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A Guide to Buying Basketball Hoops for Your Kids

Tips on Buying The Best Basketball Hoops for Your Kids

Decide on Location

Before purchasing your basketball hoop, it is a good idea to decide where you want to put it.

Ideally, in order to play a game of basketball you need plenty of room to run around before making your shots, preferably somewhere between 10 to 15 feet.

There may be a number of areas of outside space that could be suitable, either a back garden or a driveway, but be sure to have this minimum amount of outdoor space before purchasing your hoop, otherwise you may find your run out of room to play properly. 



If you are looking to add some more sporting fun for you and your family, then why not try out a basketball hoop? Suitable for a variety of outdoor spaces, here is a quick guide to buying basketball hoops for your kids to enjoy (and adults too!)

Choose Your Type of Hoop

Hoops can be freestanding, in-ground, portable or wall mounted, so choosing the type of hoop you want to purchase is important, as this may also dictate where you are able to put it.

Freestanding hoops come with a support pole which is often adjustable.

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This can be particularly useful if you have younger children, who may need the hoops to be lower in order to take their shot. In-ground hoops are, as their name would suggest, secured to the ground, so although this makes them a very stable option, they are also then immovable.

Portable hoops are handy for wheeling in and out of garages if you do not want to play basketball that often, whilst wall mounted hoops are great if you don't have a large amount of space and can be attached easily to most walls, including the side of houses and garages.

Who Will Be Playing?

When choosing your basketball hoop, keep in mind the age of the players who will be using it.

Younger children will usually need a height of around 8 feet to begin with and children who are 12 years and older can happily play on 10 feet and up hoops.

If you have a wide range of player ages in your family, then getting an adjustable hoop may be the way forward.

If you are primarily all of similar heights, then a more permanent hoop option may be a better choice.

How Often Will You Play?

How often you plan to play basketball is also a good way to help you choose your perfect hoop. You will need a different type of hoop if you plan to play frequently versus those who may only wish to use it occasionally.

If you want to play often, then investing in a hoop with a solid backboard and rim are a must, as these are the most highly used areas of the hoop and the first places to show wear and tear.

Breakaway and static rims are ideal for high use, and tempered glass or acrylic are two of the top backboard materials to look for.