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Top 15 Trampoline Guinness World Records

Trampolines are amazing. This is pretty much beyond arguing. Check out some of the fascinating trampoline world records below -

1. Highest Trampoline Jump:

In 2017, Harlem Globetrotters player Thunder Law set a record for the highest slam dunk off a trampoline, reaching a height of 12 feet 5.5 inches.

2. Longest Marathon on a Trampoline:

In 2018, a team of four Australian athletes bounced on a trampoline for 35 hours and 40 minutes, setting the record for the longest trampoline marathon.

3. Most Backflips on a Trampoline in One Minute:

In 2019, Chris Grabowski accomplished 61 backflips on a trampoline in just one minute, securing the record.

4. Most Bounces on a Trampoline in One Minute:

Ashrita Furman bounced on a trampoline 79 times in a minute in 2017, earning himself the record for the most bounces in that time frame.

5. Oldest Trampoline Gymnast:

In 2015, 86-year-old Betty Lou "Betsy" Fisher was recognized as the oldest trampoline gymnast, demonstrating her skills with grace and agility.

6. Most Consecutive Double Front Flips on a Trampoline:

In 2017, Greg Roe completed 8 consecutive double front flips on a trampoline, showcasing incredible athleticism and control.

7. Largest Trampoline Lesson:

In 2019, over 600 participants gathered in England for a massive trampoline lesson, setting the record for the largest such event.

8. Longest Trampoline Wall Run:

In 2019, Felipe Marques from Brazil performed a trampoline wall run covering a distance of 23.57 meters.

9. Longest Trampoline Slam Dunk:

Acrobatic group "Dunking Devils" managed to slam dunk a basketball on a trampoline from a height of 8.7 meters in 2016.

10. Highest Forward Somersault Bounce:

In 2015, British gymnast Kat Driscoll achieved a record by performing the highest forward somersault bounce from a trampoline.

11. Longest Trampoline Marathon by a Team:

A team of four British athletes bounced on a trampoline for 32 hours straight in 2018, setting a group record for endurance.

12. Most Trampoline Wall Bounces in One Minute:

In 2017, Jack Swindells achieved 40 trampoline wall bounces in a single minute, earning a record for his speed and precision.

13. Highest Trampoline Bungee Jump:

In 2018, a daredevil named Simon Berry jumped off a trampoline while attached to a bungee cord from a height of 22 meters.

14. Most Somersaults in One Hour on a Trampoline:

In 2016, Jayne Nisbet completed an astonishing 3911 somersaults in just one hour on a trampoline.

15. Largest Simultaneous Trampoline Jump:

In 2016, over 3000 people participated in a synchronized trampoline jump event, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

These are just a few examples of the many fascinating trampoline-related records that have been set and recognized by Guinness World Records.