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How Hard Is It To Put Together a Springfree Trampoline?

Putting up a Springfree trampoline is easy if you know the correct procedure. Omitting a step will force you to start afresh, which may make the installation process feel difficult. Thus, the key is knowing how the steps follow each other from the start to the end.

In this article, I'll discuss the essential steps in putting together a Springfree trampoline. Putting together a Springfree trampoline should be an easy process for you after reading this article.

It’s, therefore, essential to put together a Springfree trampoline following all the necessary steps to prevent accidents.

A Guide To Putting Together a Springfree Trampoline

Before we proceed with putting together a Springfree trampoline, let's have a look at the main parts:

  • The frame: The frame is the essential part of the trampoline. It supports the entire structure and provides stability.
  • The mat: The mat is what you jump on. It's usually made of heavy-duty materials such as polypropylene or PVC.
  • Flexible composite rods: These are the rods below the jumping surface. They give the trampoline its buoyancy.

The following are the crucial steps to put together your Springfree trampoline for maximum safety and comfort:

1. Laying and Assembling the Frame

The first step is to lay out the frame on level ground. This is important because it ensures that the trampoline is stable and won't wobble. Laying out the frame on unstable ground is a safety hazard, especially for kids that will eventually use the fully assembled trampoline.

After laying out the frame, the next task is assembling it. The instructions that come with the trampoline will be helpful here. However, the key considerations during the assembling process are as follows:

  • The leg center composite posts must be evenly spaced out, so the trampoline doesn't wobble.
  • Tighten each bolt as you go to avoid any loose parts.
  • Make sure that the frame is square before proceeding to the next step.
  • No netting should be on top of the center posts after assembling.
  • The net should not be held between the center posts and the frame, as this can cause the posts to bend.

2. Attaching the Mat

Now that the frame is installed correctly, it's time to attach the mat. The mat is the platform where people will be jumping.

You'll need the following equipment to attach the mat:

  • A measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • An assistant (optional)

Expert Tip: You must be careful when using any loaded rod. Ensure every rod you'll be working with is either fully installed or uninstalled. A rule of thumb is to keep your head and face out of range of loaded rods.


Here are the steps you’ll use to attach the mat:

  1. Measure the circumference of the trampoline frame. This will give you the length of the mat you need to buy.
  2. Use the pencil to mark where you'll be attaching the mat. It's important to evenly space out the marks so that the mat is attached correctly.
  3. Have someone hold one end of the mat while you stretch it out and attach it to the frame. If you don’t have someone to assist you, you can use something heavy to hold down one end of the mat while you attach it to the frame.
  4. Use composite hooks, sockets, or wrenches to attach the mat to the frame. Start at the center and work your way out. Ensure the mat is tight so there's no risk of it coming loose while using the trampoline.
  5. Raise the enclosure net. You can do this by inserting the short and long segments into their appropriate sockets as indicated.
  6. Test it out. After attaching the mat, give it a bounce to ensure it's properly secured.

That's it! You've now assembled your Springfree trampoline. Now all you need to do is invite your friends and family over for a jump party.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions surrounding Springfree trampolines and their installation.

Is It Hard To Install a Springfree Trampoline?

It is not hard to install a Springfree trampoline if you know the procedure. However, it can be challenging if you’re doing it for the first time. In this case, you may need a professional to assist.

Are Springfree Trampolines Worth the Money?

Springfree trampolines are worth the money because they are built for safety, comfortability, and durability. You can rest assured your kids will have a peaceful and safe experience on a Springfree trampoline.

Final Thoughts

Putting together a Springfree trampoline can be daunting if you've never done it before. However, as long as you follow the instructions, it's not as hard as it looks. Once done, you'll have a trampoline that will provide years of fun for your family and friends.