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Does Your Trampoline Need A Basketball Hoop?

For most families once they buy a trampoline it will give them the single greatest ROI over any other outdoor toy purchased, because typically the kids get hours and hours of play for days, weeks and months every year.

And What Could Be Better Than A Trampoline?

We started stocking basketball hoops for trampolines in 2021, first from Springfree Trampolines and then from Dutch Toys and they have both proved tremendously popular.

Its important to note that although the Dutch Toys trampoline hoop is universal and will fit the vast majority of trampolines with a safety net enclosure, the Springfree basketball hoops will only fit Springfree trampolines.

Never wanting to be too late to the party, BERG are launching their own trampoline basketball hoop in mid-2022.

To view our trampoline basketball hoops go - 

1. Universal Hoop,

2. Springfree Hoop,

3. BERG Hoop - coming soon.

Can you add a basketball hoop to a trampoline?

Yes, See Below.

What Are The Benefits of a Basketball Hoop on Your Trampoline?

  1. the obvious wow factor - if owning a trampoline is cool, then adding a basketball hoop so you can somersault and dunk takes things to the next level,
  2. improves balance and body coordination - junking and dunking involves hand, eye and leg co-ordination and is tremendous for balance and agility,
  3. new reason to get on the trampoline - give your trampoline a boost with a fantastic new sports accessory, that will have your kids honing their skills, and improving their fitness,
  4. safety included - they are designed specifically for use on trampolines and so they are safe for use on trampolines.

How Do Trampoline Basketball Hoops Differ From Regular Basketball Hoops?

  1. No Hard Edges - because the kids are jumping so high and they're so close to the basketball hoop, its extremely important that there are no hard edges where a child could injure their hand, neck face or head, so all of the materials are soft and pliable,
  2. Soft Basketball - as you know regular basketballs are large and quite heavy rubber balls, and when hits you in the face it can be very sore.The basketballs for trampolines are light and soft so although they're great fun to play with and allow kids to mimic playing basketball on their trampoline they are very light and very unlikely to cause any injury or discomfort.

Can you use a regular basketball hoop with a trampoline?

Trampolines need special soft, lightweight basketball hoops. A normal basketball hoop is likely to be too heavy to properly fit and to be supported on the trampoline safety net enclosure poles.

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