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Dudley & Eunice Storm Sandwich - Tips to Protect Your Trampoline

Obviously, the most important thing during a storm is protect everyone's safety and well-being. After that you can look at making safe and protecting your trampoline.

Tips to Protect Your Trampoline During Stormy Weather

storm-proof your trampoline

1. Anchor Your Trampoline

use trampoline anchors, sandbags, concrete blocks or stones but use something to secure your trampoline on the ground.

Although the trampolines that we supply are very robust and heavy, taking this precaution makes sense. 

Trampolines Storm Accessories

2. Drop Down the Safety Net Enclosure

on most trampolines the safety net can be dropped within a few minutes, and so protect it from the strongest of the winds, and prevent damage from airborne twigs, sticks or other flying implements.

Also put away the basketball hoop or any other accessories attached to the trampoline.

3. Put in the garage or move to shelter

If you have shelter and you can move your trampoline it is a good idea to put under a roof, for example a garage or shed. Many trampoline owners will not have that sort of space available but if you do, then we would recommend that.

Springfree trampolines make moving wheels for moving your trampoline when necessary.

4. Use your trampoline cover


Trampoline covers are specifically designed to help look after your trampoline jump mat and padding and to protect it from the elements. So get it out of the box and put it on.

If you need any of the accessories mentioned above go to -

Trampolines Storm Accessories

The Main Accessories that you will need are -

1. trampoline anchors,

2. trampoline covers,

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