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Can My Kids Wear Shoes on Our New Trampoline?

Why No Shoes on the Trampoline? One Word: SAFETY

At Trampolines Ireland its al about enjoying yourself in a safe way for yourself and others, and so wearing shoes while jumping is just too dangerous.

Here are the reasons why –

  1. Wearing shoes could cuase you to land awkwardly injuring your feet or ankles,
  2. Wearing shoes on a jump mat could cause to trip or slip in a way that you don’t expect,
  3. Shoes can be bulky and give you less of a bounce.

no shoes on the trampoline - trampolines ireland

Barefoot or wearing trampoline socks is the best way to jump, as that enhances your balance and can stimulate your nervous sysem and even improve immunity.

Other reasons that we recommend against bouncing with shoes is that you could damage the jump mat with heavy-duty outdoor shoes. And if those shoes have stones or even small pieces of glass stuck in the grips again you’re asking for trouble.

If you’ve purchased a trampoline with us, its likely that you have a fantastic trampoline and so we recommend doing your best to look after as when you do it will provide years and years of good fun for you and your kids!