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What to Do with your Trampoline When the Kids Grow Up?

As parents, watching our children grow up is a bittersweet experience. One day, they're bouncing on the trampoline in the backyard, and the next, they're off to college or starting their own families. When the kids grow up, their interests and activities change, and so do the things around the house. This includes the beloved backyard trampoline.

Transitioning Your Trampoline: What to Do When the Kids Grow Up

In this guide, we'll explore what to do with your trampoline when the kids grow up. Whether you want to repurpose it, store it, or pass it on, we've got you covered.

1. Repurposing the Trampoline

One of the most common options for dealing with an unused trampoline is repurposing it into something new and functional. This not only maximizes the value of the trampoline but also gives you the opportunity to continue enjoying its benefits in a different way.

a. Fitness Station

Trampolines can be repurposed as a unique and enjoyable fitness station. Replacing the trampoline mat with a strong and stable platform, like wood or rubber tiles, can transform it into a great space for outdoor exercise routines, such as yoga, Pilates, or calisthenics.

You can also attach resistance bands or a pull-up bar to the frame to expand its functionality.

b. Meditation or Reading Nook

If you're looking for a more tranquil use for your trampoline, consider turning it into a meditation or reading nook. Place a comfortable cushion, some soft blankets, and a few pillows on the trampoline surface, and you'll have a serene space for relaxation, stargazing, or reading your favorite books.

c. Garden Centerpiece

Transform your old trampoline into a unique garden centerpiece by suspending potted plants or flowers from the frame. This creates a hanging garden that adds a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.

Be sure to reinforce the frame to support the weight of the plants and regularly maintain the garden for a vibrant and eco-friendly touch to your yard.

2. Disassembling and Storing the Trampoline

If you're not interested in repurposing the trampoline but want to keep it for future generations or potential use, disassembling and storing it properly is crucial to ensure its longevity.

a. Disassembly

Start by carefully disassembling the trampoline. Remove the safety net, springs, and frame components, making sure to label and organize them for easier reassembly later.

Fold the mat and pad, and store them separately. It's advisable to take pictures during the disassembly process to help you remember how it all fits together.

b. Storage Options

Once disassembled, you have a few storage options:

i. Garage or Shed:

If you have adequate space in your garage or a shed, storing the trampoline components there is a convenient choice. Make sure the area is dry, and consider covering the parts with a tarp or protective covering to prevent dust and moisture damage.

ii. Storage Unit:

If you lack space at home, consider renting a storage unit. This is a secure and climate-controlled option to keep the trampoline safe until you decide its future use.

iii. Sell or Donate:

If you have no intention of using the trampoline in the future, consider selling it or donating it to someone who will. Many families would appreciate the opportunity to have a trampoline without the high cost associated with purchasing a new one.

3. Passing It On

Another thoughtful option is to pass the trampoline on to another family or friend who has younger children or a more suitable space for it. This way, you can share the joy and benefits of the trampoline with others and give it a new lease on life.

a. Hand-Me-Down

Offer the trampoline as a hand-me-down gift to friends or family members with kids who would enjoy it. Ensure that it's in good condition and provide them with any necessary assembly instructions or safety guidelines.

b. Selling or Donating

If you don't have any immediate takers within your social circle, consider selling or donating it to a local community center, school, or charity. Many organizations welcome donations of recreational equipment, and it can be a wonderful gift to children who might not otherwise have access to such fun outdoor activities.

4. Safety Considerations

Regardless of whether you repurpose, store, or pass on your trampoline, safety should always be a top priority. Here are some essential safety considerations to keep in mind:

a. Proper Disassembly: When disassembling the trampoline, take care to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure all springs and components are securely detached to prevent any accidents during storage or transportation.

b. Storage Safety: If you choose to store the trampoline, make sure it's stored in a dry, secure place where it won't be exposed to the elements. Store the components away from curious children to prevent them from playing on or around the stored parts.

c. Documentation: If you pass the trampoline on to someone else, provide them with the original assembly instructions, safety guidelines, and any maintenance recommendations to ensure it is used safely and responsibly.

d. Regular Maintenance: Even if the trampoline is no longer in use, perform periodic inspections to check for any rust, wear and tear, or damage that may have occurred during storage. Address any issues promptly to maintain its safety and functionality.


When the kids grow up, the trampoline doesn't have to become a forgotten relic in your backyard. Instead, you have various options to repurpose, store, or pass it on to others who can continue to enjoy its benefits.

Whether you choose to transform it into a fitness station, create a tranquil space, or share it with another family, the trampoline can remain a valuable part of your life, even as your children transition into adulthood.

Just remember to prioritize safety throughout the process to ensure that it continues to bring joy and entertainment for years to come.