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Which Are the Best BERG Trampolines to Buy?

Berg trampolines are available in a wide range of sizes suitable for all different gardens, so it is easy to find the best trampoline for you and your family to enjoy.

BERG Elite range trampolines are the best, highest-quality trampolines made by BERG Toys. BERG Elite trampolines feature an Airflow Jump Mat, TwinSpring Gold springs, extra-thick, and extra-wide padding with maximum UV resistance and Deluxe and DLX XL Safety net enclosures.

BERG Trampolines Explained

Find the Perfect BERG Trampoline for Your Kids

Here is a quick guide to help you choose your perfect Berg trampoline.
BERG Trampolines are available in three ranges - 
Favorit - Standard,
Champion - Premium,
Elite - Super Premium.

The Favorit range is available in the following styles:

Regular Above Ground,

The Favorit range is available in the following styles:

Regular Above Ground,

The Elite range is available in the following styles:

Regular Above Ground,

BERG Trampolines Shapes Explained.

BERG Ultim Trampolines - Rectangular

As one of Berg's top selling ranges, the Ultim trampoline is shaped like a rectangle, meaning there is plenty of room longways and sideways to jump and bounce.

Starting with dimensions of 280cm x 190cm, it is the perfect trampoline to choose if you have a narrow garden or not as much outdoor space.
Parents and carers can feel confident that their children are safe as they play thanks to its protective edging.
The Ultim trampoline also has a thick PVC under layer and upper coating, so it is made to last, and its GoldSpring Solo springs mean your children can enjoy many seasons of bouncing on this great trampoline.
The trampoline is easy to build and features quick to fit together assembly pieces along with steel clamps for added safety. The padding around the poles and self-closing safety netting also help to give peace of mind that children can always play safely.

If you prefer to have the trampoline sunk into the ground instead, then the Ultim is the perfect choice as it is also available with InGround options too, where you can opt for a safety net or to install it without one too.

Berg Grand Trampoline - Oval

The Grand trampoline is oval in shape, and this rounder surface means that there is plenty of room for jumping, especially reaching higher jumps! There is also plenty of space to jump lengthways too, just as with the Ultim trampoline model.

This trampoline is ideal for younger members of the family as its low frame height makes it easier to access than some other larger models. Available with a safety net or without, this trampoline can also be used as a sports trampoline if you prefer.
Just as with the Ultim model, the Grand trampoline also features hardwearing GoldSpring Solo springs for a lifetime of bouncing, along with PVC upper and lower coatings. It also has a rustproof frame, making it safe to leave in the garden during all weathers.
The Grand trampoline measures 520cm x 345cm and is ideally suited for bigger gardens and outdoor spaces.

Berg Favorit Trampoline - Round

The original Berg Favorit trampoline model features a round shape that is super strong, making it perfect for lots of central bouncing fun from more than one child at a time as well as grown ups too.
Easy to assemble and low maintenance, the Berg trampoline provides outdoor family fun whatever the season, along with all the durable features you would expect. These include again their GoldSpring Solo springs, PVC weatherproof coatings and their safety netting is also made to be extra sturdy.
The Favorit safety net also comes with a self-closing entrance, so you can be sure all children are safe and secure once they are using the trampoline. The Favourit also comes with extra safety features too, such as thick padding around the poles.
This model also comes complete with a distinct green trim, or you can order it in a more muted grey colour if you prefer, and comes in a diameter measurement of 270cm up to 430cm, depending on your garden size.

If you are still unsure as to which trampoline is the best fit for you, then why not check out the online reviews? Here you can find real customer experiences to help to finalise which trampoline would suit your family and garden space best.