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Best Climbing Frames for Teenagers and Adults

Most climbing frames are quite obviously designed for young children with swings, slides, sandpits and a host of activities like rock walls, cargo nets and much more more to keep them engaged and entertained for hours at a time.

But your children will eventually grow up.

The BERG Playbase climbing frame is designed for kids and their parents with rock walls and nest swings for young kids, gymnastic rings, football nets, punchbags & basketball hoops for teenagers, and pull-up bars, dip bars, and fitness ropes for adults, plus a hammock for everyone to relax.

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best climbing frames for teenagers and adults

Why Are BERG Playbases The Most Suitable Climbing Frames For Young Children, Teenagers & Even Adults

1.  Designed With The Family In Mind

BERG have a reputation for high quality products, primarily in the go kart and trampoline arenas, but as their business expands and evolves they wish to position themselves as a company that delivers high-quality products for the family.

And as you know the family dynamic changes as young children grow up and their interests change too, however one thing that doesn't change is that with the right environment we all love spending time outdoors.

And that is the the BERG Playbase climbing frame has been designed with the family in mind.

Allow to explain - 

2. BERG Playbase Activities for Young Children

  • Tumble Bars,
  • Monkey Bars,
  • Baby Swings,
  • Disc Swings,
  • Nest Swings,
  • Trapeze Swing,
  • Rock Walls,
  • Cargo Climbing Nets

With the above accessories on your BERG Playbase there is enough there to entertain the kids for hours and days on end. But it doesn't stop there.

3. BERG Playbase Activities for Teenagers

As your young children begin to grow up and become young adults or teenagers of course their interests will change and that is why the BERG Playbase has been designed to accomodate sports and fitness accessories equally suitable for teenagers or adults, including - 

  • Basketball Hoops,
  • Soccer Goals,
  • Punchbags,
  • Gymnastic Rings,
  • Pull Up Bars,
  • Dip Bars,
  • Fitness Ropes and Resistance Bands.

4. BERG Playbase Activities for Adults/ Parents

Having some heavy-duty fitness equipment in the back garden can be a real bonus for parents who don't have time to hit the gym after a day at work, and the BERG Playbase has been designed with adults in mind and the fitness accessories listed above are of equal or perhaps greater benefit to parents that for their teenagers.

Equipment suitable for use by parents includes -

  • Punchbags,
  • Gymnastic Rings,
  • Pull Up Bars,
  • Dip Bars,
  • Fitness Ropes and Resistance Bands.
  • Hammock - suitable for all and perfect for relaxing.

4. BERG Playbase Activities for the Whole Family

Time spent together as a family can be some of the best time that you will spend on this Earth, and that is the why the BERG Playbase offers the following activities that the whole family can engage in -

  • pull up and hanging on contests on the Monkey Bars and Gymnastic Rings,
  • family games of basketball,
  • family games of soccer,
  • relaxing as a family on the hammock.

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