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What Size Trampoline Should I Buy?

So, you’ve finally decided to take the leap and buy your first trampoline. A great decision. A trampoline will provide hours of fun for family and friends alike (not to mention it’s a great way to tire the kids out before bedtime).

However, before you rush out and buy the first trampoline that you see, it is very important to consider which size trampoline would be best for your garden or yard.

The best size trampoline for your kids will take into consideration the size and shape of your garden, the age of your kids and whether they will use it with friends or by themselves. Some of the most popular sizes are 12ft and 14ft trampolines with safety nets.

As the carpenter advises, measure twice and cut once.

After all, nobody wants to discover that they have bought the wrong one when they are half way through the installation!

Trampoline Size Guide


Common Questions About Trampoline Sizes

1. Do trampolines come in specific sizes?

Trampolines come in certain standard sizes; 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 13ft and 14ft. It might seem an obvious consideration - but one that has certainly caught out a few people in the past - make certain that your space is big enough for your new trampoline.

This is particularly important when buying online rather than seeing the trampoline assembled in-store.

Don’t forget to include space to protect against the odd wayward bounce. An area of about 3 to 6ft around the outside of the frame is recommended.

The size of the trampoline will determine how high you can bounce. The bigger the trampoline, the bigger the bounce!

2. Can kids of any age use them?

However, there are strict (but helpful) age guidelines when it comes to choosing the best trampoline for your little ones.

The maximum diameter recommended for children below the age of 5 years old is 8ft, from 6-10 years old a maximum 12ft trampoline is advised and only when children are over the age of 10 can they progress to the 14ft models.

3. What about bouncing together?

Kids enjoy nothing more than jumping on their trampoline with their siblings and friends.

However, whilst some trampoline sizes are suitable for multiple bouncers, there are also specific guidelines in this department.

Trampolines that are 10ft or smaller are designed to be used by one person at a time. In a space this size sometimes difficult to control the direction of the jump and, with two bouncing bodies, it could well all end in tears!

If you are looking for a good size trampoline for two children then the 12ft would be ideal. It has more than enough space for two eager bouncers.

The 14ft trampoline is known as ‘The Entertainer’. It will keep multiple children bouncing for hours and certainly put a spring in your step when you host the best garden parties in the neighbourhood!

4. What about weight limits?

If you stick to the guidelines regarding the number of users and their ages then the weight limits should not be a consideration (not to mention that the more they bounce, the less they will weigh. Trampolines are great exercise!)

However, bear in mind that the recommendations for the weight capacity of a trampoline span 80 kg for a 6ft through to 180kg for a 14ft.