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Best 6ft trampoline In Ireland [Expert Reviews]

Are your kids getting addicted to electronic devices and leading unhealthy lives? Bring some changes to your house. If you're all in a bud to ditch the devices and keep them fit, you should purchase a 6ft trampoline. But getting the best 6ft trampoline in Ireland isn't quite here. Here the production isn't huge like the UK or USA. Plus, the quality everywhere isn't trustable. 

So, all you need is a guide on the best  6ft trampoline in Ireland. Don't worry, we will explain the facts and recommend a few products for you today.

We've been working on this content for around a month and gathered a huge number of products. Finally, we have selected 5 items and in this content, we'll try to give us our honest options on the product. So, let's dig in.

Our Top Picks

Best for outdoor use: EXIT Silhouette ground trampoline
This trampoline requires digging the ground and so, it is only suitable for outdoor use. Eventually, the silhouette feature provides more bounce and fun.


If you prioritize safety the most, we can enjoy this one as it will be your best pick. First of all, the safety net comes with a protective lock. So, the zipper won't open so easily.


Unlike most other regular trampolines, this 9.2x6ft rectangular trampoline comes with an extra safety function. Your kids will have double fun with it’s bigger size. 


Best for Inground use: BERG Inground 6 ft Favorit Trampoline
The 6 ft BERG Inground trampolines come with the Inground function. You don't have to work much to install it and it is quite safe. So, it can be a nice choice if you look for a trampoline for kids.


The trampoline has a unique feature - Developed Foot Protection System. It won't let your foot get jammed in-between the springs.

Guide to Choosing The Best 6ft Trampoline In Ireland

If it is your first time buying a trampoline, you should check out some essential information about it. Unless you can end up buying the wrong one anyway. The following information leads you to choose the appropriate one for sure.


No doubt that safety issue comes first when it is about something for kids. A 6 ft trampoline should have a safety net so that the kids won't fall from it. There you will need some other features such as spring cover, ladder, etc. Check them all before you buy.


Durability comes right after the safety issue. Check the quality of the material and the warranty as well. Don't forget that your kids can use it for years if it is durable and secure.


Not just the durability, you should check the material to get enough bounce. The spring quality should be good and the mat must have sufficient elasticity to get enough bounce.


All the trampolines come with metal poles to provide strength and security. Check twice if the poles are coated with a safety foam cover. A hard pole can cause accidents anyway.

Types of Trampolines

Undoubtedly, a trampoline can be of different types. In-ground and off ground are two basic types of trampolines that are available for the 6 feet trampoline. In-ground trampolines don't have legs and they lie on the ground directly. So, they cannot possibly ensure more bounce.
On the other hand, a normal trampoline like the off-ground one has 3 or 4 legs that keep the mat a few feet above the ground. So, users will have more bounces. But In-ground trampoline is easier to install compared to the off-ground one. So, check and decide which one you are buying before making your final move.

Who Will Use It?

It's about the age and size of your kid who is going to use it. A 6 ft trampoline is generally good for kids from 6 to 8 years. So, be sure if you are buying the appropriately sized one for your kids.
Besides, you should check the other optional features like extra swing, LED light, installation process, etc. Buying an appropriate trampoline is important and so, your time to read this part must come helpful.

Don’t make your decision too quickly. Now, go through the detailed review segment and get a better concept of the items.

Best 6ft trampoline Available In Ireland

1. EXIT Silhouette Ground Trampoline

EXIT Silhouette Ground Trampoline

A protective and round trampoline with a safety net is the best fit for the kids. If your kids are grizzling for a trampoline, you can check out the EXIT Silhouette ground trampoline. As we mentioned in the beginning, it is protective and comes with a protective net.
A beautiful design is combined with durable material in this trampoline. So, your kids will love its outlook, and they will fail to break it easily. Additionally, the safety net has an easy doorway with a smooth zipper. They can easily come out and go in it even without your help.
Key features:
  • 183 cm trampoline with enough space for 2 kids.
  • Extra safety net will ensure a hundred percent protection.
  • 'L' shaped zipper is easy to open and close. Kids can easily use it by themselves.
  • Additionally, a foot protection system is available as well.
  • This coil spring trampoline provides more balance and control.
  • Easy to carry, assemble, and disassemble.

Pros and cons

The safety net is the best part of this trampoline beside the material. For kids, trampoline often doesn't have any safety net. So, users need to buy a loose net for their kid's safety. Here, you will get one from the beginning. Besides, the design is unique, and you will feel it is easy to assemble.
Finding out the reason for not buying this 6ft pink trampoline, will be pretty much difficult at least in this case. But you may not love to dig a pit on the ground to set it. Besides, the boy kids may not like the pink colour of the outer line of the trampoline.

What makes it a good trampoline?

First of all, it is a very durable trampoline. The powder-coated and galvanized metal shell provides the most security. And the additional net wall won't let your kids fall from the pad. So, if you prefer the safety issue first, this one must be your best pick.

Why do we love it?

The reason we suggest it is not basically one, but many. Firstly, it is quite affordable compared to its quality. We cannot deny the aestheticism of its outer look as well as its safety features. So, to sum up, we can assure you the best performance by this trampoline.

2. BERG Favorit 6 ft Trampoline Regular

BERG Favorit 6 ft Trampoline Regular

Our next suggestion for the best 6ft trampoline in Ireland is from BERG. This one is a protective and durable trampoline that comes with a safety net. For kids and teenagers, the 6ft backyard round trampolines can be the best pick.

Installing the BERG Favorit 6 ft Trampoline is super easy and you don't need any high-end tool for it. Besides, the material is durable and the mesh net is quite supportive as well. Additionally, the net has a long zipper door with a safety lock. So, it will provide more safety and protection.

Key features:

  • It comes with a very durable material and galvanized steel frame.
  • PVC and PE-made cover will be there with PP mesh fabric.
  • It has 3 U-shaped legs and it doesn't require digging the ground.
  • There are 6 durable foam padded poles and an additional swing.
  • You will get an installation manual and all the assemble tools.

Pros and cons

There are so many things to mention when talking about the good side of this trampoline. It has a durable 60 galvanized spring and the mesh fabric is quite protective.

Well, it's tough to find out what's wrong with it. But according to some users, it is much more expensive than its competitors.

What makes it a good trampoline?

First of all, we cannot deny how aesthetic this durable trampoline looks. The black-green color border and the gray mat look pretty well. Besides, it has a great weight capacity. It is around 220 lbs.

Why do we love it?

You must see so many things that impressed us from the beginning. It has a great jumping area, durability, and weight capacity. Besides, it is easy to install and disassemble. So, we love to suggest it for so many reasons.

Here is another trampoline with a safety enclosure you can check.

3. Berg Ultim Favorit Regular Small Garden Trampoline

Berg Ultim Favorit Regular Small Garden Trampoline

Berg Ultim Favorit Trampoline is specially designed for teenagers and kids. It simply provides enough safety and also, the safety net has an enclosure system. So, how hard or how long they might bounce, it will hold them tightly.

This durable trampoline is a very good option for fun exercise and the kids will definitely love to bounce on a durable surface. Moreover, the jump mat, spring pad, and all other things are made of high-quality material. Therefore, it will be on duty to protect the toddlers for 1 hour or so while bouncing.

Key features:

  • This item is around 280 cm in length and 190 cm in width.
  • It is generally available in black, blue, orange, green, and white in color.
  • The still frame is constructed with 16 gauge galvanized steel to defend the rusting.
  • Jumping mat is constructed with Heavy Duty Grade A Black Trampoline Fabric.
  • On the outside, the frame has 4 black metal Legs.

Pros and cons

It is packed with UV-resistant PE netting and the high-quality steel tubes will help to keep the kids safe inside. Furthermore, the frame is made of Alloy steel so it will last much longer than expected. Besides, the

Undoubtedly, there are not many flaws here to mention. But some users don't like the fact of its size. The trampoline is approximately 280x190 cm in diameter. So, the length is pretty much bigger.

What makes it a good trampoline?

This trampoline has come with an extra mat size and it will definitely double the enjoyment. Besides, it is embodied with a zipper and this is convenient for easy entrance. Most importantly, you will find it tightly woven and strengthened with tie-downs.

Why do we love it?

No wonder, there are a bunch of reasons to love this trampoline. Firstly, it is compatible in most of the seasons. Significantly, it has arrived with a swing combo that most of the trampoline fails to bring. Indeed for 6 years, it is an ideal fun package.

For another suggestion on the rectangular trampoline, Check this product.


4. BERG Inground 6 ft Favorit Trampoline

BERG Inground 6 ft Favorit Trampoline

BERG has brought a round-shaped inground trampoline and it is an easy pick for all the year-round. Definitely, this is the best 6ft trampoline in Ireland that never compromises with quality and safety. And currently, its technology on patented weldless frames ensures safe high performance too.

Significantly, this 6ft Trampoline With a safety enclosure net is certified by EN71 and it didn’t crack even a little after a million cycles. No wonder, it has given the best shot in durability, and under UV light the PE guarantees to not disintegrate.

Key features:

  • This trampoline is very lightweight and easy to move.
  • The size can be picked between 6, and 5 ft.
  • It is available only in black and gray.
  • There is a thick EPE foam inside the foam for better security.
  • The top surface is contracted high-quality PVC.

Pros and cons

This trampoline can easily handle hundred kilograms weights even in roughest use. Moreover, the netting is placed straight on the margins of the jumping surface and it brings a vertical safety line while falling.

However, there is not much to mention about its dark side. But it does not really guarantee to prevent any rust.

What makes it a good trampoline?

In the first instance, This trampoline is a commendable item, especially for the enclosure system. Besides, the quick-release form will help to fold the item in minutes. And of course, it prevents wind hazards and unsupervised bounce at the same time.

Why do we love it?

This trampoline is such an excellent pick for any age. Furthermore, it comes with safety assurance and is great for fitness too. Even though this product is cheaper in price, the quality and outer look are as remarkable as any pricey trampoline.

5. EXIT Silhouette Ground Trampoline with Safety Net

EXIT Silhouette Ground Trampoline with Safety Net

Next, it is the EXIT Silhouette 6ft Regular Trampoline and undoubtedly most people know it as one of the best 6ft trampolines in Ireland. This trampoline comes with a single size and a single colour. It is the most ideal size for kids and small family use.

The trampoline is also integrated with a stretched safety net. Plus, the edges of the trampoline and springs are covered perfectly. Finally, the instructions paper of this trampoline will be helpful for installation.

Key features:

  • The trampoline is designed with a galvanized steel frame.
  • Powder coated frames will work against rust.
  • It comes with a rectangular shape. 
  • Following the installation manual, you can easily install it by yourself.
  • The PVC surface has enough elasticity and provides more bounce.

Pros and cons

Overall safety system of the trampoline is great. It is affordable and quite good to look at. As there are different size variations, you can buy them according to need.

Most users don't find any issue with this trampoline. But only a few find the mesh net tear up after a period of use. But it is not common and definitely, it's a manufacturing issue.

What makes it a good trampoline?

High load capacity and developed foot protection systems are the best thing here. Your kids will be safe and feel good while using this trampoline.

Why do we love it?

We have so many reasons to love this 6ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure. First of all, it is durable and quite protective. It is affordable too. Besides, for family use, it is just a perfect pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Is A 6ft Trampoline for?

Trampolines are available in different sizes. The 6ft trampolines are the smallest of all. 

Trampolines of this size are standard for children between 3 to 8 years. However, if you have more than 1 child or a larger family, you should get a bigger one. 

What is The Safest Shape Trampoline?

Trampolines are available in 4 different shapes. They are Round, Oval, Rectangular, and Square. In parks or playgrounds, different shapes of trampolines are seen. More or less, every trampoline is safe and fun for jumping. 

However, when you are extra careful about safety and fun at the same time, the best option for you is the round trampolines. 

Round trampolines are safer than other shapes of trampolines because they pull the centre of gravity right in the middle of the trampoline. They keep a safe distance from the edge and poles every time kids make the jump. 

However, round trampolines have less bouncing rate. If you are looking for an extra bouncer in your trampoline, rectangular ones are the best. However, due to less bouncing rate, round trampolines are the smart choice for your little ones. 

What Is A Good Size Trampoline for Backyards? 

If you are having a larger backyard or gardening space, the best solution is to get a 12-14ft trampoline. They are wide enough to fit your large family and friends. 

However, in case your backyard is only a few square feet, it is best to get a 6-8 ft trampoline in the small area. It won't take much place and kids can have fun as well. 

How Much Weight Can A 6ft Trampoline Hold? 

The 6ft trampolines are the smallest of all. It has a capacity of only 40-90kg. Three or four Kids of 3-5 years can fit in 6ft trampolines. 

The 6ft trampolines are suitable for small spaces and congested places. 

Final Verdict

The main purpose of this article is to introduce you to the best 6ft trampoline In Ireland. We've done our job and it's up to you now to choose the suitable one for you. To make your job easier we've also added a Guide and some related information. 

However, if the trampoline is for the toddler, try to choose one with an enclosure system. Also, check the weight capacity, and don't forget to figure the size and match it with your backyard whether it will fit perfectly or not.

At last, we would ask you to keep faith in our chosen list. We promise you're not going to make a poor decision. And after ordering the best and safest trampoline will reach your doorstep.