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Why Springfree Trampolines Are So Quiet & Don't Squeak?

Trampolines are popular in keeping families and children healthy and entertained outdoors. Springfree Trampolines are known for making one of the safest trampolines in the world. However, are their trampolines squeaky or quiet?

Springfree Trampolines are quiet because flexible fiberglass rods are used in their products, as opposed to metal springs or rods. This feature prevents the trampoline from producing the squeaking noise that often accompanies ordinary trampolines.

springfree trampolines ireland - quiet and safe

This article will cover nine facts about Springfree trampolines and how quiet their trampolines are.

Nine Facts To Know About Springfree Trampolines

Springfree claims to produce the world’s safest trampolines due to the use of plastic in its parts instead of metal. It doesn’t have any squeaking noise compared to traditional trampolines made of metal.

Here are some facts about Springfree Trampolines:

1. Plastic Rods Replace Metal Springs in Springfree Trampolines

Metal springs and joints are a common cause of children's injuries when using the trampoline. Rusty metal springs and friction between metal parts can also create a squeaking noise in trampolines.

Springfree trampolines use flexible fiberglass rods instead of metal springs, removing the possibility of squeaking noise and simultaneously reducing the chance of injury for its users. These rods are placed under the jumping material.

2. Springfree Trampolines Are Tested for Three Million Jumps

Springfree claims on their website that every part of the trampolines they make is tested to over three million jumps, which is the approximate equivalent of jumping every day for ten years. This testing shows that their trampolines remain quiet even after three million jumps.

Trivia: The Rainbow Play Systems of Texas claims they have done over 2.5 million jumps using a Springfree trampoline through the latter's TGOMA (take gaming outside and make it active) gaming system.

3. Springfree Trampolines Come With a 10-Year Warranty

If you bought a Springfree trampoline after September 2017, you could be ensured that its warranty is now covered up to 10 years from the date of purchase. Springfree claims to be the only manufacturer to provide 10-year warranties for its trampolines.

The 10-year warranty ensures that the trampoline you bought stays quiet and of good quality. This warranty covers the following components:

  • mat
  • springs or rods
  • safety net
  • frame
  • poles
  • pads 

Except for the FlexrBall, all Springfree accessories are covered by a one-year warranty.

Note: Springfree encourages customers to register their warranty for easier technical support. 

4. Springfree Trampolines Were Created Out of Safety Concerns

New Zealand-based university professor and trampoline lover Keith Alexander wanted to buy a trampoline for his daughter Katie in 1989. Still, his wife refused due to safety concerns, saying trampolines were too dangerous.

Alexander, a mechanical engineer and a man who likes to work on “crazy ideas,” researched trampoline injuries in the United States and designed a trampoline without springs to make it safe.

5. Springfree Trampolines Come With Four Safety Features

Springfree trampolines have four prominent safety features: 

  • flexible composite rod
  • flexible net
  • frame under the trampoline’s surface
  • soft-edge mat 

You may notice that these features are made of plastic and other durable materials compared to metal. This prevents the trampoline from squeaking noises while bouncing like any other trampoline.

Here’s a video from Superior Play Systems demonstrating the use of a Springfree trampoline by professional trampolinists Steven and Jeffrey Gluckstein:

6. Springfree Offers Different Trampoline Shapes & Sizes

Choosing the shape of your trampoline depends on your backyard’s dimensions and the age of the people who will use it. You can choose round, oval, and square trampolines, each created for a different purpose and audience:

  • Round: Springfree offers this shape in four sizes (mini, compact, medium, and jumbo).
  • Oval: These trampolines are recommended for people who have long backyards. Springfree has three sizes for this type of trampoline (compact, medium, and large).
  • Square: These trampolines were designed for high-energy jumpers and families of all ages. You can also choose from two sizes (large and jumbo).

Springfree assures that all these sizes and shapes will have the same bounce and durability. Since they use the same fiberglass rods, they do not produce any squeaking noise.

Springfree also customizes the color of the frame, the legs, the mat rods, and the net rods of your trampoline. Customers can choose from seven colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Pink
  • White
  • Gunmetal

If you’re unsure about the shape, size, and color you want to purchase, Springfree has a model selector on its website to help you choose.

7. Springfree Trampolines Are UV-Resistant

The mat installed in every Springfree trampoline uses the same material as other trampolines, but it is different from the others because it passed a 5,000-hour UV test.

The thread and fabric used in the mat, safety net, and pad connections also underwent a 1,000-hour UV test.

The Sunshade, one of its best-selling accessories, filters 99% of UV rays.

8. You Can Use Your Trampoline All Year Round

Most people believe they can only jump on their trampolines during the summer or when the sun is up. However, you can use your Springfree trampoline any day of the year. 

They are made with UV-resistant materials and galvanized steel frames designed to withstand severe weather conditions, including heavy snowfall.

Here’s a YouTube video showing children using a Springfree trampoline during winter. You may notice that the trampoline does not produce any squeaking sound while the children are singing:

Note: Springfree recommends using a soft bristle brush or broom to clear any accumulation of snow off the trampoline to prevent any damage.

9. It Is the Only Trampoline Recommended by Consumer New Zealand

Consumer New Zealand awarded Springfree Trampoline the Consumer Trusted tick in 2021. This award is accredited to companies that bring high-quality products and customer service that meet the consumer watchdog’s code of conduct.


Springfree trampolines are quiet because they use plastic rods in their products instead of metal. You can be assured that Springfree trampolines are safe for children while maintaining the same bounce and durability as any other trampoline.