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Why Some Parents Just Hate Trampolines?

Every now and then we get a call from someone who tells us something like - 

"I hate trampolines but my kids love them and they go on them all the time at their friend's houses so that's it, I give up - we're getting a trampoline."

So we decided to write this trampoline to evaluate the pros and cons of owning a trampoline.

#1. They're too dangerous

We accept that every now and then that injuries and accidents can come from trampoline usage, but the same could be said for playing soccer, going out into the playground at break time, or eventually when they're old enough learning to cross the road.

Here's an excerpt from an online forum where the poster wasn't a fan of his neighbour's trampoline - 

"Last summer, the 8 year old fell off of it and broke his arm. Trampoline was off limits for about 6 weeks. Within days of having his cast removed, I saw him happily bouncing on the thing again."


are trampolines dangerous

The point is that even though the child sustained an injury (as can happen), that he was brave enough to get back on, and that he was having fun. 

Additionally, Dr Keith Aexander, inventor of the Springfree Trampoline initially met this very same issue when he wanted to buy his daughter a trampoline.

Dr Keith Alexander's Story

And of course the manufacturers will always recommend parental supervision. 

#2. They're too noisy

There is a noise from the trampoline springs when kids bounce on the trampoline and you will also hear yelps of excitement and laughter, and maybe even some fighting every now and then when things get heated.

Yes, they are noisy but would you prefer that your kids were cooped up in a warm bedroom on a hot day with the curtains closed so the sun doesn't cause a glare on their xbox/ phone/ tv screen, wearing their headphones.

Noisy is good!

#3. They're too ugly

Better a manicured lawn and ornamental garden where the kids don't speak unless spoken to?

We would certainly argue this point, but even if they are ugly they are designed for your kids to play with and to have fun on. Ear to ear smiles on your kid's faces and yelps of excitement and laughter certainly trump a noiseless, and more clinical "beautiful garden" in our humble opinion.

#4. The Neighbours Mightn't Like It

The neighbours don't have to go on it, if they don't want to. (But if they do, then that can be arranged :-) .

There is a reason why there are fences between gardens and what goes on in your garden is your business, within reason.

We certainly recommend having good relationships with your neighbours, and from our experience if your neighbours don't want a go then it is highly likely that their kids, grandkids or nieces and nephews will be dying for their turn.

#5. They stick up too high in the garden 

The part that sticks up is the black mesh safety net designed to keep trampoline users safe. And we know that as much as someone may dislike the traditional garden trampoline, that they will not want for it to be used in a way that is unsafe.

At Trampolines Ireland we appreciate function over form, and the safety net is a key component of the trampoline and should not be done without.

We're big fans of trampolines as you might expect. See some of the benefits below - 

Top 11 Reasons to Buy Your Kids A Trampoline

Health Benefits for Adults

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