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BERG Playbase Assembly Video + Instructions

How to Build the BERG Playbase Climbing Frame


Step By Step Guide to Build Your BERG Playbase


1. Open the BERG Playbase boxes

The first thing to do is to clear some space in your garden so that you have room to open the boxes and lay out all of the components, so that you can check what you have received against the list of contents.

2. Begin to Line Up The Parts for Easy Assembly

Start by putting together the monkey bars, the rungs that run along the top of the climbing frame. This comprises the thick bars that supports the rungs of the monkey bars and the L-bends that join onto the side sections of the frame.

3. Tighten the Bolts to Secure the Top Frame

Once you have everything lined up, begin to tighten the bolts, starting with the bolts that connect the monkey bars to the thick frame support bars.

4. Add The Lug Attachments That Secure the Accessories to the Monkey Bars

These lugs are positioned in the middle of the monkey bars and are used to support the swings and various other accessories that can be added to the Playbase Frame.

5. Build the Framework That Goes Under The Ground

The BERG Playbase has two long sections of framework that go under the ground to create stability during use. 

Bolt the plate feet to the framework, and connect the bars of the framework.

Tighten the bolts and connect the uprights. Do this for both sides.

6. Connect the Side Sections of the Frame

The side sections of the frame ie tumble bar section and ladder come in two main parts, so adjoin the tumble or ladder rungs as appropriate and connect to the frame.

7. Mark the Channels Where You Will Need to Dig to Bury the Framework

Pay careful attention to the video and the instructions supplied to properly dig the channels for the framework on either side to allow that to be buried under the ground.

8. Drop the Framework Into The Channels

Once you're happy with the channels for the framework, drop the climbing frame into the channels, and make sure that everything is level.

Add or remove soil as appropriate beneath the plate feet to ensure a level result.

9. Fill in the Channels with Soil

All that remains is for you to fill the channels to cover the framework.

10. Add Your Accessories

Whether you have a swing, hammock, rock wall or pull up bar your BERG Playbase is ready for play! Enjoy!

For any queries or assistance with your BERG Playbase order please phone 01 960 1641.