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Why Dogs Love Trampolines [Do's and Don'ts]

It's a fact, lots of animals just love trampolines, whether to jump up and down on or simply to lounge on a warm day.

Why Pets/ Dogs Love The Trampoline

1. Fantastic Fun

Even our dogs know just how fun that you can have on the trampoline, and its not uncommon to see dogs (particulary pups), cats, even cows, sheep, pigs and all sorts of animals having a sneaky bounce on the trampoline when no one is looking,

2. Great Exercise

Bodies are made to move, not just human bodies but dogs, pets and animals bodies too, and as we all know the trampoline is a fantastic workout,

3. Good Instincts

Animals have great instincts and love to do what feels good, whether that is bouncing on a trampoline or scratching their ear against a nearby tree. Animals don't think about it as much as we humans might, and instead just do it! 


What To Watch Out For When Your Pets Use The Trampoline

Be careful of damage to the trampoline parts.

Most pets won't be too heavy for the trampoline but where you might need to more careful is - 

1. Padding -

some dogs love to chew anything that they can, so be careful that your pets don't chew the padding around the jumpmat that covers the springs.

2. Safety Nets

Again trampoline safety nets can be relatively light and you certainly don't want your pet or pets to cause damage to the safety net where by eating it, or by trying to butt their way through it.

3. Jumpmats

sharp claws or nails can ruin a trampoline jump mat, so be careful here. 

How to Keep Your Pets Safe Around the Trampoline

1. keep them away from the trampoline when its being used 

keep your pets out of harms way when the trampoline is being used. You need to make sure that your pets don't wander underneath the trampoline when the kids are bouncing as they could get bashed on the head as the jump mat moves up and down,

2. make sure they don't fall off

if your pets are on the trampoline make sure that they don't fall off, as they could easily fall on their heads on the way down,

3. beware trampoline springs

be sure to keep your pets away from the trampoline springs as this could cause a nasty injury.


There is no doubt that trampolines can provide incredible entertainment and exercise for both pets and their owners but you do need to be especially careful to ensure that neither your pets or your trampoline get injured in the process.

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