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Why Trampolines Make A Fantastic Christmas Gift

Especially during a mild winter, trampolines make an awesome Christmas gift as the kids get to spend time outdoors bouncing and having fun all year round.

We recommend trampolines as the ultimate Christmas gift primarily because of the wow factor that they bring to any home, the tremendous amount of fun that the whole family can have on them, and their strength and durability over most other toys.

Why Trampolines Are The Ultimate Christmas Gift

1. WOW Factor

There is simply no arguing with the wow factor that a good quality trampoline will bring to your home. They look amazing and perform amazing.

2. Guaranteed Fun for All

Whether the family gets involved on Christmas day building it, or everyone just has a bounce everyone is guaranteed to really enjoy a family trampoline, and while the adults might get a bounce on the occasional family party or special occasion, the kids will be on it virtually every dry day.

3. Outdoor Exercise & Health

Where kids spend ever-increasing amounts of time indoors and in front of screens whether, FIFA, Fortnite, Tiktok or Youtube the trampoline gives your kids a really strong incentive to spend some time outdoors.

And the health benefits of trampolining for kids are quite exceptional. Read more.

Cleveland Clinic - Trampoline Health Benefits Explained 

4. Develops Co-ordination, Muscles & Core Strength

Possibly one of the best pieces of outdoor equipment that you can buy in terms of the incredible potential benefits for users.

And the benefits are not only limited to kids - 

Read - Health Benefits of Trampolines for Adults

trampolines are the best christmas gift

5. Bang for your Buck

There is no doubt that Christmastime involves spending quite a lot of money.

When you opt for a trampoline instead of some small plastic toy, you will know that the trampoline will last for a much longer amount of time and that it will usually deliver a much greater return in terms of the hours of pleasure that it will deliver for your kids.

6. Boost in Your Local Popularity

Your kids friends will call more and will be likely to want to spend more time playing in your garden because you have a trampoline.

Of course we know that this can be a double-edged sword, but your garden will certainly become a more popular place to hang out. 

7. Your Kids Will Become More Athletic

Athleticism is a combination of strength, agility, co-ordination and flexibility.

Trampolining will improve all of the above skills and will improve your child's ability and confidence in sports generally.

Trampolines Ireland Christmas Club - Now Open

Conclusion - Why Trampolines Rule Christmas

In a word the wow factor and the enduring fun and healthy outdoor activity that they will deliver for your family all over the Christmas holidays and way beyond.

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