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Trampolines For Birthday Parties, BBQs, Communions & Confirmations

Trampolines are forever popular with kids of all ages and are the perfect birthday gift for the reasons that we outline below.

Trampolines are a great birthday gift idea because they encourage children to spend time playing outdoors, getting mood-lifting exercise that is both healthy for their bodies and their minds, and to play with their siblings and friends, and most importantly it will last for a long time.


trampoline birthday gifts

Why Trampolines Are The Perfect Birthday Gift

1. Kids Universally Love Trampolines

We have to say that virtually all children love to spend time bouncing on the trampoline, whether by themselves or with friends spending time bouncing on the trampoline has to be one of the most popular outdoor activities of all time.

2. Builds Up Your Brownie Points As A Good Parent

We all know that moods and good graces of our children can change very quickly, but you will certainly gain some brownie points with your kids when you surprise them with a new trampoline as a birthday gift.

We just can't guarantee how long those brownie points will last!

3. Tremendous Health Benefits

Spending time outside getting sunlight on your children's face and breathing fresh air is tremendously healthy and beneficial for kids, helping to build strong muscles, develop spatial awareness and agility and can even lead to improved moods, enhanced concentration and better sleep.

4. Great for Developing Social Skills

Anytime that your children spend time playing with other kids, whether their friends, siblings or other they are developing their social skills.

Having a trampoline in the garden is definitely a magnet for greater social interaction, and that can only be a good thing.

5. Has The WOW Factor

As a birthday surprise the trampoline has that certain presence. It takes up quite a lot of space physically and is strong and robust enough that it won't get pushed over or broken by one of the kids at the party, and it definitely has the wow factor.

Both your kids and for guests at the party.

6. Lovely Centrepiece for A Party

Trampoline games can be an excellent way to entertain the kids at a birthday party, keeping them safe and entertained. 

7. Safe Outlet for Abundant Energy

In you've ever been to a kid's birthday party, you know that it can be mayhem.

But with a trampoline there is the option to allow the kids to safely expend all their energy on a robust, durable and safe trampoline.

8. Long Life

One of the key reasons why trampolines make such an excellent choice as a birthday gift is because of the durability of the product. While many of the birthday gifts that children receive are made of light plastic with a very limited life span, most high-quality trampolines will last ten years or more.

So when compared against other popular birthday gifts trampolines have a much greater usable lifespan.

9. Suitable for All Ages

Young or old everyone can enjoy a bounce on the trampoline. So when the party is over and the kids have all went home, then t can be time for the parents, and maybe the grandparents too to kick off their shoes and get an endorphin-rush on the trampoline. 



What Else Makes A Great Outdoor Birthday Gift?

Other popular outdoor birthday gifts include - 

1. Swimming Pools

2. Playhouses

3. Swings & Slides

4. Climbing Frames

5. Go Karts

6. Bikes

7. Sandpits & Mud Kitchens

Trampolines Are Perfect for Communions, Confirmations, BBQs and the Next Family Gathering

No matter what that special occasion is that you're meeting up with your family for, having a safe and entertaining way to engage the kids can make a huge difference.

With a trampoline they won't be looking for their phone, telling you that they're bored or asking to go home because they will be thrilled by the prospect of jumping on the new trampoline.

Very simple, but very effective. We really recommend trying one to see for yourself.

Trampoline Safety Guidelines For Parties & Family Gatherings

1. Adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines

Trampolines are very robust and durable pieces of equipment, but with that said it is important to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines around safe usage to protect both the children or adults using the trampoline, and the trampoline itself.

Trampolines can be expensive so its important to keep that in mind.

2. Avoid overloading

Your trampoline will have a maximum user weight limit, depending on the size of the trampoline and the components of the trampoline, that typically ranges from 70kg to 120kg, and although this may be a conservative rating if this rating is ignored there is the possibility that the either the trampoline jump mat and its attachments or the springs could snap.

This is definitely something that you will want to avoid, so please take care.

3. Horseplay

During a party with fizzy drinks , sweets and so on the kids can be very energetic and we recommend that you supervise use of the trampoline to make sure that the kids aren't taking unnecessary risks or doing things that could be dangerous.

Check Out Trampoline Games HERE - perfect for every party.


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