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How to Fix & Replace Parts on a BERG Trampoline [FAST]

As Ireland's leading BERG trampoline dealer, we get calls quite frequently about fixing and replacing parts on BERG trampolines so we thought that it might be helpful to discuss some of the most common issues and how they can be addressed.

The Main Reasons Why Trampoline Parts Need to Be Replaced

 1. General Wear & Tear
2. Stormy Weather
3. Overloading 
4. Lawnmowers & Strimmers
5. Dogs & Cats - Pets
6. Overuse




1. General Wear & Tear

If your trampoline gets worn out and needs replacement parts because its been used so much, well in a lot of ways this is a good thing as it will mean have your kids will have enjoyed untold hours of fun and exhilaration bouncing on the trampoline.

As we explain below there are some ways to increase the lifespan of your trampoline including adhering to recommended max user weight limits, but overall a well-used trampoline is a much more pleasing outcome for a parent than buying something at a similar price that may not have made it out of the box or off the shelf.

2. Stormy Weather

As you would expect storms can play have havoc with a trampoline, and when the storm is very strong or you live on high ground or near the coast your trampoline can get blown over.

trampolines ireland - storm eunice

With heavy duty, premium quality BERG trampolines the main trampoline part that seems to get damaged during a storm is the trampoline safety net, and its components. Rarely is damage sustained to the main body of the trampoline including frame, padding, jump mat and springs.

We do recommend dropping the net when a storm is forecast or over the winter to reduce the likelihood of damage to the safety net.

Common issues that we see when a trampoline has been blown over include - 

  1. damaged or ripped trampoline safety nets,
  2. broken fibreglass rods on deluxe safety nets,
  3. bent safety net poles - these poles come in two parts, upper and lower so you may need to replace either the upper or the lower, often not both,
  4. ripped or broken elastic bungees that connect the trampoline safety net to the safety poles at the top of the poles,

The good news is that these parts are readily available from Trampolines Ireland and if we don't have them in stock, (though we usually do) they will normally come in within a  week.

Preventing Trampoline Damage During Storms

1. make sure the trampoline is anchored to the ground, or if possible placed in shelter,

2. drop the trampoline safety net if a storm is coming, and

3. cover the trampoline padding, springs, jumpmat and net with a trampoline cover if you have one.

3. Overloading

BERG trampolines are durable and hardwearing, much more so than lighter, cheaper trampolines, but everything has its breaking point, and if a trampolines is regularly overloaded then you can see that wear and tear on the jumpmat, and in the springs.

Overloading a trampoline refers to exceeding the recommended maximum user weight. 

What can happen is that the D-hooks that are stitched into the jumpmat can get pulled from the jumpmat, if the trampoline is overloaded.

See BERG Max User Weight Limits here.

Once the D-hooks begin to dislodge from the jumpmat you will need to get that either repaired or replaced, as to continue to use it will place extra stress on the remaining springs and d-hooks, ultimately leading to a severely weakened trampoline.

4. Lawnmowers & Strimmers

The trampoline frame is made from metal and will have no issue with a lawnmower or strimmer, and so regular above ground trampolines are normally fine.

trampolines ireland - lawnmowers and strimmers

However, with inground and flatground trampolines, where the trampoline padding is made from upvc and foam, they are much more susceptible to damage from a strimmer or lawnmower and a number of customers have damaged their padding by cutting the grass too close to the padding so we recommend caution, as replacement padding for BERG trampolines can be quite expensive.

5. Dogs & Cats

We love dogs and cats as much as anyone, but we have seen trampoline nets eaten by enthusiastic dogs and jumpmats torn by the claws of pet cats.

dog on trampoline - trampolines ireland

We don't know exactly what advice that we can give you on this as dogs will be dogs and cats will be cats, but do your best.

6. Overuse

Some trampoline users will use their trampoline much more than others.

For example adults and children with autism and related conditions really rely on and get tremendous value from their trampolines, and as you can imagine the more frequently and intensely that the trampoline is used the quicker that the parts will wear.

BERG Champion Trampolines for Kids & Adults with Autism

For people who really do use their trampoline a lot we will often recommend the even more robust and durable Champion and Elite models, or perhaps a Springfree.


If you need any parts whatsoever for your BERG trampoline we will either have them or we will be able to get them for you fast. Simply phone 01 960 1641.