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Do I Need A Ladder for My Trampoline? Options & Alternatives

At Trampolines Ireland, we aim to answer all of the most popular queries about trampolines, trampolines ladders and related subjects here on our blog.

As a general rule, you should buy a trampoline ladder for an above-ground trampoline, unless it is already supplied with your trampoline, or you have a suitable and safe alternative. Trampoline ladders help to ensure the safety of users when gaining access to and exiting the trampoline.

do I need to buy a trampoline ladder?

Why Do I Need To Buy A Trampoline Ladder?

1. The run and jump method will no longer work

In days gone by when trampolines were frequently sold without a safety net, it would have been easier for kids to launch themselves onto the trampoline with a run and a jump.

However, as all above ground trampolines are now supplied with safety nets, getting onto or into the trampoline is now slightly more tricky as you will need to pass through the entrance in the safety net to enter the trampoline jumping area.


2. It Helps to Ensure User Safety

We have to remember that especially with young kids that the trampoline jumping platform is quite high for them at around 1 metre high or approximately waist-high on an adult.

Clambering onto the trampoline frame to then pass through the entrance in the trampoline net to gain access to the trampoline, and then having to do the same in reverse when getting off the trampoline brings an unnecessary element of risk into the situation, and unless you have a suitable alternative we highly recommend purchasing a trampoline ladder for your trampoline.

3. Most Trampoline Companies Sell the Ladder Separately

You will need a trampoline ladder and most trampoline companies do sell the trampoline ladder separately. Its just important to know this that so that when your trampoline arrives that you are not taken by surprise that a trampoline ladder has not been included.


4. Other People's Children

Even if your children are very agile and can easily climb in and out of the trampoline without a trampoline ladder, this will not be case for all children.

If your kids friends or cousins are visiting it is much better that the trampoline has a ladder to reduce the risk of falling when trying to access the trampoline

5. Prevents Pulls or Tears to the Safety Net

If your trampoline doesn't have a trampoline ladder, the kids will grab onto everything and anything to get into the trampoline. This could mean that they're grabbing handfuls of the safety net to pull themselves onto the trampoline.

As you can imagine, this is not how the safety net has been designed to be used.


6. Trampoline Ladders Are Designed for This Purpose

Trampoline ladders are specifically designed to allow your children to safely enter and exit the trampoline jumping area.

7. Trampoline Ladders Are Very Low-Cost 

Although the price of trampoline ladders can vary they are very low-cost, and will represent a small fraction of what you will pay for an actual trampoline.

You could think of it as similar to buying stabilisers for a child's bike. Of course, you might be able to save a few euro or pounds by getting the bike without the stabilisers, but it is unlikely to be worth it.


8. They're Easy to Build And to Attach to The Trampoline

 Whether you decide to buy the trampoline ladder at the time of buying your trampoline, or later they are very simple and straightforward to build and attach to your trampoline, and are a very worthwhile purchase.


Different Types of Trampoline Ladder

There are a few different types of trampoline ladder - 

1. Straight Trampoline Ladders

These ladders are conventional straight ladders that attach to the side of the trampoline frame, and will normally have one or two steps on the trampoline ladder.

2. Trampoline Ladders with A Platform

These trampoline ladders will have a small platform at the top of the ladder to give your kids a chance to gain their balance when entering through the trampoline safety net.

3. Trampoline Ladders with Handles

trampoline ladder with handles

Some trampoline ladders have handles at the top, in a similar way to the handles at the top of the ladder that is used to get in and out of a swimming pool.

Again this gives the user a little more reassurance when entering and exiting the trampoline.

When You Will Not Need A Trampoline Ladder

1. Inground & Flatground Trampolines

You will not need a trampoline ladder for inground and flatground trampoline models, as they are at ground-level, or slightly above ground level, so no ladder will be required.

2. You Already Have One

If you already have a trampoline ladder from a previous trampoline that you owned, that will fit your new trampoline, then you may not need to buy a new trampoline ladder.

We would urge you just to make sure that the old ladder is in good condition, and is a good fit, so that it will not come away from the trampoline frame during use.

3. You Have A Safe & Suitable Alternative to A Trampoline Ladder

Perhaps you have a large wooden or rubber box, or something else that will make a good alternative to a trampoline ladder. 

Last Word

Trampoline ladder are very low-cost and provide an essential benefit, assisting safely getting into and out of the trampoline. We highly recommend them.

If you have any queries about trampolines, trampoline ladders or anything else please phone us on 01 960 1641.