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How to Dig A Test Hole For Your Inground Trampoline?

Will my garden be suitable for an inground trampoline?

One  of the best ways to answer that with some certainty is by digging a test hole.

As a general rule, most gardens in Ireland will be suitable for an inground trampoline, provided that the garden is not permanently waterlogged or too close to the water table, however digging a test hole will answer that question with some clarity.

What Is A Test Hole For An Inground Trampoline?

As the name suggests a test hole is a small hole dug to 3 feet deep in the location where your inground trampoline will go, to test whether the hole will fill with water.

Provided that the hole quickly drains after it rains and that the hole does not retain water, then the soil in your garden will be suitable for an inground trampoline.

test holes for berg inground trampolines

How to Dig A Test Hole for An Inground Trampoline?

Only a small hole is required and the hole needs to be no bigger than that needed to allow you to reach a depth of approx three feet.

Once the hole has been dug simply wait for a few days until there is a period of rain, and watch to see how your soil performs.

Will the water drain quite quickly from the hole into the soil, or does the hole fill with water? If the hole fills with water and doesn't drain away, we suggest considering a regular above ground trampoline.

Otherwise, if the water drains relatively quickly into the soil beneath the hole then your garden will be suitable for an inground or flatground trampoline.


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