-12ft trampoline for your garden. This size trampoline is not only age appropriate but will give them enough space to bounce safely as well as try the odd trick or two.


9 and 10-year-olds- As the children reach a slightly older age, we would suggest you look at trampolines that are sized between 10-14ft. This size will hold their weight safely and give them plenty of room to bounce around.


11- 13-year-olds- Reaching their teens, we would recommend you go for a trampoline which is sized between 12-17ft. With plenty of room, this size will ensure they have plenty of room to jump around safely.


14 year olds+- After the age of 14, we recommend going for a trampoline which is sized above 14+. These larger sized trampolines are built to hold a larger weight and will have enough space for those who are getting more serious about gymnastics.


Of course, each child is different and might be ready sooner depending on their confidence levels and height. You know your child best but our guide will give you an insight into what is age-appropriate for your child.



Size of garden


When it comes to the size of the trampoline, you need to look at your garden size to help you make the vital decision. After all, you want something that will safely fit in your garden. You don’t want to pick out something too big and then will need to be replaced.

Before making a purchase, do make sure you measure an area of grass where you will like it to stand. Ensure you pick somewhere away from hazards where your child can get on and off safely.

You can then measure the area so that you know whether you can go for a standard 8ft or have the room for a larger 12 or even 15ft design.


Family size

Another thing that can affect the size of the trampoline you should go for is the size of your family. After all, the more children you have, the bigger you will need the trampoline. So if you have a smaller size family with one child, you might want to go for an 8ft or even 10ft size.

These are ideal for one child and will keep them happy and safe while bouncing. If you have two or three children, you should consider going for a bigger 12ft trampoline. This will enable them to use it together and will have more space for them.


Additionally, if you have a large family and your children are older than 10, it would be worth going for a 14ft trampoline. These are great for larger families and also will work well when kids have play dates with their friends. They will also grow with your children and have plenty of room if you expand your family.




Your budget will also have an effect on what size trampoline you choose to buy. After all, the prices vary depending on the size.

Hopefully, taking this all into account will help you to make the right decision when it comes to the best size trampoline for your family.