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Good Ideas to Upcycle or Re-Purpose Your Old Trampoline

Trampolines have been a source of joy and recreation for countless families over the years. However, like all products, they eventually reach the end of their usable lifespan due to wear and tear or changing preferences. Rather than discarding old trampolines, forward-thinking individuals are finding creative and sustainable ways to repurpose these end-of-life trampolines.

Exploring Alternative Uses for End-of-Life Trampolines

In this article, we'll explore a variety of alternative uses for trampolines that go beyond their original purpose, offering eco-friendly solutions and innovative ways to extend their functionality.

1. Transform into a Garden Oasis

One unique and eco-conscious way to repurpose an old trampoline is by transforming it into a lush garden oasis. Remove the trampoline's fabric and springs, leaving only the sturdy frame. Place the frame in your garden and use it as a trellis for climbing plants like ivy, roses, or grapevines. The circular shape of the trampoline frame provides an aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound support system for your plants to grow on.

You can also attach hanging pots, bird feeders, or wind chimes to various parts of the frame, adding an extra layer of visual appeal to your garden. This repurposed trampoline frame can become a focal point in your outdoor space, providing shade, privacy, and a touch of whimsy.

2. Create a Dreamy Hammock Bed

Another innovative way to recycle an old trampoline is by turning it into a comfortable and spacious hammock bed. Remove the trampoline mat and springs, leaving just the circular frame. You can then suspend a large hammock or fabric netting from the frame, creating a unique outdoor lounging space.

This repurposed trampoline hammock bed is perfect for lazy afternoons, starry nights, or even a cozy reading nook. Add some cushions, blankets, and string lights for an inviting and dreamy atmosphere. Not only does this repurpose old materials, but it also gives you a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

3. Craft a DIY Outdoor Movie Theater

Transform your end-of-life trampoline into an outdoor movie theater for a fun and unique entertainment experience. Start by disassembling the trampoline and using its circular frame as the base for your screen. Stretch a white, weather-resistant fabric or projection screen material over the frame, securing it tightly.

Set up a projector and a sound system nearby, and you'll have your very own outdoor cinema. Invite friends and family for movie nights under the stars or use it as a backdrop for a backyard party. This creative reuse not only extends the life of your trampoline but also provides memorable entertainment for your loved ones.

4. Build a Raised Garden Bed

Repurposing an old trampoline into a raised garden bed is a sustainable and practical way to make use of the frame. With the frame's circular shape and sturdy construction, it's an ideal base for a raised garden bed. To create this, remove the trampoline mat and springs, leaving just the frame.

Place the frame in your desired location and fill it with soil, compost, and your choice of plants or vegetables. The elevated height of the garden bed can make gardening easier on your back and deter critters from munching on your crops. Additionally, it adds an eye-catching focal point to your outdoor space.

5. Construct a Stylish Outdoor Lounge

Repurposing an old trampoline into an outdoor lounge is another creative way to give it a second life. Remove the trampoline mat and springs, and then cover the frame with weather-resistant cushions or outdoor fabric. Add comfortable seating cushions, throw pillows, and a coffee table to complete the transformation.

This repurposed trampoline lounge can become a cozy spot for socializing, reading, or enjoying a cup of coffee. Whether you place it on your patio, in your garden, or by the pool, it will undoubtedly add a touch of style and comfort to your outdoor living space.

6. Design a Unique Art Installation

If you have a flair for art and design, consider repurposing an old trampoline into a unique outdoor art installation. Leave the frame intact and incorporate it into a larger sculpture or installation in your garden or backyard. You can intertwine it with vines, hang decorative elements from it, or paint it in vibrant colors to create a visually striking piece of art.

This creative reuse not only allows you to express your artistic vision but also contributes to sustainability by giving new life to an old object. Your trampoline-turned-art-installation can be a conversation starter and a source of inspiration for all who see it.

7. Construct a Chicken Coop

For those interested in sustainable living and backyard farming, repurposing an old trampoline into a chicken coop is an innovative option. Disassemble the trampoline, keeping the circular frame intact. Use the frame as the base for the coop, and secure chicken wire or fencing around it to create a safe and secure enclosure for your feathered friends.

Add a sheltered nesting area, roosting bars, and a feeder to complete the chicken coop. This repurpose not only helps recycle an old trampoline but also provides a functional and eco-friendly solution for raising chickens and producing fresh eggs.

8. Make a Play Structure for Kids

Repurposing an old trampoline into a play structure for kids is a fantastic way to give it new life and keep children entertained. Remove the trampoline mat and springs, leaving the frame intact. Then, attach swings, a climbing wall, a slide, or other playground equipment to the frame.

Ensure that the play structure is safe and sturdy for children to enjoy. This repurpose not only promotes outdoor play and physical activity but also reduces the need for buying new playground equipment, contributing to sustainability and cost savings.

9. Create an Upcycled Outdoor Dining Area

Transforming an old trampoline into an outdoor dining area is an eco-friendly and creative way to extend its usefulness. Remove the trampoline mat and springs, and then attach a sturdy tabletop to the frame. You can use the trampoline frame as the base for a unique and stylish outdoor dining table.

Pair the table with chairs or benches, add some lighting, and you'll have a distinctive outdoor dining space for family gatherings and meals al fresco. This repurpose not only saves you money on buying new furniture but also reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

10. Repurpose for Exercise and Fitness

If you're passionate about fitness, you can repurpose an old trampoline into a unique exercise station. Retain the frame and add exercise equipment such as resistance bands, suspension straps, or a pull-up bar to create a home gym. This repurpose allows you to maintain your health and fitness without the need for expensive gym memberships or new exercise equipment.


End-of-life trampolines can find new purpose and functionality through creative repurposing. Whether you choose to transform your old trampoline into a garden oasis, a hammock bed, an outdoor movie theater, or any other innovative use, you're not only reducing waste but also adding value to your outdoor space.

Embracing alternative uses for trampolines can help promote sustainability, encourage creativity, and enhance your enjoyment of the great outdoors. So, the next time you contemplate getting rid of that old trampoline, consider the myriad of possibilities it holds for a second life.