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Scooter Safety Guide

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Kids Scooter Safety Guide

The number of kids riding electric scooters is on the rise, and coupled with that is an increase in injuries and accidents. If you’re contemplating treating your kids to a new electric scooter, share the following safety tips with them to help them stay safe.

Keep Their Eyes on the Road
It’s very easy to get distracted by the sights and sounds around you. After all, we’re inherently curious by nature. It’s a terrible habit to acquire because the slightest hole or bump in the road could have you off your scooter. Another reason is that it’s essential to keep your eyes on the traffic and people around you and anticipate any incidents.

Always Keep Your Hands on the Handlebars
It’s also very easy to become over-confident when riding a scooter. A message might come through on your smartphone or a friendly wave from across the round. You might think you can take your hands off the handlebars to wave or check the message, but this is a huge mistake.
Riding an electric scooter one-armed is very dangerous. There is less ground clearance, and the wheels are much smaller, which means the slightest bump or jolt is felt more prominently. If you really must answer a message, it’s far safer to stop for a few moments.

Wear a Safety Helmet
It’s not always possible to prevent an accident, so it pays to be prepared. Safety gear, particularly for your head, is a must. It could be the difference between life and death, or at the very least, a severe head injury. A correctly fitted safety helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment your kids should wear.

Regularly Check Your Scooter
An electric scooter requires regular maintenance, just like all motor-powered vehicles. It’s important to conduct regular inspections and get to know your scooter before you head out on the road. Before every ride, you should check the tyre pressure, that the brakes function, and the folding mechanism is working correctly. Once a week, a closer inspection is required. This should include checking whether any screws or bolts have worked loose and that the brake discs aren’t bent.

Use Proper Lights
Electric scooters tend not to have lights when they come straight out of the box; however, they are crucial in low-light settings. Even if your e-scooter already has lights, they probably aren’t bright enough. Purchase a set of lights with more lumens and attach them securely to the handlebars.

Use Eye Protection
Wearing eye protection will stop bugs from getting in your eyes. A bug in the eye is not only irritating. It’s also very dangerous too.

Make Sure You Can Be Seen
Visibility is vital so that other road users can see you. Wear reflective gear and clothing, or at the very least, bright clothing, whether you’re riding at night or during the day.


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Follow these simple safety tips, and you’ll stay safe when riding your e-scooter.