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Best Fitness Trampoline - Everything You Need to Know


Trampoline always brings back our childhood fun memories. But, now mini versions of trampolines are used for exercise activities in daily life. For those who want to have fun exercise that doesn’t include tiring running or cycling, then the best fitness trampolines are the ideal option for them.

With fitness trampolines, you can do push-ups, jogging, squats, or even weightlifting. You can work out on these mini trampolines the whole year and if you've one at home, then that's far better! Most of them have minimal space and can be folded when not in use. 

As, in the exercise trampoline, the works outs will be focused on your lower body, so your legs and booty will come into shape. Other than this, your cardio health will be also improved. In addition, it also takes away the tensions from the joints. Today we'll learn many other additional pieces of information about mini or fitness trampolines. So, let's buckle up!

What to Look For in an Exercise Trampoline?

Before choosing any fitness trampoline for you, check out some specific features in that product. These few details make sure the quality of a fitness trampoline-

  1. Size

As fitness trampolines will be set up into rooms, so the size should be minimal. Choose the size according to your room space. Always remember the jumping area isn't the main width. The Jumping area is smaller than the main width. 

  1. Design

Most of the fitness trampolines are smaller in size, so they take very less space in your room. Plus, try to choose a model which has a foldable design. Foldable designs are extremely easy to store in tight storage.

  1. Weight Limit 

While reading the description of the trampoline, check the weight limit. As it's a fitness trampoline, the weight limit is one of the main features that you must check on. The weight limit should be 300 to 350 pounds at the highest. Try to purchase those with the highest weight capacity. 

  1. Springs Vs Cord 

The most controversial feature of a fitness trampoline! You'll see some trampolines with metal springs and some with bungee cords. Those with springs are the most popular available and cheap.

In addition, spring trampolines have the firmest bounces and they make squeaky sounds while bouncing. For the firmer bounces, the jumper has to put extra strain on the body. That’s why most experts suggest avoiding spring trampolines for fitness exercises. 

Whereas, elastic trampolines are safe and give extremely fun bounces. They are more flexible, sturdy, and give silent bounces. For the supportive bounces, experts suggest getting bungee cord trampolines. 

Is Jumping on a Trampoline Good Exercise?

There is no doubt that jumping on a trampoline is one of the best efficient and fun exercises. Jumping on a trampoline is a kind of whole-body exercise as it shapes your lower region, burns extra calories, and improves your cardio health. It firms up your stomach, thigh, legs, and booty. 

Experts claimed that jumping on a trampoline is such an exercise that is high intensity and feels a low impact. Without straining yourself, you can burn 300-600 calories per day according to the time of your exercise. 

Other than these benefits you can also have some extra benefits from jumping on a trampoline-

  1. Extremely better core strength 
  2. Good blood circulation 
  3. Buildup muscle strength 
  4. Improvement of balance and metabolism
  5. Increase of bone density 

Now you have understood how a fitness trampoline helps in keeping you fit. So, you may consider purchasing a fitness trampoline. If so then pay a visit to the link - Best Fitness Trampoline.

What Exercises Can You Do on a Fitness Trampoline?

As mentioned before, mini trampolines are a fantastic way to improve your stamina, health, and strength. Now, let's see what kind of workouts we can perform on a fitness trampoline.

  1. Jogging

The basic and simplest workout on a trampoline is jogging in one spot. It's a kind of warm-up exercise too. 


  1. Stand in your position in the whole body straight and keep your feet apart. 
  1. Just like ordinary jogging, now lift your legs synchronously. Stay still in that one place.
  1. Move your hands as you want while jumping to keep your balance.
  1. Jumping Jacks

Another good exercise for cardio health. Plus, it warms up your body for the next intense workouts.


  1. Stand in your position with feet together and arms beside your body.
  1. Now, lift your hand over your head and keep your feet apart. Then, jump.
  1. Jump up and back in the position. Continue this for 1-3 minutes.
  1. Jump Squat

For those who want to keep their legs in shape, squatting is a must for them. It builds and strengthens your legs, hips, and glutes muscles. 


  1. Keep your feet apart and bounce slightly yet steadily.
  1. While you jump each time, widen your stance and lower your body until your hips bend and pass your knees.
  1. Stay in the position for 10 seconds and come back. Do this for 3-4 minutes. 
  1. Twists

The most popular trampoline workout is twisted. It does wonder in your whole body. It develops the core strength of the upper body, back, and lower body. 


  1. Stand straight on the center of the trampoline and begin with a steady bounce.
  1. Now, with each bounce twist your legs on one side and upper body on the opposite side. Keep your hip straight and tight.
  1. Continue this process in opposite direction to the normal direction for 5-10 repetitions.
  1. Seated Bounces

It's a cardio exercise for beginners who works on their upper body, core, and thigh strength. 


  1. Sit on the trampoline straightly, hips on the mat, and feet on the ground.
  1. Now, using your thigh strength push yourself up and bounce repeatedly. 
  1. Continue this for 1-2 minutes.

What is the Difference Between a Rebounder And Mini Trampoline?

In general rebounders and mini trampolines are quite similar in appearance. Rebounders are also smaller in size, in specific smaller than mini-trampolines.

Rebounders are specifically designed for fitness and exercise, so the mat and springs are sturdier. Rebounders aren’t loud and extremely user-friendly. Not only these, but fitness trampolines are also portable. 

Whereas mini trampolines aren’t designed only for fitness purposes, they are more for fun or entertainment purpose. So, these have low-quality mats and not much safety like rebounders. 

What is the Difference Between a Trampoline And a Rebounder?

Both are related in some sense, still, there are some notable differences. For example-

 Rebounders are smaller in size and trampolines are available in many sizes from smaller to larger. Rebounders are only used for exercise purposes and trampolines are for entertainment purposes.

Rebounders are for home and they take very less space where trampolines can be installed indoors or outdoor. Surprisingly, rebounders can hold weight up to 400lbs depending on the brand and quality. Where trampolines generally support weight up to 350lbs.

Unlike rebounders, most trampolines come with a safety net that makes those suitable for children. 

How To Maximize Weight Loss On Fitness Trampolines?

Besides improving blood circulation, bone density, core strength, and body shape, jumping on a trampoline also help to lose your extra calories. Regular jogging on a trampoline for 20-30 minutes will maximize the rate of your weight loss. 

The more intense the workout will be, the more your sweat will break and faster you'll lose weight. Rather than jumping, you can jump on the trampoline for fun if you find workouts tiring. Jumping on mini trampolines is super fun and time will fly before you'll know!

Just hop into your trampoline and steadily bounce on it. Not only it's less effort and a big result but also it relieves the regular stress. After you get used to jogging, try to perform some exercises suitable for you.

Best Fitness Trampoline Brands

Here are some renowned and popular brands known for their fantastic fitness trampolines-

  1. BCAN
  2. Stamina
  3. Exit
  4. JumpSport
  5. SereneLife

How Much Does It Cost?

The budget starts for mini-trampolines starts from $100 and goes up to $500. Depending on brand and model you can choose one quality trampoline under your budget. Always remember, just because one product has a high price, doesn't mean it's a quality one. 

In the medium to lower price range, you may also find some exclusive mini trampolines which will exceed your expectations. So, do your market research very well.

Are Fitness Trampolines Worth It?

Mini trampolines look like toys or are used for entertainment purposes mainly. But, you can boost your physical fitness and core strength by jumping on the trampoline. This low-impact exercise can gift you the most desired muscle you want and increase your stamina. Not only that, it'll keep you in the shape and make sure that you lead a healthy life!

Final Verdict 

Fitness trampolines are mini trampolines and if you want to have some fun or less tiring exercise session, then you better get this one. You can also keep mini trampolines in your home as they take up the minimum space.

We hope you've already understood the effectiveness of fitness trampolines and how inexpensive they are. So, just purchase a good quality mini-trampoline and have your daily fun exercise!