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Your Trampoline's Journey - Trampoline Fulfilment

At Trampolines Ireland we do our best to deliver within 48 hours, sometimes sooner when we have the trampoline that you want in stock (and we usually do), but the journey of your trampoline begins a long time before then as we explain below.

your trampolines journey - trampolines ireland

Your Trampoline's Journey

1. Designed in Holland, Assembled in China

As we all know China is the workshop of the world, and even the world's most technologically sophisticated iphones proudly bear the strap line - 

"Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.”

And premium brand trampolines are no different typically being designed by the Trampoline company's inhouse designers, then manufactured in China, put through rigorous quality control processes and then shipped to the appropriate distribution hub, often Holland or the UK.

2. Shipped All Over The World

In a similar way that the iphone is shipped all over the world, there is also incredible demand for premium brand trampolines right across the globe.

From Canada to Australia, you will find brands sold by Trampolines Ireland in every corner of the globe.

3. Arriving in Ireland Within 6 Weeks of Creation

Once a trampoline has passed all of the right quality control checks and testing, it will board a boat to be shipped by sea to Ireland, by way of the main distribution hub.

With most premium trampolines weighing in at anywhere between 50 to 100kg each, its no surprise that they are shipped by sea.

4. Customs & Docking

Normally within a few days of arriving in Ireland, our trampoline consignments arrive in our main warehouse ready and waiting for your online or phone order.

5. Labelled, Wrapped & Strapped

Once your order is placed on our website or by phone, your order will be labelled, wrapped and strapped to a pallet ready for collection by our couriers.

6. Direct to Dublin

Regardless of where you're based in the country from Coleraine to Killarney, all trampoline orders are routed through the Pallet Network's main delivery hub in Dublin. From there a local transport company in your area will collect your trampoline, and its normally in their warehouse ready to be booked out for delivery the next day.

It really depends how busy that their local delivery network is as it could be delivered the next day or it could take an extra day, depending on demand for their services, employee absences and so on.

7. Same Day Dispatch on Orders Before 4.30pm

We endeavour to deliver all trampoline orders within 48 hours provided that we have the model that you want in stock, and although you can order right around the clock, 24 hours a day, if your order is in before 4.30pm your order will be dispatched the same day.

8. Trampolines Ireland - Support On Call

If you have any queries or issues with your purchase we're always available on the phone or by email and will seek to resolve any issue that you may have as quickly and professionally as possible.

Recent Customer Feedback:

"Thanks Gary. We have it installed and d kids are delighted thanks very much.



And that is a brief overview of the journey that your trampoline went on to arrive in your garden for your kids to hours, days, weeks, months and years of fun on.

For any queries or assistance in relation to trampolines, replacement parts, delivery or anything else that we offer on our website please phone 01 960 1641.

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