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Collection: BERG Playbase Climbing Frames

Introducing the BERG Playbase Climbing Frames in Ireland



berg playbase climbing frames - overview


Height - 295cm/ approx 9,6ft (ground to monkey bars)
Width -
100 cm wide (width of money bars)
Length -
290cm/ approx 9,56ftft (length of monkey bar section)

Basic Option - starts with either tumble bar + ladder on either end.
(Or tumble bar + tumble bar or ladder + ladder).


Height - 295cm/ approx 9,6ft (ground to monkey bars)
Width -
100 cm wide (width of money bars)
Length -
380cm/ approx 12,5ft (length of monkey bar section)

Basic Option - starts with either tumble bar + ladder on either end.
(Or tumble bar + tumble bar or ladder + ladder).

(See more sizing information here).

Please Contact Us to Discuss Pre-Order

If you like to enjoy playing, sports and lounging with the whole family, then the BERG PLAY BASE is just right for you. A unique multifunctional concept, packaged in a high-quality and stylish object that doesn't look out of place in the garden.

The basic frame is available in two different sizes and the possibilities are endless. Know what you want to do with PLAY BASE? You can now choose from no less than 12 different accessories, which are easy to assemble and take apart and we are adding many more accessories in the future.

There is something for everyone and every day can be different. Young children will love the baby swing and there are various swings for older children, a climbing net, and even a climbing wall can be attached to the side.

BERG playbase climbing frames design


What can you do with a BERG Playbase?

Playbase as playground equipment

With various play accessories you can make the playground equipment of your dreams. For example, choose a wooden or rubber (baby) swing, a swing nest, a climbing wall on the side or a complete climbing net. Of course, the various play accessories can also be combined with each other or with other accessories on the BERG Playbase. You can't think of it that crazy or you can combine it with the BERG Playbase.

Playbase as sports equipment

Turn your garden into a multifunctional outdoor gym for you and your whole family! The top of the Playbase can be used as monkey bars, but can also be used to attach various sports accessories. Think, for example, of wooden rings or a trapeze, which you can use as a play function, but certainly also as a sports function. Or opt for the punching bag to be able to do a challenging boxing workout in the open air.

Playbase as a lounge corner

Have you played or exercised enough? Then turn your Playbase into a lounge corner to completely relax. For the kids there is a swing nest, for the older children and adults you can combine the Playbase with a lovely hammock. Enjoy a nice story together, or close your eyes and rock your face back and forth in the sun!

Stressful day? Then it will finally be time for relaxation, right in your own garden! From now on, the BERG PlayBase will enrich it in an ingenious way. Anyone who wants to have fun with the whole family with sports, games and a cozy get-together has found exactly the right thing in the BERG PlayBase.

The BERG PlayBase is a new, unique, multifunctional concept for outdoor play and fun, packaged in a high-quality and stylish play device. A part that can absolutely be seen in every garden. Get a modern BERG PlayBase in your garden - here in the LARGE size - this is the 380 cm wide, extra large version (the 285 cm wide medium version is also available).

The depth and height of the two frames are identical in the dimensions 100 cm deep and 245 cm high.

Premium quality: only the best for the family

The strong and robust frame of the BERG PlayBase has a modern and minimalist design and has a patented tube connection.

The whole thing is embedded in the floor in a really stable manner and thus forms a solid basis for the many accessories and possibilities that the PlayBase brings with it.

For optimum protection against corrosion, the steel frame is galvanized, coated with a special anti-corrosive coating and also powder-coated. The BERG PlayBase lasts for years and enriches the garden paradise at home in a wonderful way!

LARGE variant:

here 3 accessories can be used at the same time

The choice is yours: decide for yourself whether you prefer to buy the 380 cm wide large version or the 285 cm wide medium version. The depth and height are always identical for both models - namely 100 cm deep and 245 cm high.

For the sides of the frame, choose a staircase, a horizontal bar, or a combination of both. No matter how you choose your BERG PlayBase - there is always one

BERG Playbase Accessories

Monkey bars (above),
Rack bar (on the side)
or stairs (on the side) included.

The BERG PlayBase LARGE at a glance:

2 sizes available: here Size LARGE (380 cm | 100 cm | 245 cm)

Strong, robust frame = galvanized + powder-coated in black

12 different accessories for play, sport & lounge

Mount or quickly remove accessories with the practical click system

Install up to three accessories (size L) on the PlayBase at the same time

Always remains interesting = grows with your family

Modern look in black

Simply dig into the ground - without concrete or foundation

Choose how you want your BERG PlayBase to be equipped

The BERG PlayBase is really flexible. You can already choose between 12 different accessories, which you can easily change as you like. Many more accessories will be added in the future.

If your child is still a baby or toddler, you can choose from the play offer, for example, a beautiful swing or a nest swing; if the children are older or if they would like to be active in sports at the PlayBase, then we offer you a wide range of great sports accessories.

And those who want to relax or chill out should take a look at the lounge options.

Because isn't it wonderful when you can relax again after all the tension. With the sturdy hammock it works in no time - and by the way, it only fits into the large frame!

And as I said:

Play, sport or lounge? Choose the right one from 12 different accessories

The PlayBase grows with your family - depending on the age structure, the BERG PlayBase is always just the thing and never goes out of style.

PLAY category:

There are many different types of swings within the Play series, all of which are great fun. From the baby swing to the nest swing, the classic swing board or the plate seat - we have them all!

SPORT category:

If you have older children and would like to invest more time in your work-out yourself, the BERG PlayBase can be ideally supplemented with suitable sports accessories such as gymnastic rings, punching bags, horizontal bars or climbing nets (also suitable for playing football).

A climbing wall can also be installed on the side of the PlayBase.

LOUNGE category:

For those who prefer to chill out, the lounge offer is just right. Relax from the stressful everyday life on the high-quality hammock and have a stable frame for sweet dreams in the open air. (Only available for size L)

The BERG PlayBase offers a different adventure every day and is new every day !!!

Minimalist Design

The beautiful, minimalist design of the BERG PlayBase is characterized by its elegant geometric appearance, the black powder-coated steel and natural accents of the accessories made of wood and rope.

Compact above ground and stable below ground

Thanks to the innovative underground frame design, the PlayBase takes up much less space above ground than other climbing devices. The ingenious construction made it possible to build a stable and strong foundation with little excavation. As a result, the BERG PlayBase is very stable without concrete having to be poured.

Short and sweet:

The BERG PlayBase is a completely new, unique concept with an incredible number of options for the whole family. The BERG PlayBase means years of unlimited fun for young and old. You never have to say goodbye to the BERG PlayBase, because it grows with the family over the years and always offers new uses.

Let us advise you now and work with us to plan what your BERG PlayBase should look like. Our specialist advisors will be happy to help you and will work with you to put together a unique combination - the possibilities are limitless.

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