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Top 11 Reasons You Should Buy a Trampoline for Your Kids

Springtime has arrived and it’s finally time to get back outside and outside and enjoy the great outdoors! What better way to do that than by buying a trampoline?

Trampolines are a fun activity for kids, boosting their mood, and giving them hours of healthy entertainment, that presents an alternative to time spent on the x-box or in front of the TV. Kids can bounce on the trampoline by themselves or with friends and they are ideal for outdoor play.

Trampolines are fun for the whole family. From kids to adults, everyone loves bouncing on a trampoline!

top reasons to buy your kids a trampoline

 Why It's A Good Idea to Buy a Trampoline?

  1. Trampolines Are Fun

Kids love bouncing and having fun on the trampoline, whether by themselves or with friends, and there are so many games, stunts and tricks that they can practise that the trampoline will continue to hold their attention for months on end.

Fun ideas on the trampoline –

  • Add an inflatable beach ball, balloons or a trampoline basketball hoop,
  • Invite friends over to play on the trampoline,
  • Have a dance party – mum or dad can do DJ,
  • Turn on the sprinkler on a hot day
  • Grab some chalk and start creating your own street art,

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  1. Trampolines Improve Balance, Co-ordination & Agility

 Movement is a skill, and the more that you move your body the more co-ordination, balance and agility that your body will develop and that is why trampolining can be so fantastic for both kids and adults.

To explain co-ordination a little more when you’re bouncing on a trampoline and bouncing as high as you can (or as high as you want to) the whole time you are negotiating with gravity to keep your body upright.

You are using your core muscles, your legs and arms to continually stabilise your body as you jump up and down on the trampoline, and it’s a fantastic workout.

3. Healthy Outdoor Activity That Will Get Your Kids Off Their X-Boxes & Devices

When the kids are at home for the holidays or even over the weekends getting them to engage in some outdoor activity like a walk can be a big ask.

For a lot of us our children probably spend a little more time on their X-Boxes, phones, tablets and other devices that we might think is healthy for them.

Its also clear that when they’re on their devices that they are very stationary and don’t move their bodies very much and this is far from ideal.

“Dr. James Levine, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, coined the phrase “Sitting is the new smoking”. Any extended sitting —in a car, at a computer or in front of a screen — can be harmful.”

Reference: Mayo Clinic

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should accumulate 60 minutes per day of physical activity that is vigorous enough to make them breathe hard most of the time. That's why trampolining can be an excellent option!

4. Playing with Friends On A Trampoline Improves Social Skills & Self-Esteem

Social skills are an essential part of a child's development. The ability to interact with other children is not only important in the overall development of a child, but it also helps them develop confidence and self-esteem as well.

Spending time playing with friends will certainly improve your child’s social skills, and having a trampoline in your front or back garden will make both your children and their friends much more interested in playing in the garden.

It is also true that having a trampoline will even make your children more popular among their friends as everyone will want to visit to play with your kids on the trampoline.

Additionally, as your children improve their skills on the trampoline through regular fun practise they will develop confidence in their bodies, enhancing their self-esteem, and you might hear them shouting –

“Mum, dad look at me! Can you jump this high?”


5. Helps to Improve Mood & Calms Anxiety

It is difficult not smile when you bounce on a trampoline and in this way, the body leads your feelings and emotions and before you know it the anxiety and stress has dissipated because you’re no longer thinking about it.

Your attention and focus is now on how good it feels to bounce on the trampoline, and it feels great.

During exercise, particularly trampolining your body will rapidly release endorphins and serotonins, that give your body a feeling of positivity and well-being making you feel good.

Many studies have been carried out on the positive mental health effects of trampolining including the study below by the Cambridge Journal.

Reference: Cambridge Journal Study

6. One of The Best Types of Exercise for Your Kids

The trampoline is one of the best types of exercise for your kids because –

  • Low impact activity that provides a great workout,
  • Non-contact sport – unlike rugby or soccer,
  • Builds strong leg muscles and develops agility, co-ordination & balance,
  • Uniquely versatile – unlike soccer or tennis you need friends to play with. On a trampoline your child can have hours of fun by themselves. And they can also play on the trampoline with friends.


7. Perfect for Play Dates, Parties & Special Occasions

A trampoline in the garden will certainly give your child’s next playdate, birthday party or family occasion the wow factor, as the kids (and adults) will all scarper towards the trampoline.

(Just don’t let the adults hog the trampoline for too long!)

8. Huge Benefits for Children & Adults with ADHD & Autism?

Children with ADHD and Autism can benefit greatly from bouncing on a trampoline. It is well documented that the repeated physical activity of jumping up and down has helped children who suffer from these conditions to relax, focus, sleep better and reduce their hyperactivity levels.

Children with autism have also been shown to develop better motor skills through playing on a trampoline.

See this recent report on


  1. Jumping on a Trampoline Is Good for your brain

There is evidence to suggest that bouncing on a trampoline can actually help increase the function of your brain. A study by German scientists found that jumping for just ten minutes increased blood flow and oxygen levels in the participants' brains.

The increased blood flow was linked with better cognitive performance, so it seems that bouncing on a trampoline is a great way to keep your brain active and healthy.

So, if you're looking for a fun way to help improve your child's social skills, as well as their health and fitness, then buying them a trampoline is definitely the answer!

  1. Trampolines Are Amazing for older people?

The benefits of using a trampoline aren’t just limited to children, either. Adults can also reap the rewards of bouncing.

Trampolining is a great way to improve cardiovascular health, lose weight, and increase flexibility. So if you’re looking for a fun and healthy way to get in shape, consider picking up a trampoline this spring.

You can burn up to 200 calories in just ten minutes of rebounding on a trampoline.

That’s like jogging for an hour! It’s also less stressful on your joints, so it won’t wear out your knees or ankles over time.

And you don't have to worry about getting too hot while exercising because the air is constantly circulating around you as long as you're moving up and down!

  1. Pets Love trampolines

Pets love trampolines because they provide a fun and stimulating environment to play in.

Trampolines are also great exercise for pets, helping them stay healthy and fit.

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