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Popular Accessories & Add-Ons for Garden Trampolines

Trampolines are extremely popular and there are quite a few accessories available for the garden trampoline, as we will outline below.

The most popular trampoline accessories are as follows -

  1. anchors to secure the trampoline to the ground,
  2. covers to protect the jumpmat, springs and padding,
  3. moving wheels to move the trampoline around your garden,
  4. sunshades to keep the sun off your kids on hot days,
  5. basketball hoops for added fun,
  6. ladders for easy access and exit,
  7. sleeves to change the colour of the rods on Springfree models,
  8. a wide range of replacement parts to cover all models and eventualities.

popular trampoline accessories ireland

Allow us to explain in some detail what the accessories above are for and when you might need them.

Trampoline Accessories Suitable for Both Regular Above Ground & Inground Trampolines

1. Trampoline Covers

really a no-brainer and designed to keep your trampoline looking new and in fantastic condition for longer.

A trampoline cover is vinyl cover that goes over the trampoline jumpmat, padding and springs and is designed to prevent damage from wind-blown sticks, bird mess, moss and so on especially when not being used so much during the winter,

2. Basketball Hoops

Tremendously popular and can really revitalise your trampoline with energy and excitement.

Basketball hoops for trampolines differ from normal basketball hoops in that they are made from soft and pliable materials, with no hard edges that will not cause injury to the user in the event of colliding with the basketball hoop.

The ball used with trampoline basketball hoops is also a very soft and light ball.

3. Sunshades 

Sunshades for trampolines normally attach to the top of the trampoline safety net and are designed to shield your kids from the strong UV rays of the sun.

sunshade for springfree trampoline

Trampoline sunshades are available from Springfree Trampolines and are very popular for parents with young kids, who want to keep them in the shade as much as possible.

4 Trampoline Sleeves

Everyone loves a little bit of individuality, and Springfree Trampoline offer a trampoline sleeve kit that will allow you to change the colour of the traditional white support rods on Springfree models to a sleeker black colour.

Accessories Suitable for Regular Above Ground Trampolines With Legs

1. Trampoline Anchors, Pegs & Stakes -

If you have an enclosed garden that doesn't get much wind you may not need these as our trampolines are sturdy, high-quality models, but it certainly won't hurt to have them to keep your trampoline securely anchored to the ground.

There are a few basic types of trampoline anchors -

  • J-Anchors
  • U-Anchors
  • Auger-style Screw-in Tie-Down Kits
  • Sandbags

2. Moving Wheels

Trampoline moving wheels are available from Springfree Trampoline to allow customers to easily and effortlessly move their trampoline around the garden.

Convenient when cutting the grass, seeking to get more sun or shade or if a certain part of the garden gets softer or muddier than others in the autumn/ winter,

3. Trampoline Ladders

Important to note that trampoline ladders are sold separately, and although you might have something that could work, properly designed trampoline ladders add that extra element of safety to getting in and out of the trampoline.

Available with or without a platform at the top of the ladder that gives users a welcome moment for pause when getting in or out of the trampoline.

See the full list of trampoline accessories here.