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Why Your Kids Need A Trampoline (Not What You Think!)

Trampolines have been around for years and although there have been significant advances around safety nets, jump mats, designs (including new inground and flatground models) and even the springs, courtesy of Springfree and Vuly the basic principle remains generally the same, at least from first glances.

why your kids need a trampoline

Now you might think that the primary benefits that we are going to list will be mostly physical benefits, and although they are important this is not why your kids need a trampoline.

In our humble opinion the main reason why your kids need and will benefit immensely from a trampoline is because of the huge social and emotional aspects that a trampoline caters to.

1. Non-Competitive Activity/ Safe Place

Competitive sports certainly have their place, but having a healthy outdoor activity that you can enjoy where you won't be judged by your friends, parents, siblings, coaches or the other team certainly has its place too.

Sometimes parents talk to us about how sports have changed where now it's all about the glory, where the kids who have that little bit more co-ordination or skill get more attention from their friends and coaches at the expense of the players with less skill and co-ordination.

In a competitive sports environment this can difficult for kids to understand and to process.

In many ways the trampoline is a safe place, where the fun and the glory is simply to have a bounce around, particularly if your kids are down or are having a bad day, the trampoline can be an amazing way to brighten up their day.

2. Promotes Social Interaction

My brother purchased a flatground trampoline last weekend, and in his own words, when we visited that evening he said - 

"it hasn't stopped for a minute.. every kid in the estate has been on it."

In our defence, we had warned him before he purchased that he could be become very popular once it was installed.

Why Trampolines Are Good for Social Interaction

1. kids learn to take turns and to share

Life is all about co-operation, negotiation and working with others and it starts with play activities. When you have experience with navigating the personalities and moods of other kids when you are young it will stand you in good stead for later life.

2. they create a focal point

Trampolines can definitely become a focal point in a local area, and may give the local kids (including your own) that little bit of extra incentive to mix and mingle and to spend time with others, as opposed to spending time with others online.

3. positive environment

staying sullen or grumpy while bouncing on a trampoline will be difficult.

When bouncing on a trampoline, most kids will have a smile from ear to ear, and when the mood is positive the kids will have  a good time, fights will be less frequent, and play will be more inclusive.

4. disputes get settled quickly to allow the bouncing to go on

there may be squabbles, as of course there will be with all children's games, but they usually get settled quickly to allow the bouncing to go on.

5. you don't need to be as good as Ronaldo on the trampoline

when you're bouncing on the trampoline with your friends you don't need to be the next Ronaldo or Messi, you can simply bounce around and have fun with your friends.

The Benefits of Trampolining From An Emotional or Mental Health Aspect Include 

1. Calms Anxiety

During trampolining your body releases endorphins and serotonin that helps to calm anxiety, lift your mood and make your feel lighter and more energetic.

2. Improved Creativity & Concentration

Studies show that just ten minutes spent on the trampoline can have a huge carry over effect into other activities including school work, and activities that require concentration.

3. Better Sleep

Again studies show that trampoline users will often experience deeper and better sleep and the body's stores of energy have been consumed and so a restful period of sleep and recovery represents the perfect solution.

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