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Collection: What Are the Best Trampolines in Ireland?

What are the best brands of trampoline to buy?

There are so many trampolines available that will make a perfect choice for you.
However, with the variety of trampolines available in different colours, sizes and shapes it’s hard to narrow it down to one choice.
Here at Trampolines Ireland, we sell premium trampolines brands that are well-respected and trusted. Here are a few of the top brands that we sell:

Springfree – This brand offers a great range of ultra-safe trampolines that are high-quality and durable, and with a 10 year warranty to ensure you are buying a trampoline that will last for years to come.
Their designs are really easy to maintain and are seen as one of the safest options as they are spring-free.
It’s a great way to bounce for hours on end without the worry of getting an injury. Here at Trampolines Ireland, the models on offer include the round shape in 8, 10 and 13ft, as well as the 8x11ft and 8x13ft ovals, and the 11ft square.
You can't go wrong with this super safe and high-performance range.

BERG – Another popular brand of trampolines is Berg.
The reputable brand offers a whole range of trampolines that will suit small to larger gardens and they come in a variety of shapes to suit your family.
They are very safe to ensure your kids bounce away without running into injury and they are also made to high standards.
Here at Trampolines Ireland, we sell the whole range of Berg trampolines from the 6ft round models through to the Grand Champions and Elites, and the ever popular flatground models.
No matter how large or small your garden or your aspirations, BERG have the perfect trampoline for you.

ETAN – We also sell trampolines from the popular brand named Etan. This brand of trampolines is made with families in mind, offering a safe and sturdy trampoline that will grow with the kids.
A lot of their range come with enclosures and they even offer in-ground trampolines that are becoming popular with customers. In a wealth of sizes and shapes, it’s easy to find the right trampoline for you from our range of Etan equipment which is a brand you can trust to make a high-quality and durable trampoline.

Akrobat – Guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your family, Akrobat is another great range of trampolines that you should consider for your household. With a guarantee that means a lifetime of fun, your kids will not be able to get enough of these trampolines. Here at Trampolines Ireland we sell several of the Akrobat range.
Another benefit of the Akrobat range is that they are built with ventilating jumping mats. That way, when your children are bouncing on the trampoline, they will be much safer and there will be limited noise too. Also, the spring system is built to last and will ensure they bounce away, whether they are beginners or are immediate jumpers.

EXIT – A great range of trampolines, Exit is one of the biggest sellers on our site.
The brand that encourages kids to get outside and have lots of fun in the fresh air offer a whole range of trampolines amongst their great toy range. They are incredibly stable and are of a great quality that will last for years in your garden. They are also very simple to put together when it does arrive in your home.

The range has the benefit of offering an ultimate stability frame which ensures it’s very strong and will endure the harshest of weathers. Additionally, it’s been crafted with a foot protection system which means your child can never get their foot stuck in the springs. Here at Trampolines Ireland, we sell several of the trampolines including the Elegant trampoline.

But as well as choosing a quality brand when picking out a trampoline, it is important to choose the best trampoline for you, taking into consideration your requirements such as:

Best Trampolines for Your Garden - Size and shape

 When you are looking for the best trampolines around in our country, you need to think about what size and shape you are looking for first.

When you know which size you are after, you can then look at the different sizes from the brands to find which one would work for you.

The same goes with shapes- there are several shapes available that might suit your family. The most common trampoline shape you will find that we sell is the round.

This is great for taking on a few of the top tricks such as somersaults and backflips.

You can get to a great speed and jump right in the centre of the mat. For others, they prefer the oval which offers more room and is great for more than one jumper.

A square or rectangle is also a great choice for those who want to practice their trampoline skills.

Ages of your children

You should also think about the age of your children when looking for the best trampolines around on the market. After all, you don’t want to go for something that is too big if it’s going to be for a young child.

Also, you want to ensure it’s something your kids will make use of as they grow and become older children. Therefore, consider the ages of your kids when picking out the best trampoline on our site.


Regular, inground of flat ground model

Another thing to consider is whether you want the trampoline to be regular, inground or a flat ground model. After all, there are different trampolines of these styles available on our site. They all have a wealth of benefits and choosing the best one for you will help you to make the right decision on the best trampoline.

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I contacted Trampolines at short notice & late in the evening with a query about a Berg Cart for my son's birthday. Gary responded immediately and since the initial contact to the delivery of the cart, the service has been excellent with updates and support. I had an issue putting the cart together which was own mistake but Gary's support was again excellent, Thanks Gary, appreciate all your help and kind support - James (Mayo)
James veldon
Great products at a competive price, very impressed by the level of aftersales support, highly recommend would use again.
Thank you very much for your help with this, I really do appreciate it. A very happy customer! (So far anyway - I'll come back to you after my lovely neighbours finish putting it together!! That will be fun!! I imagine there may be some choice language! 😊).
Thanks again Gary.
Our trampoline arrived and has being assembled. Our son (13) loves it. We have had trampolines since he was three but this one is amazing. Hope to get many years from it. My friends have their springless trampoline 22 years and it is still in great condition.
Best wishes
The O92 model is much better for min 2 kids in it, they are much happier and a lot less crying now they have their own space. Much appreciate you allowing me to swap.
Thanks, great service.
Hi Gary,
Just a quick email to say thanks for delivery of trampoline I have a very happy 6 year old he loves it. Thanks for voucher. Will definitely recommend you.
Best wishes
Hi Gary,
"Love the trampoline... Boys have been out all afternoon on it... They love their birthday present.... The Regular Trampoline is just fitting perfectly too.. Thanks for helping out with changing our order.
Thanks again for all."
Ah thanks so much for all your help and kindness
My kids will be absolutely thrilled to bits
A pleasure doing business with you thank you for being so responsive
All the best
Enjoy the sunshine
Hi Gary,
Delighted that our trampoline arrived yesterday, now the fun begins to get it up and running.
Thanks so much for all your help.
Many thanks our pool ordered in Feb arrived a week early in July just in time for that sun very happy family here in Wexford
The product is better than we expected not having seen it prior to buying its of great quality and had easy instructions to aid assembly
We are delighted with how Gary was at the end of the phone out of hours to advise on the purchase see what was in stock and the dates available for delivery once ordered it all ran smoothly
Many thanks and we recommended buying from this online company
Danny & Jeanne
Trampoline arrived and we got it up today. Very pleased with it!
Thank you for all your help,
Hi Gary
Hope you have enjoyed the summer.
The trampoline was a big hit here, it gets so much use, definitely a great buy.