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Dr Berg Explains The Real Benefit of Rebounding Exercise for Adults

Kids are certainly the most common and frequent users of trampolines, however that doesn't mean that adults won't benefit from rebounding or jumping on a trampoline as Dr Berg explains below.

Dr Berg Explains The Benefits of Rebounding

1. convenient

What could be easier, quicker and more convenient than a small rebounder or trampoline in your home, or your back garden. With a few minutes of jumping each day, you will reap many of the rewards that Dr Berg explains in the video above.

2. helps mobility

We've all heard the phrase - "use it or lose it" and your body's ability to move is no different. Jumping around on the trampoline will help you to rediscover movement, and to significantly improve your mobility.

3. helps posture

Good posture that supports your body, particularly your back, neck and hips comes from engaged and functioning core muscles, and when you bounce you really do engage your core muscles. Try it for yourself.

4. helps balance

As we get older one of the things that can deteriorate is our balance, and that is why trampolining can have real benefits. As you land and bounce again you are finely developing your motor skills to keep your body upright, and regular practise will produce real gains with your balance.

5. helps fear of falling

By regularly working out on the trampoline you will develop confidence in your body, your balance and your co-ordination.

6. reduces risk of osteoporosis

Like most weight-bearing activities exercising on the trampoline will help to build and retain muscle and stronger bones, therefore helping to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

7. stimulates the lymphatic system

Very simply put your body needs movement to keep everything in good working order and using a trampoline helps your body to move and to stay healthy. To understand this in more detail, please watch the video above.

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