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Best 12ft Trampoline In Ireland [Expert Reviews]

We generally choose a trampoline considering different factors. But we go for the size, consider the space in the backyard. So, if you have a backyard of medium size and want to spend a bit on a trampoline, which one should you go for?

Obviously, a 12 feet trampoline is a suitable option for you.

A 12 feet trampoline is ideal for a group of teenagers. It can generally hold 3-4 kids or teenagers of average weight. Again, if you have pets they can enjoy being with you on the trampoline. They are also available in the market. But the problem is sometimes we approach the wrong item and waste $400-500 on them.

We care for your money and for that, we have brought this real review on the best 12 feet trampoline in Ireland. Here we’ll be discussing 10 products in detail, some FAQs, and a guide to help you in purchasing the most suitable product. 

So, if you have a few minutes to spare, go through this article.

Our Top Pick

Before going to the review part, we’ve arranged another segment for you. Here we have gathered the products with their specialty. At a glance, the top pick may help you in decision making. Let’s get them.

Now let’s move on to the review part.

Buying Guide on the Best 12 Feet Trampolines

We are almost at the end of our article on the best 12 feet trampoline. Let's wrap up our guide with the most important section users need - Buyer's Guide. 

If this is your first time with a trampoline, you will need our buyer guide to pave the way for you. Even if you had previous experience with trampolines, our buying guide will help you hone your existing knowledge and have the right 12 feet trampoline for you and your friends. 


Most parents are concerned about the safety of their children with trampolines. But trust me, incidents reported against baseball, scuba diving or skateboards are way greater in number than trampolines. 

Make sure you go for the trampolines that offer additional safety like durable trampoline nets and features like additional foot protection systems. 


Durability is an important factor when it comes to trampolines. Come on! You are not investing money for only having it apart from within a few months. 

This is why it is essential to ensure the trampoline you buy can sustain under harsh conditions. Make sure the frame body is galvanized and powder coated. It will protect your trampoline from harsh weather and keep it rust-free as well. 


Different shapes of trampolines are available around you. The most common shapes are round and rectangular trampolines. There are also ovals, triangles, and octagons as well. 

My opinion is, you should get the round trampolines if this is your first time purchase. They are bouncy enough and come on a reasonable budget also. 

However, if you are aiming for something more professional, you should get rectangular trampolines. They are expensive but bouncier than any other trampoline shape. 

The next ones in the row are octagonal and square trampolines. Octagonal trampolines are less bouncing. However, some square trampolines can often sink from the middle. 


Size and share are two different parameters for a trampoline. Often people mistake these two and consider them the same. 

However, always measure the size before you purchase a trampoline. Our article is only about the best 12 feet trampolines. There are other sizes as well. 

When it comes to size, the place where you are going to place the trampoline matters the most.

Make sure it goes well with your backyard or any other places where you will place the trampoline. There are both small and family sizes to suit your needs. 

Note: Always take the measurement based on the frame width of the trampoline.


1. Etan Hi-Flyer 12ft In-ground Trampoline

Etan Hi-Flyer 12ft In-ground Trampoline

In the trampoline manufacturers world, the Etan is one of the most reputable brands. All trampolines from this brand are supreme quality, affordable, safe, and surprisingly simple looking.

Etan Hi-Flyer 12ft trampoline has a great build, offers good and enjoyable bounce. The manufacturers focus on quality, durability, safety, and strength keeping in mind. Both children and adults can jump happily and safely on this trampoline.

Key Features

  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel.
  • Shape: Rectangular.
  • Weight Limit: 110 kilograms.
  • The trampoline is green colored and the green padding helps the trampoline to blend in your garden.
  • It has a UV resistance edge cover thickness of 1/2/3" that prevents the children from getting hurt with the frame while jumping.
  • Extremely good quality safety net attached to the trampoline so jumpers don't fall between the edge pad and safety net.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline is in-ground, so children don't have any difficulty getting on the trampoline. It has UV resistance pads, so it remains undamaged under any weather. The safety net and edge pads keep the children safe in the trampoline.

It takes time to set up the trampoline in the garden, some users claim. But after setting it up, they were satisfied.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The trampoline has all safety precautions like padded edges and safety enclosure. The galvanized frame keeps the trampoline in robust shape. The high-quality stitch keeps the trampoline long-lasting for years after years.

Why do we love it?

Some features impress the users and also us. The springs are super quality that offer happy enjoyable bounces. Plus, it's a cheap 12 foot trampoline with extremely great features. You and your kids will undoubtedly spend an enjoyable happy time on it.

2. EXIT Elegant Premium Ground Trampoline

EXIT Elegant Premium ground trampoline

We can't skip the revolutionary EXIT brand when we are talking about a 12 ft square trampoline. The round-shaped trampoline wrapped with a safety enclosure and a heavy-duty jumping mat stands out in the crowd. As always, the trampoline is made with super high-quality materials and safety measures.

If you want an all-age suitable trampoline then you must take this one into your consideration. The structure of this one is outstanding enough to put in outdoor usage. It lays flat on the ground without any legs, so it can balance the jumpers with safety.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round.
  • Weight Limit: 100 kilograms.
  • Springs: 72
  • On the paddings, there is a Foot Protection System that prevents the jumpers' feet from being caught between the springs.
  • The paddings are thick and layered with PVC for extra thickness, so it lasts longer.
  • A stringent safety net is included with the childproof entrance with an overlapping flap.
  • There is fiberglass attached to the top & bottom to pull the safety net sternly tight.

Pros & cons

The trampoline is very quick and easy to set up. It has a safety guarantee for jumpers of any age. The jumping mat and quality springs offer funny bounces with the softest landing. It also included protection paddings.

It's hard to nitpick flaws from this wonderful trampoline. Still, we want to recommend that overweight jumpers not choose this trampoline.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The trampoline has a heavy-duty enclosure net supporting fiberglass poles. It has UV resistance PVC padding to keep it undamaged for a long time. It's completely children-friendly and has high-quality sewing lines.

Why do we love it?

We picked this trampoline for its cost-effective plus extremely beneficial features. All the features of this trampoline are impressive and it's completely safe for the jumpers. The jumping area is large and your children can jump on it happily.

3. EXIT Elegant Trampoline with Economy Safetynet

EXIT Elegant 12ft trampoline

There is no way you won't have fun while jumping on EXIT Elegant Trampoline. Filled with the ultimate best features and constructed with rust-resistance materials, this trampoline has excellent stability and the ability to keep balance.

It has 5 poles that hold the safety net covering the trampoline. The 5 poles are wrapped with thick foam which is extra safe for jumpers. The UV resistance jumping mat is long-lasting and gives a soft landing. It's one of the most stable 12 foot round trampoline in the world.

Key Features

  • Weight Limit: 120 kilograms.
  • Springs: 72
  • It has 6 L-shaped legs that are super strong and stable with a patented Ultimate Stability Frame.
  • It has a standard economy safety net designed with a child-friendly entrance accompanying an overlapping door.
  • The frame is galvanized and powder-coated, so you'll see no rust year after year.
  • It has a Foot Protection System developed for jumpers' safety, so they don't get their feet stuck.

Pros & Cons

It's one of the best 12 foot trampolines with stability. The unique and quality design makes it very easy and quick to set up. The 6 legs carry the balance and strength of the trampoline.

For flaws, it doesn't come with a ladder which is trouble for kids.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The jumpers get superior and wonderful bouncing on this trampoline secured with safety edges and enclosure net. Your feet or hand won't get stuck in between the spring or gaps, so no worry. Whether for exercise or fun purposes, you can have quality time on it.

Why do we love it?

For its protective features and improved design, we love this product. In indoor or outdoor, you'll have a fun time while jumping on it. Its rust resistance, UV resistance, offers great bounces and prevents injuries. What else do we need from a quality trampoline!

4. Etan Premium Gold 12ft In-ground Trampoline

Etan Premium Gold 12ft In-ground Trampoline

We are back to the Etan because for outdoor activities this brand shines bright like diamonds. If you notice, you'll notice the whole amazing structure of this trampoline. You must be concerned about the safest option for your kids.

Etan Premium In-ground Trampoline is a reliable option for that. Designed with a sustainable high-quality enclosure net and sturdy frame, every detail of this trampoline is just perfect. Your kid won't end up flying outside the trampoline while jumping on it. The safety net will save them.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Springs: 72
  • Weight Capacity: 120 kilograms.
  • The trampoline is in-ground, so children or adults don't find it difficult to climb on it.
  • It has a heavy-duty enclosure net supported with 6 foam polls.
  • The quality springs result in great bounces for a time being.
  • It included a UV resistance PVC jumping mat that stays in great condition year after year.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline is easy to set up outdoors. It has high-quality features and is safe for children of any age. The stitching is of great quality and balances the trampoline finely.

There are barely any flaws in this great product, but it doesn’t have legs as it's in-ground.

What makes it a good trampoline?

You and your kids can jump on this trampoline safely and smoothly. No risk of hurting or injuring yourselves. This company developed every single detail of this trampoline. It's super long-lasting and a good medium for exercise or having a fun time.

Why do we love it?

First of all, we love it for its safety precautions taken for kids. It has the polls wrapped in foam, an enclosure net that ensures safety and safe bounces. The children are safe from hurting themselves from the pinching points.

5. Etan UltraFlat Trampoline

Etan UltraFlat trampoline rectangular

For any kind of open place like a backyard garden, resort, park, or school field, this Etan UltraFlat Trampoline is the ideal one. The trampoline lays flat on the ground that ensures stability without wobbling with legs. This trampoline is made for those who have experience in jumping.

If you have an interest in screw-ups, backflips, or flik flak, then you should give it a try on this trampoline. The trampoline is designed to keep the mind of the tight jump, tricks, and airflows. The quality of this trampoline is undeniable even if it doesn’t have any safety net.

Key Features

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Springs: 72
  • Weight Limit: 100 kilograms
  • The trampoline has an OptiFlow jumping mat that helps to flow the air openly to perform tricks.
  • 72 high-quality springs connect to the stable jumping mat and create happy bounces.
  • There is no inner gap where the jumpers' feet can get stuck while jumping.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline has a stable structural design on which people can bounce happily. Expert jumpers can practice cool tricks on this one. Kids or adults won't get hurt while jumping on it.

You'll find a couple of flaws in this trampoline. It doesn’t have any safety enclosure net so kids can fly outside the trampoline while jumping. It doesn't have legs to be stable. The trampoline lacks in design than the others.

What makes it a good trampoline?

This 12 foot rectangle trampoline is made keeping eye on the expert jumpers, so it's not recommended for the young newbies. However, this trampoline has a good stable structure, open airflow design and is perfect for performing cool precise tricks.

Why do we love it?

For experts, this can be one of the top-notch quality trampolines. It has a PVC jumping mat with UV resistance. The stitching is very impressive. The springs create nice bounces, so jumpers get a happy time on them.

6. Etan Premium Gold Trampoline

Etan Premium Gold trampoline

Etan Premium Trampoline, the reliable and premium quality trampoline that's improved in every corner. This one got a great look with excellent features which is unmatched. It comes with an easy ladder to climb on it for kids.

Designed with black thick safety net and 4 W-shaped legs, this trampoline looks amazing. It has a galvanized steel frame with a thick jumping mat that is stable enough. The enclosure saves the children from falling outside and sticking their fingers in the springs.

Key Features

  • Springs: 72
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight Capacity: 100 kilograms.
  • The 4 W-shaped legs support and distribute the weight of the jumper into the whole trampoline making it stable.
  • The surrounding polls are wrapped with foams, so it prevents the jumpers from hurting themselves.
  • It has a thick black safety net that's firmly attached to the springs. So, the jumpers don't stick their fingers.
  • The UV resistance PVC jumping mat keeps undamaged.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline is super safe for any age jumpers and great for fun. It's long-lasting and durable plus gives fun bounces. It stays stable in place even if you jump on it like a wild monkey. This product is also easy and quick to assemble.

You can't fold or store the trampoline anywhere indoors which is a drawback.

What makes it a good trampoline?

Well, this trampoline is waterproof and rust-resistance. The safety enclosure keeps the jumpers safe and it also keeps the trampoline safe from strong wind. The galvanized frames are super sturdy and keep the trampoline durable.

Why do we love it?

We love it for the children-friendly features. It has ladders helping the children to climb. The safety net prevents them from hurting while jumping. Overall, jumpers can have quality time on it.

7.  Etan UltraFlat Trampoline 366 x 366

Etan UltraFlat trampoline square

The latest design of Etan UltraFlat Trampoline became very popular among expert trampoline jumpers. It has a sleek jumping mat, an enclosure net joined with the trampoline frame. The galvanized steel frame keeps the trampoline sturdy and stable in place.

This in-ground trampoline lays flat in the ground and so it holds the jumpers without wobbling. The edges are covered with mat and the springs are covered with the mat. So, there is no chance of hurting the jumpers by pinching or sticking legs. Noteworthy, it has an awesome feature that helps the experts to create cool tricks.

Key Features

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Springs: 72
  • Weight Limit: 120 kilograms.
  • You can perform backflips, screw-ups, and flik flak on this trampoline.
  • The trampoline is designed to keep the mind optimal airflow with an OptiFlow jumping mat.
  • The open airflow helps the expert jumpers to perform the coolest style flips.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline has thick and protective stitching, so it'll be long-lasting. As it's in-ground and green in color, it blends in the garden very well. The high-quality design makes it ideal for experienced jumpers.

Flaws are easily detectable in this trampoline. It doesn't have any safety enclosure net, so it's risky for newbies to jump on it.

What makes it a good trampoline?

The open large place to jump on this trampoline. It has high-quality 72 springs, which help to create excellent bounces. The jumping mat covers the whole trampoline area, so there is no chance of getting stuck or pinched.

Why do we love it?

We recommend this trampoline for experienced jumpers. They can practice new and exciting flips and stunts on it. It's affordable, and has safety necessaries for experts. Though it lacks improvement, still it's a pick for its unique design.

8. Etan Hi-Flyer Trampoline with Enclosure

Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline

Do you have a strict budget yet want a top-notch quality trampoline? We are very excited to share this trampoline with you. It's one of the most famous and premium quality trampolines in Ireland. This 12 foot trampoline Ireland specializes in strength, stability, and durable features.

This company aims at the little details and the customers' demands. That's why it has the best features filled with safety and has an affordable budget. It's best-selling for its distinguished stable 4 legs, safety enclosure, ladder, sturdy frame, and weather resistance features.

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • Springs: 72
  • Weight Limit: 110 kilograms.
  • This top-range trampoline has 3cm thick edges, so jumpers don't hurt themselves while enjoying themselves.
  • The safety enclosure net is premium quality and connects firmly with the poles.
  • 4 W-shaped legs carry the weight and distribute it properly on the whole trampoline keeping it stable.
  • It has a ladder that helps the children to climb on the trampoline.

Pros & Cons

The trampoline has the perfect size for family fun. It's weatherproof, so don't worry about getting it damaged outdoors. It creates fun bounces yet has stability and safety. A powerful combination of durability, longevity, and stability.

As for flaws, there is nothing that can hold the trampoline on the ground while the jumpers jump on it.

What makes it a good trampoline?

This trampoline captures anyone's eye for its great design and color combinations. The customers are pleased and satisfied by the design and other features of this trampoline. The price range is also manageable enough for the customers.

Why do we love it?

It's one of the best 12 trampoline. For ultimate bounce and safety, you can't overlook this revolutionary product. Have an incredible bounce on this trampoline and enjoy your time!

9. EXIT PeakPro Trampoline

EXIT PeakPro 12ft trampoline

Are you looking for an ultra-safe trampoline for your kids? We know kids love fun but they often avoid the fact of safety. It's our job to ensure it for them. Exit PeakPro Trampoline is the perfect premium trampoline for you. 

It is a rectangular trampoline built with additional safety in mind. It comes with a classy look associated with a strong black frame. The color details and overall stand of the trampoline will enhance the standard of your backyard, providing extra security for your kids. 

Key Features 

  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Comes with a safety net and black mat padding for additional protection. 
  • Features a trampoline ladder so that children can climb up fast and safely. 
  • Flexible springs are 25 centimeters long, offering you a more high jump. 
  • The frame is galvanized and coated with powder; there is no possibility of rust on that. 
  • Featured with a premium foot protection system to help your feet stay out of the springs while you jump. 

Pros & Cons 

With Exit PeakPro Trampoline, you will get the very best jump quality. There is also a jump meter that will allow you to check how high you jumped. The frame is extremely stable and comes with reflective padding. 

Everybody loves Exit PeakPro Trampoline. There are hardly any serious issues reported with this model. However, the only difficulty you may face is a lack of space. It starts from 3.66 meters and comes in black color only. 

What makes it a good trampoline? 

People all over the world are highly impressed with PeakPro. However, different people have different opinions about this trampoline. But they all made sure that Exit PeakPro took safety and precautions to another level which makes it one of the best trampolines for your family. 

Why do we love it? 

We love Exit PeakPro because it offers high-quality build-up with extra safety in mind. No matter how tough the use is, it will always stay clean and out of corrosion.

10. EXIT Silhouette Ground Trampoline

EXIT Silhouette ground trampoline

Exit Trampolines have always been known for their premium quality and high-grade service. They think one step ahead when it comes to ensuring 100% satisfaction of customers. 

Their Silhouette Ground Trampoline is no exception at all. It is a high-quality round trampoline by the Exit, making sure it's always safe and fun for your family and friends. 

Key Features

  • Shape: Round
  • It is an in-ground trampoline meaning, one has to dig a pit in the ground to use this trampoline properly and safely. 
  • There is a safety net with this silhouette trampoline to make sure people remain safe. 
  • The net is attached with curved posts so that it always remains safe. 
  • The springs are galvanized and they are protected by high-quality edges, offering high bouncing strength.
  • There is also a specially made foot protection system to protect your foot from accidentally stepping into the springs. 
  • The frame is also galvanized and powder coated. 

Pros & Cons 

Silhouette Ground Trampoline is a beautifully designed round trampoline. It comes in three different shapes and colors. However, the price is budget-friendly. There is also a foot protection system for extra safety. 

There is not much of a drawback to talk about. The only hassle users have to take is to dig a pit in the ground for driving out the maximum efficiency of this trampoline. 

What makes it a good trampoline? 

Well, according to many users, the biggest flex about this trampoline is, it secures the fun zone for you and your family. It comes in different sizes and colors to fit your needs. It is long-lasting and hardy enough to sustain under rough weather. 

Why do we love it? 

Exit Silhouette is my favorite because it comes with all the exclusive features and yet is more affordable than many other high-grade trampolines in the market. Once you set it up, you will love the smooth bouncing


Is a 12ft trampoline big enough?

12 feet trampolines are large enough for a family or a group of friends. It can be quite entertaining and also appropriate for exercise as well.  

However, compared to size, there are also 14 feet and 15 feet. If you have enough space, you should go a little bigger to have more fun and activities. 

How much does a 12ft trampoline cost? 

8 ft trampolines are the smallest ones and they will come in around $240. The price will go up with quality and different brands. 

For 12ft trampolines, you can have them for around $500+, even for the most basic features. 

Are trampolines good for kids?

The use of trampolines is often discouraged for kids. In some countries like America, AAP strictly forbids parents from using trampolines at home. 

However, under proper supervision, it is not too risky to let kids have fun on trampolines. Other sports have reported significant numbers of accidents as well. What matters most is how you safeguard and monitor the environment. 

What do you do with a trampoline in the winter? 

Constant snowfall or raindrops can often harm your trampoline during the winter. However, if you keep the trampoline up during the winter, the mat will act as a cover and channel water to the bottom. 

However, it's wise to disassemble the frame pads and cover them. You should store them inside the house so that they won't get soaked or deteriorate. 

How long does a trampoline last? 

The durability of your trampoline depends highly on its materials and how you take care of it. With proper maintenance, any outdoor trampoline can last 3-10 years. 

However, with higher-grade materials and increased care, this service can increase to several more years. 

Can you jump on a wet trampoline?

Well, technically you shouldn’t. This is because wet trampolines bear more risk than usual trampolines. 

You will have increased rates of slipping and having an injury if not alone on the trampoline. 

How many springs does a 12ft trampoline have?

Generally, a 12ft trampoline has 72 springs. The size of the springs can be 5.5. Whereas, a 10ft trampoline has spring up to 52-72. It depends on the manufacturers and the model.

Who are suitable for a 12ft sized trampoline?

Most children over 5 years old are suitable for 10-12ft trampolines. A 12ft trampoline is big enough for a family and it gives enough places for the kids to have fun on it. 2-3 children of similar weights can play on the trampoline. The age range is 6-16 years old for 12ft trampolines. 

Final Words 

Trampolines are available in different sizes. According to most of the backyards of our country, 12 feet trampolines are the most common ones. It is not too big and not too small as well. 

You can have 3-4 adults having fun at the same time here. Because you are already looking for a 12 feet trampoline, our list will help you get the best 12 feet trampoline for your needs. 

If you know anyone else who is looking for a 12 feet trampoline, do share our article with them as well.