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Meet The Team At Trampolines Ireland

Trampolines Ireland Team - Who We Are

At Trampolines Ireland we're delighted to serve you with premium quality trampolines and a wide range of outdoor products.

But behind the scenes, who is that actually moves the cogs and makes sure that everything goes to where it should?

Meet the Team


Gary Trampolines Ireland with Rory Best

With a young family Gary understands just how little patience that young children can have when they're expecting something to arrive soon, and so he does his best to make sure that we whatever you buy will be delivered as soon as we possibly can.

With a keen interest in all sports, but particularly the ones that his kids play - gaelic, camogie, hurling and soccer, Gary can be found most weekends pretty close to a pitch of some description.

If you need help making a decision of you just need some more information, Gary will do his best to assist, just check the reviews on our website homepage.

DELIVERIES - Peter & Adrianna

peter and adrianna - trampolines ireland

You won't speak to Peter or Adrianna very often but you can rest assured that they are working diligently behind the scenes to make sure that your order arrives safely and on time.

With a young family, Adrianna starts early in the morning and works to about lunchtime, putting in a full shift.

Peter, starts at 10am and finishes at 7pm and this allows us to get your order dispatched the same day that you order (provided that we have it in stock).


Another important member of the team, Ha handles all of our bookkeeping and tax duties, and if you need some paperwork or an invoice, Ha will be only too ready to help out.

With a strong interest in motorsports and badminton, Ha is one of the most outgoing members of the team.


If you seen our ads on Google, Youtube or any of a number of online locations, that is thanks to Sinead.

Sinead helps to get our website seen by more customers so we get the opportunity to deliver our exceptional service.

Always planning her next fantastic holiday, Sinead loves to relax in the sun with a good book and a glass of wine.

BLOG - Jess

Jess writes a lot of our expert content, it won't be all Jess as a lot of us contribute to this aspect, but if an article is really well-written with a lot of relevant and factual info then that's likely to be Jess.

Jess loves nothing more than trips to the cinema, and of course shopping online.

At Trampolines Ireland, we really appreciate your business and look forward to delivering exceptional products at exceptional prices, matched by an exceptional customer service.

The Team at Trampolines Ireland.

team trampolines ireland