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How Much Space Do I Need Around the Trampoline?

For most families the trampoline is one of the kids most prized outdoor possessions, but they can take up quite a lot of room, and one question that we get quite a lot is - 

How Much Clearance Space Do I Need to Allow Around the Trampoline?

As a general rule, most trampoline manufacturers recommend 1 to 2 metres, or 3 to 6ft clearance around the trampoline. This means clearance from walls and fences, sheds, garages and other hard objects. Even with a net you should still adhere to the manufacturers guidelines.

Why Do I Need Clearance Space Around The Trampoline?

Even with a trampoline safety net, you still need clearance around the trampoline to prevent trampoline users striking hard objects as they jump.

How far away from a wall should a trampoline be?

With most trampoline safety nets there will be a little give in the safety net, when a user bounces against the net, so it is important that the trampoline is not erected too close to a wall, fence, shed, garage or other hard surface.

Generally, we recommend 1 to 2 metres clearance.


Make Sure That Your Trampoline Is Not Too Close to - 

  1. walls,
  2. fences,
  3. garages,
  4. sheds,
  5. washing lines,
  6. electric cables,
  7. low hanging tree branches,
  8. tree trunks or stumps,
  9. oil tanks,
  10. coal bunkers,
  11. dog houses,
  12. or any other object that you think could cause risk of injury.

What To Do If You Do Not Have Adequate Clearance Around the Trampoline?

1. consider a smaller trampoline

If you do not have adequate clearance around the trampoline, you could consider a smaller trampoline model.

2. perhaps a different shape will work

Or perhaps a different shape. For example an oval or rectangular model may fit better in your garden where a round model may not.

3. a Springfree model

Additionally, Springfree models can be a more compact design for smaller gardens, while still allowing  good size jumping area. As the spring mechanism is underneath the trampoline, they do not require padding around the edges of the trampoline and so the jumpmat goes right out to the edges to meet the trampoline net.

For example, the 8ft R54 round trampoline from Springfree, will often offer more jumping space than a round 10ft trampoline from another brand.

This could allow you to achieve your clearance targets, without skimping on the jumping surface area of the trampoline.

What Are The Risks of Inadequate Clearance Around the Trampoline?

The main risk is colliding with a hard surface and sustaining an injury.

For example if the trampoline was installed close to a wall and someone bounced against the safety net, there is a little give in the safety net, so it is possible that they could make contact with the hard wall.

And this is surely something that everyone wants to avoid.

If you have any questions about trampoline clearance or anything else, please phone Trampolines Ireland on 01 960 1641.