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Do I Need A Safety Net For My Trampoline?

Do Trampoline Safety Nets Increase User Safety?

A safety net on your trampoline will generally increase user safety.

Especially, with above ground regular trampolines using a trampoline without a safety net can be dangerous as someone could potentially fall from the trampoline, from a height and sustain an injury.

How Do Trampoline Safety Nets Work?

Trampoline safety net enclosures are designed to help keep users safe by preventing them from falling out of the trampoline when bouncing on the jump mat. 

Safety nets are especially important with regular above ground trampolines where you could potentially fall from a height if a trampoline safety enclosure were not in place, but equally with inground trampolines, landing heavily on your elbow or shoulder, even on grass could still cause a painful injury.


berg inground trampoline with safety net

Do I Need A Safety Net on An Inground Trampoline?

Safety nets on inground trampolines are not required, but are strongly recommended.

The reality is that approximately 50% of buyers purchase inground trampolines without a safety net. The rationale being that landing on the grass should be soft enough.

However, we would caution that landing awkwardly on an elbow or a leg could still result in a trip to the doctors, even if landing on grass.

But once again to provide some more general guidance we would advise that the younger that your kids are that will be using the inground trampoline the more that we would recommend installing a safety net enclosure to give parents that extra bit of reassurance that they providing a safe play environment for their kids.

Do you have to have a safety net on a trampoline?

Safety nets are typically mandatory on regular above ground trampolines, and optional on inground and flatground models.

Are trampoline safety nets safe?

Trampoline safety will certainly help to increase user safety, provided they are well designed and made, and that you have checked that they are in good condition and are fit for purpose.

General Trampoline Safety Guidelines Explained:

 berg levels trampoline with safety net

The most important thing to remember when using any kind of outdoor activity equipment including a trampoline with netting over it is always follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation procedures outlined below:


-Never allow more than one person on the trampoline at a time

-Only children who are able to walk without assistance should use a trampoline

-Do not use a trampoline during bad weather conditions like high winds or thunderstorms

-Supervise children at all times when they are using a trampoline, even if nets are used

-Children should always be encouraged to take breaks and drink plenty of water while playing on a trampoline

-Trampolines should only be used on level ground in an open area away from trees, fences, poles and other structures that could create hazardous situations

Trampoline Safety Enclosures - Materials:

When it comes to what materials are used in trampoline safety nets, there are a few different types that you will find on the market.

The most common material is made from polyethylene and it is known for being strong and durable. This type of netting tends to be less expensive than other materials, but it can also be more prone to tearing or ripping.

There are also nets that are made from PVC which is a plastic vinyl. This material is very strong and does not tear easily, making it a good option for those who have children that tend to be rough on equipment.

However, PVC can be more expensive than polyethylene nets.

Finally, there are some nets that are made from nylon. This material is lightweight and yet still very strong. It is also resistant to weathering, making it a good choice for those who live in an area that has high winds. Nylon nets are also the most expensive option.


Trampoline Safety Net - Design:

When it comes to the design of trampoline safety nets, there are a few things that you need to look for.

The first is whether or not the netting is attached to the frame of the trampoline.

If it is not, then there is a greater chance of it becoming detached during use and potentially causing injury. Another thing to look for is how tight the netting is stretched across the frame. If there are any large gaps between the netting and frame, children can easily fall through them and become injured.

Additionally, some nets have a top rail which helps to keep children from bouncing out of the net.


Trampoline Safety Net - Installation:

There are a few different ways that trampoline safety nets can be installed. The most common is by using ropes or straps that attach the netting to the frame of the trampoline.

This is a secure way to attach the net and it will not come loose during use.

Another option is to use clamps or brackets which clamp onto the frame of the trampoline. This type of installation is not as secure as using ropes or straps, but it does take less time to install.

Finally, some nets come with poles that need to be inserted into the ground in order to hold them in place. While this type of installation is more secure, it does take a lot longer to complete than the other options.

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