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Trampoline Covers Ireland: [Pros + Cons] - Do You Need One?

Trampolines are a very popular piece of outdoor play equipment, but being outside all year round can certainly lead to some gradual deterioriation, especially around the trampoline padding.

Trampoline covers are designed to protect the jump mat, springs and padding from sunlight, frost and rain when not in use over the Winter. Trampolines are designed for outdoor use but trampoline covers can help to keep your trampoline looking pristine and to increase the lifespan.


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Commonly Asked Questions About Trampoline Weather Covers 

What Is A Trampoline Cover?

A trampoline cover is a fitted cover that goes over the trampoline jump mat, padding, springs and frame and is designed to protect it from weather exposure that lead to colour fading and deterioration of the components of the trampoline.

What Are Trampoline Covers Made From?

Trampoline covers are typically made from high-quality, UV-resistant PVC, and have straps that attach to the trampoline to keep it firmly in place.

How Long Does it Take to fit a Trampoline Cover?

Approx 5 minutes. Most trampoline covers are fast and easy to fit, and will generally take no more than five minutes.

How to determine the right size for a trampoline protective cover?

Most trampoline covers are made to standard sizes and if you purchase from the same supplier that sold you your trampoline it will be very easy for them to provide the correct match.

You should measure the diameter of your trampoline to determine the size of the trampoline cover that you will need. 

For example a12ft or 366cm trampoline will require a 12ft/ 366cm trampoline cover and so on.

What can you use to cover a trampoline?

Normally the best thing to use to cover your trampoline is a purpose built trampoline cover with straps that won't fall off or get blown away when it gets windy.

Can you get covers for trampoline?

Yes we supply a wide range of trampoline covers.

See our trampoline covers here.

Do you need a trampoline cover?

You don't strictly need a trampoline cover, but they are recommended.

Trampolines are a significant investment and if a relatively low-cost trampoline cover can help to keep it looking good and to extend the life of the components then its certainly worth considering.

When should I cover my trampoline?

The best times to cover your trampoline are when its not going to be used. Perhaps if you're going on holidays, over the winter or if there are storms.

Are Trampoline Covers Waterproof?

Some trampoline covers are waterproof, however most high-quality trampoline covers have drainage holes so that water can pass through and won't weigh down the trampoline springs and jump mat by allowing water to pool in the centre.

The drainage holes also allow air to pass through reducing the chances of mould or mildew.

What Do Trampoline Covers Protect Your Trampoline From?

A trampoline cover will protect your trampoline from - 

  • weathering from exposure to the elements,
  • exposure to sunlight that can fade the padding and jump mat,
  • moss, bird muck and tree sap,
  • wildlife - including the family, dog, cat or badger.

TABLE - Pros and Cons of Trampoline Covers

 Pros Cons
protects your trampoline from exposure to the elements including - rain and frost, harsh sunlight, wildlife, bird poo, moss and the family pet, can increase your costs at a time when you have just made a large investment, (if you buy at the same time as trampoline purchase),
keeps your trampoline looking newer for longer you should check your trampoline periodically once the cover is fitted to make sure that moisture isn't getting trapped that can result in mould,
can be fitted or removed within a few minutes some covers may require the safety net to be removed to fit so can take a little more time
will significantly protect your investment
keeps the trampoline clean


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