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How to Jump Even Higher - Tips for Big Jumps

Tips for the Biggest Bounces on Your Trampoline


How to Jump Higher

Jumping higher on a trampoline is similar in many ways to jumping on solid ground, and it comes down to an explosive jump powered by strong leg muscles and uses the momentum and upward movement of a powerful arms drive.

Checklist For Making Higher Jumps

1. Is your trampoline big enough?

The bigger the trampoline the more springs that it will have and this is one of the main things that contributes to delivering a higher bounce.

2. Does the trampoline use high-grade trampoline springs?

For example BERG trampolines are well-known for their GoldSpring Solo and TwinSpring Gold springs that are renowned for their bounciness and delivering big jumps.

See our BERG Trampoline Springs guide here.

3. Does your trampoline have a high-performance jump mat?

BERG Champion and Elite trampoline models are fitted with the Airflow Jump Mat specially designed for faster and higher jumps, because the jump mat has 50% less air friction.

Airflow Jump Mat information.

4. Rectangular or Round?

Rectangular trampolines are typically considered the most bouncy shape due to spring configuration that produce a harder and more even bounce.

You can read more on that here -

Why Rectangular Trampolines Are More Bouncy.

5. Adding More Springs?

Some sources will recommend adding more springs, however we advise sticking to the manufacturers guidelines and remembering that the key priority should always be use safety.

6. Having regard to the max user weight rating

If you are too heavy for the trampoline relative to its weight rating then this could be one reason why you're not getting as high in the air as you would like.

See our max user weight rating guides below -




Tips for Jumping Higher On A Round Trampoline

The bounciest spot on a round trampoline is right in the centre.

To jump higher on a round trampoline, jump as close as you can to the centre on the trampoline pushing off the jump mat explosively through your legs, while using an upward arm movement and keeping your core taut and stable to maintain balance in mid-air.