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Best Small Trampoline In Ireland [Expert Reviews]

Your Lil one's Christmas wish is to get a trampoline this year but don't have enough space? Our review of the best small trampolines might just be the right one you need right now.

Trampolines come in different shapes and sizes. If your home is not suitable for installing a large trampoline, you can always go for the small ones.  

They are comparatively small, easy to set up, and at some point portable also. Want to buy one? Here is our list of the best small trampolines for you.

Once you have gone through our list, you will get an honest review and can select what's best for you.

Our Top Pick

Have a sneak-peek to all our members on the list and what are their best qualities. It'll save your time and you'll get a precise idea. Buckle up!

It’s time to reveal the products in detail. So, let’s jump into the main segment.

Buying Guide for the Best Small Trampoline

Here we are to help you easily choose your preferable trampoline. There are thousands of trampolines in the market, so you'll indeed feel overwhelmed. Follow the below features, so you can have a productive purchase!

Age Restrictions

As we're talking about small trampolines, it's basically for children. You should check the trampolines and the warning age restrictions. There is no trampoline which is suitable for children under 3 years old. Almost all the trampolines are for over 3-6 years old and obviously with the supervision of adults. 


Small trampolines are meant for garden, backyard, or lawn areas. The smaller size starts from 6ft and goes up to 10ft. So, choose the size according to the allotted space that is suitable for mounting inground trampolines. You should always avoid tough surfaces. 


Let us point out the safety precautions, so it can minimize the injury risk. Choose a trampoline that has thick padded edges covered, so children don't get hurt. The safety net is a must for new jumpers. It's better to let 2 children use the trampoline at once. Otherwise, multiple kids will get hurt for jumping together. 


Generally, you'll see rectangular, oval, and round-shaped trampolines. Almost everyone prefers rectangular trampolines because you can use every corner of the trampoline. Rectangular trampolines are also mini gymnastic tools. Ford Oval and Round shape, it's better for narrow-shaped gardens.

Weight Capacity 

It's experts' recommendations to use one jumper at once for smaller trampolines as the jumping area isn't large. Still, some trampolines are made for one jumper at once and some are suitable for multiple jumpers. Kids seem too eager to join the other kids seeing them into a trampoline, but that won't be a good idea. So, be careful about this. 


Almost all the renowned brand trampolines are extremely durable even after 6-7 years. A quality trampoline should withstand the jumping intensity and be sturdy enough to stay robust in the open weather.

1. BERG Favorit Ultim Trampoline

Berg Ultim Favorit Trampoline - Regular Small Garden Trampoline

The BERG spread its wings all over the trampoline world. Whatever kind of trampoline you want, BERG always has the safest solution. For indoor usage, this trampoline is the best option of all. Plus, this trampoline is designed for both kids & adults.

Compact size, safest features, children-friendly and rectangular. So, each corner of this trampoline can be used unlike round-shaped. It has a fantastic bouncing ability for the high amount of springs. Improved by keeping in mind specific demands, let's see the impressive features of this one.

Key Features

  • Size: 9.2ft x 6.2ft
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Springs: 44
  • Weight Capacity: 70 kilograms
  • The frames are specifically developed to make them superior to the other competitors.
  • Goldspring solo springs ensure to provide smoother and flexible bounces with enough amount and size of springs.
  • The 6 poles hold the safety net firmly. Plus, those are safely wrapped with PVC foam, so jumping jumpers don't get hurt.
  • This one comes in-ground with a safety net and without a safety net or in regular with a safety net.
  • The protective edges are covered with a thick PVC layer, so the trampoline stays durable & jumpers stay safe.

Pros & Cons

The assembling process is super easy & quick. The W-shaped legs are super strong and distribute balance all over the trampoline. The safety net is thick and flexible. The steel construction is super strong and durable.

There are no drawbacks to this outstanding trampoline. But, there is a warning. This one isn't suitable for children under 3 years old.

What makes it a good trampoline?

It's ideal for smaller gardens and looks classy anywhere. It has a robust construction, a thick safety net, superb quality springs that give extremely good bounces, PVC protection layers, and a children-friendly entrance through the safety net. So, it's simply mind-blowing.

Why do we love it?

We prefer it for its extraordinary feature along with the affordable price tag. If you're searching for a trampoline for 1-2 kids' outdoor activities, then you can rely on this fantastic product. The weight limit is enough for 1-2 kids' support.

2. BERG Rectangular Ultime Inground Trampoline

BERG Rectangular Inground Ultim Favorit Trampolines

Our second product is also from the BERG. Combining flexibility and strength, this rectangular trampoline is another epitome of perfection. Look, characteristics, price, protection, durability- all are present in this single trampoline.

Here we presented the smaller size, but it's also available in 13ft size without a safety net. This inground trampoline is slightly different from the other ordinary inground trampolines. You don't need to dig deeper to sink the trampoline which is less tiring.

Key Features

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 9ft x 6ft
  • Weight Limit: 70 Kilograms
  • Springs: 44
  • The trampoline has Goldspring solo springs that ensure to offer fun and flexible bounces.
  • Soft AirFlow Jumping mat allows escaping 50% air which helps to jump higher and smoother.
  • This trampoline is developed by keeping an eye on the robust frame.
  • Protective edges cover the whole trampoline, so there is no chance to get pinched or hurt for the little jumpers.
  • The black safety net is flexible, soft, and firm. Plus, there is an easy entrance through the safety net.

Pros & Cons

This trampoline is available in two different sizes and colors. The stitching quality is impressive. A heavy-duty enclosure net secures the whole trampoline, so jumpers don't fall out of the trampoline surface. The jumping mat is super soft, so with fun bounces, jumpers experience soft landings.

There are no notable downsides to this amazing piece. Yet, there is a catch which is, it's not ideal for kids under 13 years old. But, they can enjoy jumping on it with adult supervision.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The trampoline has an easy entrance through the safety net. The poles wrapped in PVC foam hold the enclosure net firmly. The robust steel construction stays stable and balanced for the inground feature. The protection paddings prevent the little champs from getting hurt.

Why do we love it?

It's ideal for teenagers and adults. For the inground ability, the trampoline firmly stays stable in one place and doesn’t move a bit even after a wild jumping session. The price tag makes customers satisfied. Plus, it blends into the garden very well.

3. EXIT Silhouette Ground Trampoline

EXIT Silhouette Ground Trampoline

This trampoline took place in our "Best Small Trampoline" list by fighting the others and scoring high among them! To try new tricks or for exercise purposes, this trampoline is a great solution. This is a round trampoline with a super large safety net, that is very much ideal for children.

To set the trampoline, you have to dig a bowl-shaped not-so-deep hole. As the trampoline is in-ground, without any doubt it'll be super stable. The structure of this trampoline is filled with all necessary & bonus features, so you can enjoy the best jumping experience.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 153cm x 214cm
  • Weight Capacity: 39 kilograms
  • Protective edges cover the whole trampoline, so little jumpers don't hurt themselves while enjoying themselves.
  • There is a soft yet thick safety net that stands with the support of 6 galvanized poles.
  • There is an easy chain entrance through the safety net and no need for a ladder at its ground level.
  • This trampoline has a Foot Protection System that prevents jumpers' feet or fingers from getting stuck into the springs.

Pros & Cons

A perfect tool for kids to have fun in outdoor activities. The galvanized curved poles are wrapped in PVC foam, so they stay durable for eternity. The jumping mat is soft, firm, and comfortable to touch. The galvanized springs allow high-level bounces, you can ever experience.

There is a downside, which is that the weight limit is less than other trampolines.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The frames are galvanized and powder coated, so rust won't have any chance. The high-quality springs ensure better bounces. Kids will have a safe and fun time in the garden with this safe trampoline.

Why do we love it?

With a reasonable price and stylish design, you can consider this trampoline. It has a foot protection system, a high-quality frame, and thick paddings. You can enjoy the best level jumping session on it embraced with a protective enclosure net.

4. BERG Favorit Trampoline

9ft BERG Favorit Trampoline Regular

Again we are back to BERG. This one is another best pick by the customers and testers. This one has 3 W-shaped legs with a small jumping area. An ideal piece for little kids' outdoor activities.

A premium quality trampoline with a premium price and it is worth the investment. The springs are flexible and sturdy, frames are robust, the legs support the whole trampoline very well and lastly, the safety net catches the jumpers before they fall out the trampoline surface.

Key Features

  • Size: 9ft
  • shape: Oval
  • Weight Capacity: 70 kilograms
  • The trampoline has a soft and thick safety net firmly attached with the 6 galvanized poles.
  • The 3 W-shaped strongest legs diatribe the weight all over the trampoline for the right balance.
  • High-quality springs help to have super nice and fun bounces.
  • The protective thick edges minimize the injury risks while jumping.

Pros & Cons

The weight limit is enough for 1-2 kids to have a safe jumping session. The sturdy legs remain stable in one place even if the kids jump wildly. The frames and poles are galvanized and powder coated, so no rust. The springs are covered with a protective pad, so no pinching on the skin.

For drawbacks, it doesn't come with a helping ladder.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The trampoline is suitable for adults too. On the 9ft jumping area, the jumpers can have their world of having fun. It's a completely safe and fun time for kids. It's one of the best trampolines for kids considering all the features.

Why do we love it?

Strength and durability, both are present in this trampoline. It provides safety from rust, keeps children safe, stays durable for a long time, gives excellent bounces and all other safety features are extremely children-friendly.

5. BERG Champion Trampoline


9ft BERG Champion Trampoline

For sure this medium-sized trampoline will make an impact on your backyard. It has a large jumping space, so family fun time is here! With the solid construction and decent look, it's another best small trampoline. Not so small, but perfect for family fun.

However, this one is suitable for multiple kids and adults. Considering all the characteristics, the price is also reasonable. This one can be a professional home trampoline that is both safe and suitable for your children.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 11ft
  • Weight Capacity: 230.38 pounds
  • The TwinSpring Gold Springs infused in the trampoline positioned in V-shape. It results in perfect bounces and maintains the jumping intensity.
  • The soft AirFlow mat allows 50% extra air escape, so jumpers can jump higher than ever.
  • The safety net is soft and firmly attached. There is an entrance enclosure that is extremely safe and easy to use.

Pros & Cons

The color combination, green & black is aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it blends into the garden. The W-shaped legs hold the trampoline firmly and keep it stable. The 8 galvanized poles are covered with PVC foam, so there is no risk of injury.

As you can already see, the trampoline doesn’t come with a ladder. So, you can separately buy one.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The weight limit is enough for family fun. The enclosure net is firmly attached to the curved poles. It has curved legs that keep the trampoline stable no matter what. The outstanding springs make sure to give you a pleasant jumping experience.

Why do we love it?

There is no way that we can't like it. The testers and customers are satisfied with the trampoline. It's excellent in all ways, and stays durable for years. This one has a combination of flexibility, stability, and strength.

6. EXIT Elegant Premium Trampoline

8,3ft EXIT Elegant Premium trampoline

Introducing another best quality trampoline from the EXIT with exclusive Deluxe Safety net. Probably this one is the most handsome trampoline among our members. It's the best outdoor activities tool for children for its all excellent features.

This is a great trampoline with high-quality bounces that focuses on the bounces, strength, stability, durability, and safety. As it's made keeping in mind children's usage, there is no compromise of quality in this product.

Key Features

  • Size: 253cm
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight Limit: 100 kilograms
  • The most stable L-shaped legs in the world patented with Ultimate Stability Frame.
  • Deluxe safety nets are soft and standard for children's safety. There is an overlapping door through the trampoline for children.
  • The poles are wrapped with thick foams and the luxurious safety net is attached with the fiberglass rings.
  • The frames and poles are galvanized and later heated. So, there won't be any rust.
  • It has springs that are longer than ordinary trampolines. Longer springs, better bounces.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline is super rebound and has robust finishing. It has a foot protection system that prevents feet from getting stuck into the springs. Setting it up is easy and quick.

There is a warning that it's not suitable for kids under 3 years old.

What makes it a good trampoline?

All the safety features, necessary plus bonus characteristics, and classy look of the trampoline make it stand out. The unique and original design of this trampoline is the best pick and you shouldn’t skip this one!

Why do we love it?

This is the ultimate safe fun zone for kids. The whole structure of this trampoline is supreme and it has more than enough safety precautions. It'll be your loss if you haven’t still picked this amazing one.

7. BERG Inground Favorit Trampoline

6,5 ft BERG Inground Favorit Trampoline

Build-in low ground level with easy entrance, this BERG Inground Favorit Trampoline meets and exceeds all the standards and necessities of the customers. This is a mini trampoline in our list which is premium in range.

BERG always produces the best quality trampoline, so there is no doubt about this one.  This trampoline got a good design with a great look bonus with all the safety precautions. The jumping mat is also soft and durable. Apart from these, the price is also reasonable.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 6.5ft
  • Supporting Weight: 30 kilograms
  • It has GoldSpring Solo springs that are super sturdy and durable.
  • The edges are covered with a thick safety mat that prolongs the life of the trampoline.
  • Luxurious safety net embraces the whole trampoline with 6 sturdy poles.
  • There is a self-closing device on the entrance which is a bonus feature.

Pros & Cons

It's built with premium quality materials and has the sturdiest construction. The tough stitching ensures the long life of the trampoline. The assembly process of this trampoline isn’t very tiring, rather quick.

The con with this trampoline is, you can't use this one for public use. Only suitable for domestic use.

What makes it a good trampoline?

Compared to other members, this one has a smaller jumping area. Yet, as it's for kids, it has positive standards and features. As it's in-ground, kids will face no trouble stepping into it. Bounces are good, durable, and stable.

Why do we love it?

Customers have given immense love and positive feedback for this product. So, how can we not like it? If you have room in your garden, lawn, you should add this little jumping space for your kid's fun and healthy growth.

8. Etan Hi-Flyer Inground Trampoline

Etan Hi-Flyer Inground trampoline

There is no trampoline lover who isn’t a fan of the mighty ETAN. Etan Hi-Flyer Inground Trampoline is a highly picked popular option for those who want a little jumping area in the small garden. The color combination also matches to garden circumstances.

This one is ideal for a newbie or inexperienced jumper. Because it has superior stability and a fantastic safety enclosure net. Setting it in the ground is quite easy too because it doesn’t require heavy deep digging.

Key Features

  • Size: 281cm x 201cm
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Supporting Weight: 50 kilograms
  • The high-quality stitch ensures that your trampoline will last longer than you expect.
  • It's made of durable & high-quality materials. The metal exposed parts are wrapped in PVC thick foams.
  • The edges are enveloped with a UV resistance PVC mat that will shield the children from getting hurt.
  • Comfortable and soft safety net attached to the jumping mat firmly. So, no kids will fly out of the trampoline surface.

Pros & Cons

It's designed to blend into the garden or lawn area. The springs are covered with protective pads, so no finger or feet will get stuck into the springs. It digs into the ground, so even if you jump on the trampoline like a wild monkey, it won't even wobble.

You should set the trampoline into any soil area. Avoid concrete or tough surfaces to set it up.

What makes it a good trampoline?

At first, ETAN will convince you with its excellent quality and affordable price. The top-notch safety measures, robust construction with enough weight limit. The jumping mat is also soft and firm enough.

Why do we love it?

There isn’t any product you'll get within this price range. We love the whole design, the color combination and it attracts kids plus adults. If you're looking for a cheap yet quality trampoline, we'll suggest this option.

9. Etan Hi-Flyer 281 x 201 cm Inground trampoline

Etan Hi-Flyer Inground trampoline

Etan Hi-Flye In-ground Trampoline is a real topper to fit your requirement. It comes in a single size of 281*201 cm with a green color. Being rectangular, it can fit in any corner space of your home. 

It is an in-ground trampoline; keeping your child's safety is always on top priority. You can easily carry it from one place to another. People all over the world who have used this in-ground trampoline are overly satisfied and content.  

Key Features 

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 281cm x 201cm
  • There is 1-2 inches thick foam used in the green safety pad for ensuring ultimate safety for your kids. 
  • Springs are thick and make sure everyone gets a smooth and safe jump. 
  • This entire set is made of premium-quality durable elements and reliable stitching with an edge cover. 
  • Edge cover is UV-resistant and made of durable PVC. You can have years of uninterrupted service. 
  • It's easy to climb on and includes no risk of falling. Kids cannot get under the trampoline. 

Pros & Cons 

It's the best camouflage in-ground trampoline. It fits well with your backyard and is completely safe for spontaneous kids' activities. It is an in-ground trampoline, hence involves no high risk of kids falling. The safety measure is also impressive. 

However, you have to dig in a hole in the ground which can be time-consuming and requires effort. 

What makes it a good trampoline? 

The beautiful padded system offers additional safety for children. Bounces are extremely smooth and fun with this trampoline. Also, it is very durable and can give you years of service. 

Why do we love it? 

We love Eran hi-flyer because it keeps our children safe besides giving them some amazing fun time. It is easy to climb on and involves no risk of getting injured or being hurt.

10. Etan 281 x 201 cm Hi-Flyer trampoline with enclosure

Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline with enclosure

It is similar to the previous small trampoline we have reviewed. The only difference is, it's not an in-ground trampoline and will save you a lot of time digging a hole in the deep.

Stan Hi-Flyer Trampoline comes with an enclosure. It is the same in size and color as the previous Etan inground trampoline. But additionally, you will get the enclosure, ladder, and standing frames with this trampoline. 

Key Features 

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 281 x 201 cm
  • The trampoline is easy to place almost in any part of your garden. 
  • From corners to any tight spaces, you can place this trampoline. 
  • There is a thick padding of almost 3cm. It keeps you safe allowing you many health benefits. 
  • The frame is durable and long-lasting. Also, it is always shielded. 
  • There is no scope for children to get hurt. This is because the safety net is always attached to the inner side of the edge where kids can never reach. 

Pros & Cons 

Like any other Etan trampolines, this enclosure trampoline is also very durable and reliable. It always ensures your children remain on the safe ground within the net. Children can never take their hands or legs within the springs and hurt themselves. 

Because it is an enclosure trampoline, the setup is always troublesome and takes a lot of time. 

What makes it a good trampoline? 

It is long-lasting and strong against UV rays. Harsh weather or long night rains cannot harm this trampoline. Kids have an amazing form of exercise in the meantime ensuring fun also. 

Why do we love it?

We love how the Etan trampoline with enclosure makes sure our kids can have some exciting time maintaining safety. It is also comparatively less expensive than other enclosure-based trampolines.


What is the difference between a trampoline and a rebounder? 

Rebounders are also one kind of trampoline. But they are smaller in size. Rebounders also serve a different purpose as well. 

They are used for fitness and weight loss. And come with a smaller bounce pad. 

Whereas, trampolines are used as a means of fun and entertainment. They also serve some health benefits but are not as heavy as rebounders.

How do I choose a mini-trampoline?

Mini trampolines can be amazing for your small outdoor garden. They fit perfectly into any space and enhance the leisure time of your home. 

To choose a mini trampoline, you need to pick one on which you feel comfortable and flexible. 

If you are just beginning with a trampoline, choose one that has stability bars to help you maintain balance while you jump. 

Also, if you wish to jump barefoot, you should go for trampolines that come with a smooth surface not to hurt your legs. 

How long does a mini-trampoline last?

An outdoor mini-trampoline can last 3-8 years. However, based on material and the level of maintenance you apply on your trampoline, this lifespan can increase or decrease over time. 

Are mini trampolines safe for seniors?

Mini trampolines are also known as rebounders are an excellent form of exercise. 

Seniors can also enjoy their time on these trampolines and improve their health conditions. However, when you are above 50 or 65, your body muscle will automatically start to ache. Using a trampoline at this age can often become impossible to act on. 

Who should not use a rebounder?

Rebounders are safe but they are not for everybody. People who are over 50 or more and suffer from body aches or anyone with poor joints or feet problem, heart issues, bad circulation should consult their doctor before deciding to use a trampoline or rebounder.

Final Words 

It is wise to have smaller trampolines than larger ones if you suffer from a lack of space. However, often beginners suffer from taking their final decision on mini-trampolines. 

We intend to help them reach their final decision with our list of the best small trampolines. If you like our article, do let us know.