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Collection: Trampolines for Schools

The Many Benefits of Trampolines for Schools

Aside from being excellent fun, trampolines bring many health and academic benefits to the school playground and classroom.

School Trampolines - Models & Prices:

BERG Toys Elite Trampolines

  • 11ft Berg Flat Ground Elite Trampoline €1,279.00
  • 12.5ft Berg Flat Ground Elite Trampoline €1,419.00
  • 14ft Berg Flat Ground Elite Trampoline €1,539.00
  • 5m X 3m Berg Flat Ground Ultim Elite €2,519.00


Capital Play School Trampolines

  • 10ft Capital Schools In Ground Trampoline €2,640.00
  • 12ft Capital Schools In Ground Trampoline €3,030.00
  • 13.5ft Capital Schools In Ground Trampoline €3,300.00


AKROBAT - GALLUS Commercial Trampolines

  • 10ft Gallus Commercial Trampoline €2,160.00
  • 12ft Gallus Commercial Trampoline €2,400.00
  • 14ft Gallus Commercial Trampoline €2,640.00

Eurotramp - Trampolines for Schools

  • 1.5m By 1.5m Playground Trampoline €3,100.00
  • 2m By 2m Playground Trampoline €4,150.00
  • 3m By 2m Playground Trampoline €5,880.00
  • 3m X 2m Eurotramp Ground Trampoline – €2,400.00
  • 4.46m X 2.81m Eurotramp Ground Trampoline – €3,274.00
  • 5.2m X 3.1m Eurotramp Ground Trampoline – €4,266.00

Somersault Trampoline


Adding a trampoline to your school is a great way to add a whole lot of fun in a relatively small space, but fun isn't the only thing you'll gain, there are a wealth of other benefits too.

PHONE: 01 960 1641 to discuss what may be suitable for your school.

The Benefits of Trampoline Time for Kids & Students - 

Improved fitness

Jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles, improves flexibility, motor skills and coordination. Trampolining is also a great cardiovascular workout and it's so fun that kids don't even realise they are exercising!

Inclusive play

Not all children relish the thought of team sports or traditional playground games. The fun and enjoyment of rebounding captures the imagination of even the fiercest avoiders of sport!

Improved posture

Kids learn to become more aware of their centre or gravity which improves both posture and balance in all areas of life.

Rebound therapy

Trampoline Rebound Therapy is used to facilitate movement, promote balance, promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone, promote relaxation, promote sensory integration, improve fitness and exercise tolerance, and to improve communication skills.

This is a practice used for children and adults on the autistic spectrum or with other special educational needs.


Considering Installing An In Ground Trampoline in Your School?

Kids love trampolining. Kids go to school. Therefore many schools install trampolines in their playgrounds and in particular in-ground trampolines.

We highly recommend you contact your insurance company to ensure you are able one of our trampolines in your premises.

Trampolines in Schools & Children's Homes - Safe Use Recommendations.

1. As approximately 75% of injuries occur when more than one person is on the trampoline, use should be restricted to a single user.

2. Children under 6 are particularly vulnerable and it is recommended that a minimum age of at least 6 is placed on use of trampolines.

3. Supervision by staff is no guarantee of safety and in around half of accidents the child is being supervised by staff. Spotters however greatly reduce this risk.

Where practical experienced “spotters” should be present whilst trampolines are in use. These spotters should receive appropriate training.

4. The area around the trampoline should be clear of objects and the trampoline should not be near fences, trees, or other playground equipment.

5. Use a frame pad that fully covers the entire spring system and ensure that this is securely fixed against movement.

6. Users should be required to remove all jewellery etc (including ear studs etc). Clothing should not have any hard or sharp points (buckles, toggles etc) or anything that is going to catch. Users should not wear hard shoes.

7. Appropriate notices indicating minimum age, use by only one user at a time and the provisions of 6 above should be clearly displayed.

8. All staff should be fully aware of the emergency procedures for trampolining incidents at the area.

9. You should never allow a child to exit the trampoline by bouncing off.

10. The facility should have at least one qualified first-aid provider present at all times.

11. The equipment should be inspected by a suitable person before every use and the area around the trampoline should be kept free of litter and other items at all times.

12. The following should be checked before every use.

a. Wear on the jump mat, any damaged or thinning areas.
b. Loose stitching or damaged of breaks in webbing.
c. Uneven or high tension on the jump mat.
d. All springs should be in place and undamaged with any hooks facing downwards.
e. Stretched or elongated springs should be replaced
f. Surround pads should be checked for damage and security of fixing
g. Impact attenuating surfaces should be checked for damage and cleanliness.

13. Smoking should not be allowed on, or near, the trampoline. Food and drink should also be kept well away from the area.

14. If outdoors, muddy footwear should be removed before entering the trampoline area.

15. Children should be encouraged to understand their limitations and not to try skills/moves beyond their ability or experience.

16. Damaged equipment should be taken out of use immediately and reported to the responsible safety manager.

17. It is recommended that users should not be allowed excessive time on the trampoline without a break.

Untrained users do not have the muscle strength for long periods. 90 seconds is a recommended maximum time for usage without a break.

18. An appropriate accident book that meets the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive should be kept. It is recommended that the trampoline area should have its own accident book.

19. A fence with gated entrance points should be constructed around the trampoline so that access can be controlled.

20. There should be good access for emergency vehicles to the trampoline area.

A Care and Maintenance schedule should be drawn up and an inspection record kept. 

To find out more about trampolines for schools in Ireland & Northern Ireland phone us on 01 960 1641 to discuss what may be suitable for your school.

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I contacted Trampolines at short notice & late in the evening with a query about a Berg Cart for my son's birthday. Gary responded immediately and since the initial contact to the delivery of the cart, the service has been excellent with updates and support. I had an issue putting the cart together which was own mistake but Gary's support was again excellent, Thanks Gary, appreciate all your help and kind support - James (Mayo)
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Thanks again Gary.
Our trampoline arrived and has being assembled. Our son (13) loves it. We have had trampolines since he was three but this one is amazing. Hope to get many years from it. My friends have their springless trampoline 22 years and it is still in great condition.
Best wishes
The O92 model is much better for min 2 kids in it, they are much happier and a lot less crying now they have their own space. Much appreciate you allowing me to swap.
Thanks, great service.
Hi Gary,
Just a quick email to say thanks for delivery of trampoline I have a very happy 6 year old he loves it. Thanks for voucher. Will definitely recommend you.
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Ah thanks so much for all your help and kindness
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Delighted that our trampoline arrived yesterday, now the fun begins to get it up and running.
Thanks so much for all your help.
Many thanks our pool ordered in Feb arrived a week early in July just in time for that sun very happy family here in Wexford
The product is better than we expected not having seen it prior to buying its of great quality and had easy instructions to aid assembly
We are delighted with how Gary was at the end of the phone out of hours to advise on the purchase see what was in stock and the dates available for delivery once ordered it all ran smoothly
Many thanks and we recommended buying from this online company
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Trampoline arrived and we got it up today. Very pleased with it!
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The trampoline was a big hit here, it gets so much use, definitely a great buy.