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berg buddy cross ireland 

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BERG Buddy Cross - Product Description

Introducing the latest iteration of Berg's beloved model, the Buddy – now with exciting enhancements that take your driving experience to the next level.

berg buddy cross at trampolines ireland

Our engineers have meticulously fine-tuned every aspect of this model, resulting in a stunning redesign featuring exquisite rims and upgraded tires. The ergonomically designed bucket seat ensures optimal comfort, while the precision-engineered handlebars offer maximum grip for an exhilarating ride.

With the Buddy, you're not just driving – you're conquering the streets with unmatched toughness and speed. One of the standout features of the Buddy is its innovative BFR system. Imagine cruising at high speeds and instantly switching to reverse by back-pedaling – a seamless and secure way to navigate various driving situations.

This unique system empowers you with agility, flexibility, and a heightened sense of safety. Moreover, the smooth and efficient direct drive mechanism makes pedaling effortless and enjoyable.

Every Buddy model comes equipped with large, durable wheels and robust pneumatic tires that ensure both speed and comfort. Thanks to the advanced swing axle technology, your Buddy grips the road like a solid block, allowing you to confidently take sharp corners.

The adjustable bucket seat accommodates young riders up to eight years old, making the Buddy a reliable companion as they grow. For those who crave extra speed, consider adding a safety flag or flashing light to increase visibility to other riders. Additionally, the Buddy's versatile design allows you to attach a trailer for added convenience.

Limited on storage space? No problem – simply stand your Buddy upright. Choose from our four distinct versions to suit your style: the Buddy B-Orange, Buddy Lua, Buddy Cross – all with four wheels, or the Choppy Neo for the biking enthusiasts, featuring a unique front-wheel design, extended handlebars, and high front forks.

Key Features:

  • BFR system for seamless braking and immediate reverse functionality
  • Enhanced comfort through pneumatic tires
  • Advanced swing axle for superior grip and stability
  • Quick and hassle-free assembly
  • Complete your cool go-kart experience with Buddy accessories

Discover the new era of go-karting with the revamped Buddy – where style, speed, and safety come together in perfect harmony. Step on the pedal and embark on your thrilling adventure today!