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When is The Best Time to Buy A Trampoline for Your Kids?

We've been selling trampolines for years, and although trampolines are popular all year round there is certainly some seasonality to trampoline sales too.

As a general rule the best time to buy a trampoline is from late Autumn, to early Spring, as demand is typically lower at these times and you may be able to get a deal. However, with rising price inflation and constricted supply recently we recommend buying as soon as find the model you want.

best time of year to buy a trampoline

A Few Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Kids A Trampoline

#1 Pure Fun

Bouncing on a trampoline is usually a fun activity, and that's why it attracts both kids and adults.

#2 Increases Energy Levels & Overall Vitality

When your kids are used to jumping on the trampoline, they'll always be fit and full of energy.

#3 Healthy Alternative to TV & Video Games

It is also excellent to keep them away from the inactive lifestyle of spending all day watching TVs and playing video games.

#4 Low Impact Activity

Trampolines do not involve pressurizing your joints and therefore have better outcome physically than running or jogging.

best season to buy a trampoline

When Do Parents Normally Buy Their Children A Trampoline?

1 Birthday Presents

Buying a trampoline as a birthday present for your kids is an extreemly popular choice, and is one of those big wow factor gifts.

Trampolines are the best gift that you can buy in terms of versatility, flexibility and return on the money spent, when measured against the amount of time that they will spend on the trampoline.

2 Mid-Term & Easter Holidays

Any time that the kids are off school is a popular time for parents to invest in a family trampoline, as we all recognise the value of having a healthy alternative to spending hours and hours online, that will get the kids outdoors, having fun and expending some of their energy.

3 End of Term & Summer Holidays

During the summer the kids have two whole months off school and there is nothing better on a nice summers day than to spend a hour or two on the trampoline.

If you're concerned about your children getting too much sun, there are of course sun shades for trampolines, and Springfree Trampolines make moving wheels to allow you to easily move your trampoline in or out of the sun as you prefer.

4 Christmas Presents

Trampolines are hugely popular as Christmas gifts, and again they certainly deliver the wow factor as they are an extremely large gift and have a big presence.

However, because a christmas gift can't be late we highly recommend getting your order in early as late delivery is sure to disappoint.


Things to Consider Before You Invest In A Trampoline

#1 Will Your Children Follow the Safety Guidelines

There is no doubt that your children will love to have a trampoline, but as a parent safety will always be your key priority, so its important to consider and have a chat with your children about the safety guidelines and that they understand they need to stick to the guidelines to have fun in a safe way.

#2 Are Your Children Old Enough For A Trampoline

When you're thinking about buying your children their first trampoline, you should consider their ages. This is the same for inflatable water slides and other outdoor structures.

If your children are too young and don't show interest or can't get in and out of the trampoline by themselves, it may still be early to think about getting them one.

#3 Get Some Feedback From Your Children

It can be a good idea to chat with your children about the idea of getting a trampoline for the family. Will they use it, what sort of trampoline would they like, will help to look after the trampoline and so on are all sensible questions and will help your kids to get excited and to take some ownership of the project.

when should i buy a trampoline

Best Season to Buy A Trampoline

During Spring

Purchasing new things at the beginning of the year is always a good idea. 

Provided the weather is mild and temperate your kids will have eight or nine months where the will be able to use the trampoline as much as they want before it starts getting wet and cold as Winter moves in.

During the Summer

As we have mentioned, Summer is an extremely popular time to buy a trampoline, however when lots of people all want a trampoline at the same time it can be harder to get the model that you want, so we recommend booking early.

During Autumn

When Autumn comes around, its time to start thinking about Christmas gifts, and as demand for trampolines may be less than normal it could be a good time to buy.

During Winter

Over the winter trampolines as Christmas gifts are popular, and it can also be a good opportunity to reserve hard to find trampoline models that get snapped up quick when the Spring comes.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a trampoline is a big decision, and its one that its best to involve your kids to make sure that the gift will get the reception that you would like.

Really any time from late Autumn to early Spring are the best times to buy a trampoline as most models will be available and it will allow you to have everything set up and ready to use for the whole year ahead.