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Best 7 Garden Gazebo Reviews 2021

Deciding to put a gazebo on our garden patio was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Initially we had been a little worried that it would be very costly, take a long time to put up and ultimately not add enough to the garden to warrant the outlay of both the money and the time – we couldn’t have been more wrong.

As I sit here writing this under my beautiful gazebo in the morning sunshine I just can’t believe we didn’t put it up sooner.

Not only does the gazebo give me a little oasis of calm away from the house to read and write in peace it has also provided a great new aesthetic to our outdoor living space.

The hanging baskets and plants add colour to what was a dull patio space and I even have started to grow a honeysuckle around one of the support posts – it’s like having two gardens.

All I can say is – don’t wait as long as we did!

Garden Classics Pop Up HORWOOD

Size: 3.6x3m
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 20kg
Material: Metal and fabric

A hexagonal pop-up gazebo – great for occasional use.

Whilst not being a fully installed permanent structure, this pop-up gazebo is perfect for people with smaller gardens or patios.

It is assembled in minutes and can be stored safely away after the event allowing you to use the space for ball games or other activities.

The roof canopy is made from water-resistant polyester fabric and is designed to prevent water pooling on top of the structure.

The zippable net curtains allow you to settle in for a cosy night or, alternatively, they can be tied back on a sunny afternoon and your guests can use the space for some much-needed shade.

• Light
• Easily stored
• Zippable net curtains

• Lightweight

GOLIRAYA Garden Gazebo

Size: 3x3m
Height: 2.5m
Weight: n/a
Material: Steel and fabric

A sturdy steel structure that will prevent the sun and rain spoiling your gathering.

This is a striking looking gazebo with an ornate floral design adorning each leg.

The frame is made from tough, rust-resistant steel and the manufacturer is confident that it will last ‘for years to come’ in your garden patio.

The canopy has reinforced corners and hook and loop fasteners enabling it to be easily attached to the outer frame and also is treated with a PA coating that blocks out harmful rays.

Without the addition of doors or side supports – this is a perfect product for a sunny garden party.

• Floral design on frame
• Rust-resistant
• Airy

• Recommended for use in good weather only
• No side protection

AllSeasonsGazebos Heavy Duty

Size: 3x3m
Height: 2.06m
Weight: 5kg
Material: Metal and fabric

A simple pop-up gazebo that provides shelter in minutes.

Despite weighing just over 5kg, this is a heavy-duty gazebo that can be used on all surfaces including grass, sand and cement.

It is available in a wide variety of colours and its simple design means that it simply ‘pops-up’ without the need for tools or the necessity to slot poles into each other.

It offers great protection at an affordable price and even comes with four handy leg-weight bags that provide extra support to the structure.

It is fully waterproof and comes with a carry bag.

• Very easy to assemble
• Light
• Supplied with leg-weight bags

• Not great in strong winds


Size: 3.6x4m
Height: 2.7m
Weight: 94kg
Material: Aluminium, fabric and polycarbonate

An elegant, stylish structure that deserves a permanent place in the garden.

If you a looking for a gazebo that it a little more sophisticated than the pop-up options, then this might be for you.

It is a solid structure made from jet black aluminium that is great in all weather conditions.

The heavy-duty polycarbonate roof is winter-proof, boasting an impressive snow-load of 80kg (which is great news should you be hosting any winter parties in the garden!)

It is an impressive product that gives you the feel of eating under a restaurant conservatory.

• Weather-proof
• Great looking
• Solid roof

• Expensive

Coleman Gazebo

Size: 3.6x3.6m
Height: 218m
Weight: 16kg
Material: Metal Textile

An innovative ‘on the go’ gazebo, ideal for camping trips, festivals and events.

This is a sturdy and very stylish little shelter for use in a wide variety of locations.

This gazebo would look just as at home erected next to a camp stove in the middle of the forest or beside a lake on a fishing trip.

Whilst it might not be the first thing you think of when you are considering a gazebo this product provides protection from the sun and the rain, is fire retardant and even has the option of additional side panels if the weather gets inclement.

• Portable
• Eclectic variety of uses
• Weather proof

• Casual looking


Size: 5.95x5.95m
Height: 3.3m
Weight: 265kg
Material: Glazed bronze and polycarbonate

An enormous static gazebo that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Weighing over 250kg, this huge, lockable gazebo is the perfect place to entertain all year round.

Whilst many people might not want to spend quite this much on a gazebo, the robust build quality and structural engineering of this product effectively make this another room in your house!

With the option to purchase an LED lighting system, a curtain set and a full mosquito net – you could well be moving into this gazebo next year.

• Lockable
• Lots of optional extras
• Another room in the house!

• Pricy
• Very big


Size: 3.x4m
Height: 3.1m
Weight: 400kg
Material: Wood

A large, traditional gazebo designed to take a permanent place in the garden.

When I think of the classic gazebo – I picture one just like this.

It is constructed from solid wood and has plenty of space to accommodate a table and chairs or – for the bold – maybe a hot tub?

The four legs feature diamond trellising, perfect for growing ivy or clematis around the outside of the structure and there is plenty of space underneath to accommodate pot plants and the odd hanging basket.

• Sturdy
• Traditional
• Diamond trellis

• Expensive

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