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How to Remove Your Trampoline Safety Net

Trampoline safety nets are an extremely important part of the trampoline and help to keep your kids safe and to prevent them from falling off, no matter how high they jump.

Most trampoline safety nets will be fastened both at the top and bottom of the poles for the safety net. To release the safety net simply unclip the attachment on the top of the safety poles and unfasten the velcro securing the safety net at the bottom where it attaches near the padding.

how to remove a trampoline safety net

Reasons Why You Might Need to Remove The Trampoline Safety Enclosure

  • you're taking the trampoline down and will need to move the trampoline in its entirety, see our guide here - How to Move A Trampoline,
  • its getting windy or stormy and you want to protect the trampoline safety net from damage, see our Storm Guide here,
  • you have an inground or flatground trampoline model and now that your kids are more grown up you want to allow them to use the trampoline without the safety net enclosure.

How to Remove the Safety Net Enclosure From The Trampoline

1. Detach the bindings connecting the safety net to the safety net poles

Begin by detaching the bindings that connect the safety net to the top of the safety net poles. This will usually be way of bungees, a solid rod or similar bindings.

Next once you have removed all of the attachments at the top of the safety net poles, you can start to remove the attachments to the bottom of the safety net poles, next to the jump mat. 

These will often be fastened by velcro or with plastic buckles. Removing the trampoline safety net from the trampoline can normally be done quite quickly and should take less than 10 minutes.

2. Detach the safety net poles from the trampoline frame

If you are taking the net down because of a looming storm then you will not need to remove the trampoline safety net poles, as they will not catch the wind in the same way that the net might.

But if you are moving the trampoline or if you want to remove the safety net for the foreseeable future then you should proceed to take off the safety net poles.

To remove the safety net poles - 

1. Begin by sliding off the the pvc protective sleeves that cover the padding around the safety net poles,

2. Most trampoline safety net poles will come in two parts, that join in the middle. Remove the top half of the poles by depressing the spring bracket and sliding the top pole up.

3. To remove the lower tube from the trampoline frame, you will need to loosen the fixing bolts on the bracket that fastens the pole to the frame.

When you have loosened both bolts, the lower tube and bracket will easily come away from the trampoline frame and you will have removed the whole safety net enclosure.

How to Store Your Safety Net & Safety Net Poles

We recommend packing the safety net and safety net poles away safely so that they will be in excellent condition if you decide to refit them in the future.

1. Simply find some large cardboard boxes and pack your safety net and safety net poles.

2. Seal the boxes with tape to protect the contents.

3. Put them in a dry place where they will not damaged.

If you need advice on trampoline safety nets or if you needs a replacement net for your trampoline please phone 01 960 1641.