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Why Kids Will Always Love Their Playhouses

A playhouse is a small building designed for children to play in. It may be located outdoors, or indoors but usually imitating an outdoor structure such as a cottage or cabin.


Children can use their imagination while they develop social skills through playing with other children and parents can observe the activities of their children from the distance.

adventure playhouses safety guide ireland

Playhouses made especially for children help in developing a child’s coordination skills including fine motor skills such as grasping objects between thumb and finger which is important during writing tasks at school; gross motor skills involving large muscle movements such as those used when climbing, running and jumping; and cognitive skills, including problem solving abilities.


The popularity of playhouses is also due to the fact that they provide an exciting environment for children to explore different aspects of their personality, acting out roles in make-believe situations or just pretending to be somebody else.

This helps them understand themselves better and prepares them for future social interactions. So it’s no wonder that kids love their playhouses! They offer a fun way for children to interact with others while developing essential life skills at the same time. Who wouldn't want one of these?

Some parents choose not to buy their children a playhouse because they think that it will take away from outdoor playing time. This is not true! In fact, it is common for kids to spend just as much time outside playing in their playhouse than they do inside the house – sometimes more!

For example, children who have access to a backyard will often go out there and play for hours on end. On days when it rains hard outside (which happens quite frequently here in Ireland), kids still love going into their cubby houses.

Playhouse Safety Guide

But don't forget about safety first because there are certain things you need to consider before purchasing one of these cute little cubby houses: always keep an eye on your children while playing outdoors especially near any busy road areas such as driveways or parking lots where cars might not be able to see them easily due to poor visibility conditions (e.g., snowstorms).

Make sure all gates leading into backyards have locked doors so no one else gets inside unless it’s someone you know and trust.

So there you have it: some good reasons why kids love their playhouses so much! These small buildings offer an exciting environment for children to explore different aspects of their personality while developing essential co-ordination and even communication skills.