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Trampoline Ladders - Do You Need One?

There are lots of different styles and models of trampoline and some will require a trampoline ladder, while others will not.

Trampoline ladders are normally made from tubular powder-coated black steel with plastic steps to help users gain access to the jumping platform on regular above-ground trampolines, that are typically 65 to 95cm high, or approximately waist-high.

Do You Need A  Trampoline Ladder?

 Trampoline Ladder Needed Ladder Not Needed
with regular above ground trampolines with flatground and inground trampolines
you have young kids if your children are big enough to hop onto the trampoline without a ladder


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As a general rule, regular above ground trampolines will greatly benefit from having a trampoline ladder as it make gaining access to the trampoline and exiting the trampoline so much easier for kids and adults.

Types of Trampoline Ladder

There are basically two types of trampoline ladder - 

1. Basic Straight Trampoline Ladders - Large and Small

These are straight black trampoline ladders normally with two steps up to the trampoline jumping platform - jump mat and padding,

These are the simplest type of trampoline ladders and allow users to easily and safely gain access to and exit from the trampoline.

2. Trampoline Ladders with Platform Basic Straight Trampoline Ladders - Large and Small

Some trampoline ladders are available with a plastic platform at the top of the ladder providing a larger surface area for your kids to gain their balance and the to begin their descent from the trampoline.

What Are Trampoline Ladders Made From?

Trampoline ladders are typically made from tubular powder-coated black steel, with plastic, non-slip steps.

How to Attach A Trampoline ladder to Your Trampoline Frame?

Trampoline ladders are usually designed to clip over the steel trampoline frame so that the ladder effectively hangs from the trampoline frame in a secure way and is unlikely to move or to become detached.

What Can You Use Instead of A Trampoline Ladder?

Other things that could potentially be used instead of a trampoline ladder.

  • Large Wooden Boxes,
  • Milk Crates
  • Purpose-Built Free Standing Steps

We recommend buying a ladder from the manufacturers as the product will have been specifically designed for that purpose, however we simply present the options above as possible alternatives.

What Size Is A Trampoline Ladder?

Trampoline ladders are often adjustable and will normally range from 75cm to 120cm.

How Is The Max Weight Limit on A Trampoline Ladder?

The maximum weight limit on a trampoline ladder will usually correspond iwth the maximum weight on the trampoline and that can range from 70kg to 120kg generally.

What Is The Warranty On A Trampoline Ladder?

Trampoline ladders like most trampoline accessories will usually carry a warranty of 1 to 2 years.

What Colour Are Trampoline Ladders?

As a general rule trampoline ladders will be black to match the colour of the trampoline legs. 

How to Ensure That Your Trampoline Ladder Is Safe for Your Kids

1. Tighten all components

make sure that all components have been adequaltely tightened and correctly aligned ensuring a snug fit, that won't wobble or allow the ladder to collapse under user weight.

2. Correctly attach to the trampoline frame

Correctly attach to the trampoline frame so that the ladder won't slip or slide away from the frame when someone is using it.

3. Periodically inspect the ladder

Regularly check the ladder to ensure that it is in good condition and is fit for the purpose that it is intended for.

Can I Buy A Replacement Ladder?

Trampoline ladders can be purchased from Trampolines Ireland. Simply phone 01 960 1641.

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How to Build Your Trampoline Ladder - Assembly Video: