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Trampoline Safety Net Guide

Trampolines safety nets are extremely important as we explain in our guide below.

Safety net enclosures are sold with most trampolines and their primary function is to protect the health and well-being of trampoline users, by stopping them from falling off and colliding with the trampoline frame or the ground.

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Trampoline Safety Enclosures - Pros and Cons

Keeps your kids safe by preventing falls and collisions can sometimes be tricky to gain access
keeps wildlife off the trampoline higher profile in your garden
can protect the main structure of the trampoline from falling branches and other objects can double the build time of your trampoline
can be prone to wind and storm damage

Why Do Trampolines Have Safety Nets?

1. To Keep Your Kids Safe

This is of course the main reason for trampoline safety nets and a good quality trampoline safety net, properly fitted and in good condition will prevent so many accidents that could occur from falling off the trampoline.

2. To Keep Wildlife Off Your Trampoline

In addition to helping to keep your children from falling off when they are using the trampoline many of our customers like the idea of the trampoline net effectively keeping wildlife off the trampoline at night.

3. Can Protect the Main Body of the Trampoline

A trampoline safety net can protect the main body the trampoline including the padding, jump mat, springs and frame from branches and other falling objects, by breaking their fall.

Downsides of A Trampoline Safety Net

1. Can Sometimes Be A Little Tricky to Get In And Out of

with zippers and even overlapping panels as with the BERG models getting and out of the trampoline can sometimes be a little challenging. Now granted this might only be an issue if you're very big (like an adult) or very small.

However the safety benefits of trampoline enclosures more than make up for this slight inconvenience.

2. Creates A Much Higher Profile In Your Garden

A trampoline will take up quite a lot of room in your garden and with the safety net on a regular trampoline will often go right up to 10 foot high.

While an inground or flatground trampoline without a safety net will have a very minimal presence in your garden, adding a safety certainly creates a much higher profile.

3. Can Double The Assembly Time

A lot of trampolines are quite quick to install and can often be built in one hour or less. You should also allow 30 minutes to one hour to add the safety net.

But once the safety net has been added you feel a lot better.

4. Some Models Can Be Prone to Storm Damage

 It is true that trampoline safety nets can take a battering during stormy or windy weather, and we recommend dropping the safety net when you have advance notice of turbulent weather.

See Springfree Wind-Proof Trampoline Safety Nets here.


Different Types of Safety Nets

1. Safety Nets with Zips

Safety nets with zips are very popular as you have certainty once the zip is closed that they won't fall out.

However, some zips can be prone to getting broken so this is something to keep in mind. And some kids could get caught in the zip.

2. Safety Nets with Overlapping Panels & Velcro

BERG for example use an overlapping safety net panels, that envelopes the kids as they climb through the net. It means that the net is automatically closed as soon as they pass through.

Some kids can trip on these type of overlapping panels. This overlapping panel system from BERG also comes with a velcro to keep the overlapping panels securely closed.

3. Safety Nets with Carbon Fibre Top Bands

When you purchase a more expensive or more premium trampoline, you will often get an upgraded and more structured safety net. 

Standard safety nets are often attached to the top of the safety net poles by way of a bungee or other elastic attachment. More structured, and more premium safety nets will include a solid carbon fibre pole that gives the safety more form and strength and runs around the top of the trampoline safety net.

4. Safety Nets with Padded Poles

Most trampoline safety nets will be supplied with padded poles so that if your children bounce against the safety net that they will not get injured by banging into solid steel poles and instead will be cushioned by the padding.

We recommend making sure that your trampoline has padding at the trampolne safety net poles.

Trampoline Safety Nets - General Guidelines 

Are trampoline nets universal?

Although you can buy generic replacement trampoline parts including safety nets and related accessories, we recommend purchasing the matching replacement parts for your brand of trampoline.

The reason for this being that there be subtle differences in size and shape and purchasing the right replacement from the correct manufacturer when possible will usually produce the best outcome.

When You Do Need A Safety Net?


With regular above ground trampolines you will always need a trampoline safety net, as the risk injury from falling from an above ground trampoline without a safety net is too high.


The younger that your kids are the more we recommend using a trampoline safety net enclosure.

When You Don't Need A Safety Net

For example BERG Sports trampolines (inground and flatground models only) are available without a safety net and are recommended for 14 year olds and older.

See Guide here - Do I Need A Safety Net?


How to Install A Trampoline Safety Net

1. Complete Assembly of the Trampoline

Once the trampoline has been assembled then you will be ready to begin adding the safety net.

2. Lay Out All of The Components So Everything Will Be Easy to Find


Typical Components Supplied with A Trampoline Safety Net

1. Main mesh trampoline net with entrance, either zipper or overlapping panels,

2. Trampoline Safety Net Poles - usually supplied in two parts an upper tube and a lower tube that join in the middle by way of a spring bracket. Can be made from either steel or carbon fibre,

3. attachments to join - 

(a) the trampoline safety net to the top of the trampoline safety net poles,

(b) the trampoline safety net to the bottom of the safety net poles securing a tight fit to the trampoline jump mat,

(c) the trampoline safety net poles to the main frame of the trampoline.


3. Attach the Safety Net Poles to  the Trampoline Frame

The safety net poles will attach to the trampoline frame just below the jump mat surface. Ensure that the fittings are adequately and firmly secured and that the safety net poles are properly aligned.


4. Attach the Safety Net Both at the Top and the Bottom of the Safety Net Poles

Using the bungees and caps, carbon fibre band or other attachments attach the safety net first and then at the bottom of the safety net poles, ensuring that the net has been properly attached and that everything is tight and secure.

Be careful not to overtighten as this can rip the net and/ or straps.


Are Safety Nets Easy to Take Off?

Yes, trampoline safety nets are quite easy to remove, see our guide here -

How to Remove Trampoline Safety Nets


Do Safety Nets Get Damaged Easily

Its not that they are easily damaged but they can take a lot of abuse whether from energetic children or from turbulent weather. When properly looked after trampoline safety nets will last for a long time.

We recommend dropping your trampoline safety net during stormy weather.

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Do Safety Nets Have  A Warranty

Yes, most trampoline safety nets will carry a one to two year warranty. However, the Springfree safety net is the exception and carries a ten year warranty.

Safety Net Maintenance Tips

The main maintenance tip for trampoline safety nets is to drop the safety net during stormy or windy weather as that is main time when damage can occur.

Periodically check it to make sure that no rips or tears have developed that will need to mended or replaced to ensure that the safety net continues to offer protection for your kids.

Quick Checklist to Make Sure That Your Safety Net is Properly Installed

Before play begins please carry out the following checks - 

1. securely fastened at the top of the safety net poles and won't fall down when someone lands against it,

2. securely fastened at the bottom so that the safety net tightly meets the jump mat and padding and that no one is going to roll underneath the safety net and fall off.

Are Safety Nets Easily Replaced?

We hold replacements parts for all of our products and a safety net can usually be removed and replaced in under an hour.

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How do I measure my trampoline for a new net?

Typically we recommend measuring your trampoline and then to buy a trampoline safety net to fit that model. To measure a trampoline you simply measure across the middle of the trampoline from one side to the other.

Typical Trampoline Safety Net Sizes include:

6ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft & 14ft models


Final Thoughts 

For any advice or information on replacing your current safety net or buying a new trampoline with or without a safety net, please phone Trampolines Ireland on 01 960 1641.