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Trampoline Games: Top 10 Fun Games for Your Kids to Play

There are many fun games that kids can play on a trampoline according to their age that will engage their creativity, enhance their social skills playing with friends and entertain them for hours in a very healthy way.

We are pleased to share our list of our most popular trampoline games for kids below.



What Games Can You Play on The Trampoline?

#1 Crazy Counting

This is a straightforward game to play and does not require any knowledge of using a trampoline. It is, therefore, best for small children or anyone who's not familiar with trampoline.

You name one person "it" and let them wear a blindfold. Once you are "It" you stand at the center of the trampoline and count to ten.

Everyone else can move around, and they should stop when the person "It" says ten. The person in the blindfold then points in a specific direction, and the person he or she points to is then out.

The last person left standing becomes the winner and gets to be the next "It".

#2 Crack The Egg (Pop the Popcorn)

Between two to six people can play this game. One person sits in the middle of the trampoline with their knees close to their chest, and bending forward with their arms around their knees so that they resemble a ball.

The other participants start to bounce, and they attempt to make the person at the centre release their position by letting go with their arms. Everyone has their turn, and it is advisable to keep records to see who changes their position most or least least frequently.

#3 Bum Wars

Bum wars is a very popular trampoline game for kids. The idea behind this game is that the last person becomes the winner. The game requires a minimum of two players, but a considerable number can participate. 



Each participant jumps several times to warm up, and once they agree, they all descend with their bums and then jump up once again, standing on their feet.

Each person has only one bum bounce and one leg bounce, and they get out if they do two of either. The game works best when most of the players are a similar weight.

#4 Poison Balls

The Poison Balls game involves placing balls on the trampoline, and then the kids have to pretend that the balls are poison and jump as they try to escape the balls.

The "poison balls" will randomly roll around the trampoline as the kids jump out of their way. When a "poisoned ball" touches you, you're out, and you have to take a rest till that round comes to an end.

To make this game more physical, you can use different items like stuffed toys, pillows, smashed tin foil, and other soft objects you can think of in place of balls.

#5 Simon Says

Simon Says it is a good game for young children as it helps to improve their co-ordination and their abiliy to respond to new information.

The person outside the trampoline gives instructions to the players.

Simon Says - Typical Commands include:

  • move to the left,
  • move to the right,
  • put your arms overhead,
  • touch your toes
  • jump on a single leg

and so on, and the children on the trampoline must follow these instructions.

Adults enjoy this game the most as they can relax as the kids get to sweat profusely only a few minutes into the game.

The difficulty of the game depends on complicated your instructions are. Basically, when Simon says jump with one leg, those inside have to do so, and when he says jump high, they have to do that as well.

#6 Monkey in the Middle

This one is a very straightforward game and is very popular with most kids. You have to select someone who will act like the Monkey at the Centre while two other people stand on their left and right sides.

The people standing outside throws balls at the monkey, who in turn tries to catch the ball. The monkey gets ten chances to catch the ball, and with each catch, he gets a point.

The player who gets the most points between the three of them is the winner.

#7 Pop It

Here you have to fill up several different colors of water balloons.

Every player participating is allocated a specific color balloon. The players should not use their hands to prick the balloon of their chosen color.

To be a winner, you should be the first to pop up all the balloons. This is an enjoyable and crazy game.

#8 - 1-2-3 Sit!

Each person on the trampoline jumps, then someone has to shout "1, 2, 3, sit!" then everyone has to stop and sit at once.

If perfectly timed, this will make other people bounce up in the air. 

The chance of being the person to be bounced so high creates great excitement and children love to play this game again and again.

#9 The Color and Shape Game

This game can be played with kids of different ages, making it the best trampoline game for siblings.

Start by drawing shapes of different colors distributed all over the trampoline using chalk.Then one child becomes the referee sitting at one end of the trampoline and issues instructions to other kids.

The instructions can be easy or complicated, depending on how old the children are.

Instruction examples can be;

  • jump on the red shape,
  • perform a backward flip on the yellow rectangle,
  • skip to the white circle, and so on.

#10 Tramp

The Tramp game requires the first player to do a trick, and then others have to copy that trick. If a player cannot perform the trick, they get the first word of the letter "Tramp" in a very similar way to the similar catching game - "Donkey."

The game proceeds as each person performs a trick and the other children try to emulate that trick. If the next person cannot perform the trick, they receive the next letter of the word "Tramp."

When someone gets every letter of the word "tramp," the player exits the game.

For the game to end faster, you can use short words like "cow" or pig."

Quick Safety Tips Related to Trampoline Games

  1. Ensure that your trampoline is properly anchored,
  2. consider the safety of the participants and ensure that you are adhering to the manufacturer's saftey guidelines,
  3. be sure to use a trampoline safety enclosure where appropriate,
  4. supervise your children while they use the trampoline,
  5. make sure that there is adequate clearance around the trampoline and that are no overhanging branches, washing lines, nearby trees, fences or garden sheds.

Final Words

Thank you for reading this article. If you any queries about the games described above or if you need accessories for your trampoline you can reach us on 01 960 1641.