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Inground & Flatground Trampolines - What is The Difference?

Short Video Explains The Difference Between Inground & Flatground Trampolines


We frequently get asked the question - what is the difference between an inground and a flatground trampoline, so we decided to make this short video to explain.

As a general rule, inground trampolines have a small step onto the trampoline padding and jump mat, approx 5 inches, and flatground trampoline frames are embedded in the ground so that the jumping area is level with the ground (no step up).


The trampoline frame sits on the ground around the bowl-shaped hole that you will dig for jump mat clearance. The trampoline frame has very short legs, compared to the longer legs that you will see on regular above ground trampolines.


The trampoline frame is recessed or countersunk into the ground so that the jump mat, and jumping surface area of the trampoline is flush with and level with your lawn.

To view the installation video guides for both inground and flatground models go to our Inground Trampoline Installation Guide.