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Best Kids Slides Reviews 2021

To my mind, a playground can’t really call itself a playground if it doesn’t have a slide.

My kids will always make straight for the side when they meet their friends at the park.
They will often spend hours tobogganing down and climbing back up for another run, ignoring the other playground equipment on offer.

Slides are not only great fun for kids but they also provide a few benefits for parents too:

• They develop a child’s coordination and balance as they climb the stairs.
• They help with vestibular awareness as children learn how their bodies move through space against gravity.
• They teach children valuable the social skills of waiting your turn and sharing with others.

Not to mention they’re great fun!

Maybe this is the year you should take the plunge and buy them their first slide?

SMOBY KS Garden slide

Dimensions 159 x 100 x 68cm
Age range 2 + years
Weight 6.5kg
Material Plastic

A great first side for the little ones that doubles up as a waterslide for even more fun!

This brightly coloured slide has small steps that your kids will soon be climbing with confidence.
The angle of the slide allows for a fair amount of speed to be achieved before reaching the bottom.

It has a robust frame with wide, accessible handrails that provide great grip.

Best of all, it comes with a hose attachment that enables the side to transform into a waterslide when activated.
If you are lucky enough to have a pool in the garden, this feature enables the slide to become a fantastic flume. If not – it makes for a great waterslide anyway!

• Made from robust plastic
• Hose attachment
• Safe, sturdy handrails

• A little fast for toddlers

BAMNY Kids slide with basketball hoop

Dimensions 159 x 100 x 68cm
Age range 2 + years
Weight 6.5kg
Material Plastic

A perfect beginner’s slide that even comes with its own basketball hoop.

This slide is easy to assemble and very stable. It is suitable for use inside and out and has a load capacity of 25 kg.

It has patterned non-slip steps and re-enforced plug in screws that secure the sides
of the slide to prevent loosening.

The base of the side has and extended buffer zone which is designed to prevent any bumped bottoms or bruising if the kids happen to descend too vigorously.

It also features a basketball hoop on the side making it two activities in one product – a slam dunk!

• Basketball hoop
• Extended buffer zone
• Very secure

• Sitting area at top a little narrow


Dimensions 127 x 365 x 40cm
Age range 3 + years
Weight n/a 
Material Polypropylene/Steel

A great freestanding outdoor slide that can also attach to your stairs on a rainy day.

This innovative 2 in 1 slide can be enjoyed by the kids whatever the weather.
It can be attached to virtually any indoor staircase - which comes in very useful during those long winter months spent looking forlornly out into a damp garden.

When the summer months do finally arrive, the steel frame enables it to function as regular garden slide.

Made from high impact, non-recycled polypropylene and boasting a UV protected, fade-resistant finish, this slide is a great choice for all year round fun.

• Adaptable for stair use
• Easy to assemble and store
• Safe tube handrails
• Only available in blue

COSTWAY Folding Slide

Dimensions 110 x 54 x 70cm
Age range 3-8 years
Weight 4kg
Material PE

A brightly coloured plastic slide that can be folded away after use for easy transportation and storage.

This is a super little slide that is aimed at 3-8-year-old kids.

Despite its relatively small size, it has an impressive weight capacity of 50kg.

The best thing about this slide is that it can be folded for transportation which means it can be pooped into the boot and taken easily on trips to the beach, friends’ houses, the park and more.

Eye-catching in bright blue, yellow and red, this is a great little product for toddlers.

• Folds up and is very portable
• Great looking
• Large weight capacity

• Small chute

ANCDEEP Multifunctional Tower of Games

Dimensions 249 x 170 x 136cm
Age range 2 -8 years
Weight 16.5kg
Material Plastic

This slide comes complete with a swing, basketball hoops, a football goal and more!

Why go to the playground when this slide and its many accessories can bring the playground to you?

If you are looking to spend a little more on your slide then I would certainly consider this all in one slide and tower of games.
Perfect for a larger family or are those that regularly host kids’ parties, this product can entertain multiple children at a time.

It provides 5 in 1 fun – a slide, basketball baskets, a football goal, a swing and a climbing frame. It even comes with two mini basketballs to get the fun started straight out of the box.

It can be assembled in a short amount of time without the need for any tools and is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

It can be used inside or out and has fully smoothed of corners to prevent any little bumps and scratches.

• 5 in 1 fun
• Easy to assemble
• Even comes with basketballs!

• Expensive

EASTSUN Bus Climb and slide

Dimensions 200 x 120 x 110cm
Age range 3-6 years
Weight 21.5kg
Material Plastic

A fun little bus slide that functions as a super indoor playground.

This innovative slide sits on top of an eye-catching fun bus. This little bus has doors that open on both sides and functions as a mini playroom and toy storage area.

It even has a little steering wheel for driving games.

The slide itself is very stable, has a wide waiting area at the top and lovely non-slip steps leading up to it.

All of the corners have been nicely rounded for maximum safety and the product is made from premium sturdy plastic.

• Great bus design
• Functions as a playroom and storage space
• Very sturdy

• Expensive
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