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Collection: Best Bike Sheds

Best 5 Garden Bike Sheds

A bike shed is not just suitable for storing away your bikes, but can also be used to store plenty of other items too.

The perfect storage alternative to your usual garden shed, bike sheds are available in a range if different size specifications, materials as well as different lock security options too.

Here is a short guide to the best 5 bike sheds for 2021.

1. Dunster House

Size: 102 x 202 x 175cm | Material: Wood | Lock Options: Hasp and Clasp 

  • Pressure treated
  • Wide access
  • Secure hasp and hinges
  • More expensive

This bike shed from Dunster House has been pressure treated to ensure it lasts the test of time.

The wide access opening makes this bike shed suitable for a variety of bikes as well as being able to store plenty of other larger items too. This bike shed also comes with secure hinges and hasp and clasp lock.

However, this bike shed is more expensive than others on the market.

2. Forest

Size: L10 x W4 x H9 Inches | Material: Wood | Lock Options: Padlock

  • Treated wood
  • 2000 litre capacity
  • Hasp and staple latch
  • Needs padlock not included

This wood treated bike shed is designed to be weatherproof and last you for years.

With 2000 litres of storage space, this shed is ideal for storing bikes as well as other large, bulky items too.

This shed comes with a hasp and staple style latch, however it does require a padlock to lock securely which is not included.

3. Panana

Size: Not Specified | Material: Steel | Lock Options: Not Supplied

  • Anti-corrosive material
  • Black steel
  • Double door
  • A little light

The Panana garden storage bike shed is made from galvanised steel which is designed to be anti-corrosive and weatherproof for improved longevity.

The black steel also makes it a sleek and stylish addition to your outdoor space, and the double doors make this shed easy to access.

However, some customers have reported that this bike shed can be flimsy once assembled.

4. Keter Store-It Out

Size: 177 x 113 x 134cm| Material: Plastic | Lock Options: Bolt

  • Secure bolt lock
  • Mid-range price
  • 2000 litre capacity
  • Plastic material

The Keter Store-It-Out ultra bike shed comes with a secure bolt lock to easily store your bike and other items.

This option also comes with a good mid-range price tag and offers a 2000 litre capacity.

However, as this bike shed is made from plastic wood effect material, this may not be aesthetically suitable for some customers.

5. Power

Size: 163.4 cm (h) 6ft (w) | Material: Wood | Lock Options: Lock and Key

  • Sourced from finest timber
  • Wood treated for 1 year
  • Waterproof felt roof
  • More expensive

This pent wooden bike shed from Power is made from the finest sourced Scandinavian wood and has been wood treated to last for your whole first year.

The felt roof is also waterproof for added peace of mind.

This bike shed comes with a lock and key supplied, however, it is one of the most expensive bike sheds you can choose to purchase.

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